Probably...the best online poker site.. ever.

    Sunday, July 31, 2016, 10:10 PM [General]

     Welcome to the world of UNWOP.

    It is most likely the BEST online poker site.. ever!
    I am the owner of UNWOP - Ultimate New World Online Poker.
    It is the only online poker room that still in existance because I bought and dismantled all other poker rooms.

    It is now illegal to opened up a new poker room.
    I must say, my lawyer did a great job!

    Over all the world I had recruited the very best from all over the world. From university, best lawyer, best mathematician, best programmer.
    I also recruited the very best pro poker player.

    With all of their expertise, we built the UNWOP.

    I own the satellite that can provide free internet to all my customers all over the world.

    Customers can use virtual reality glasses to play in the Ultimate New World Online Poker. They have to install an electrode on their body in a strategic place. They must wear earphones with a small microphone.

    They can see other players around the table and talk to them.
    They can shuffle and distribute cards. Including any other action that you have to do when playing live poker.

    My programmer had reproduced all the most popular casino poker room so players will feel like they are playing live casino!Therefore, my customers can choose between them.

    I had also launched a UNWOP debit card, that can be bought in all of the most popular stores.

    No more late registration and no more re-buy and add-on .
    All prizes are to be proportionally distributed between all the players who cashed.
    My software uses a true random number generator.

    Players get points each time they spend money in buy-in, and also each time they cash in a tournament or cash table.
    With those points they can buy new 3D environment to play, new clothes, new cards.

    Also, by spending more reward points, players will be able to have the opportunity to play online poker with their favourite pros! As I said earlier, I recruited the very best and I will recruit whoever my customers want.

    When a player signs up, I will give him $20 real cash. Not bonus money. Customers will not need to deposit any of their own money to begin. 

    He will have to create his own unique 3D avatar. If he wishes he can use his own body in real time.
    The players avatar can wear a hat, cool shades, a hoodie or any attire he wishes.
    His avatar can be of any nationality.

    With the virtual reality glasses and my satelite that covers every country that exists customers are able to play where they want.
    However, I strongly suggest to not play while driving or walking! Not that I want any of my players injured while playing, but if it does happen, they will still be able to play from the hospital. Plus I will give them another $20 bonus.

    I developed the UNWOP site in order for the poker loving community to enjoy poker and to HAVE FUN! That is my ultimate goal in the Ultimate New World Online Poker site.

    This is my dream poker room. One day I hope to see all of you sitting at the tables!

    Good Luck playing at UNWOP!

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    The Poker Hand/s That Haunt Me

    Monday, September 7, 2015, 1:09 PM [General]

    The Poker Hand/s That Haunt Me

    The time when I had chance to play live poker is too far behind me, so I didn't remember any hands played live..

    At the moment I only play at online poker...

    With any poker room where I play, it is very easy to review past played hand. We just have to open our hand history and voila...

    Even if it easy to review our hand , I don't do it, because,

    To be honest near that all hands that I lost haunt me...

    I know that I should review past hand to increase my poker skill, to be able to make better decision..

    I play online poker often, and in each cash game or tourney I made terrible bad call.

    On a table, I really want that my hand will be the best, but it is not enough...

    Other player can have a better hand that me..

    I'm not a good bluffer. When I have poor cards, often I raise to much to afraid other, it didn't really work often...

    Each time I lost a hand, that I was sure to win, yes it is affect badly the rest of my game..

    Near that each time it is happen, I go all-in with nothing in the next hand... I lost all my patient and my interest in the tourney that I play...

    Near that each time that I'm serving with a strong pocket pair like AA or KK, I think that I will be unbeattable...

    Yestarday I've played a freeroll on Party Poker. Just after entering the money, I've made a terrible call..

    Over all hand that i've played this hand will haunt me for long..

    I was sure to win this hand...

    9 player ont my table. Blind 125/250. I've 6805 chips.

    I had pocket King, so thinking that I'm unbeatable, I raise to 500.

    The player to my left and the other at my right call.

    The flop : 7 J J...

    At this time , I prefer not thinking that other player may have Jack, because I want to have the best hand...

    The big blind check, I check too... And the player at my left check..

    I said to myself, yeaaahh I'm gonna win this hand..

    The Big-Blind haved 6851 chips, and the player to my left 5175, the was 1850..

    The turn show a Ten, I raise to 1387, the player next to me call it and the other fold..

    The pot was at 4624.

    The river showed a 6 , the board was 7JJT6...

    I check, the player next to me raise the pot to 2312, I call it..

    And booom , he haved pocket JJ, so he got a square of Jacks...

    After this hand I goes all-in with nothing and I 've been kicked out of the tourney..

    My hand history is full of poor decision making like that...

    Yes losing a hand with strong pocket affect my play, surely because of my ego...

    Really often, I get rivered by a straigt...

    I really have to review my hand seriously, take notes, and NOT redo the same bad calls , that I've done before..

    A pro have said somethings like : A Pair is not a Hand... It is so true

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    Strange Poker, Extremes and Confessions

    Sunday, August 30, 2015, 10:36 PM [General]

    ****WARNING , Before reading my blog of the month, I advise you strongly not to reproduce my extreme behavior which I had adopted during this period of my life. Poker is a great game but not enough to risk our life like i've done. WARNING***

    The events that I will described, happened when I was in the "Tournament Poker League of Quebec".

    I've reached many extreme to be able to play in some tournmaments.

    In my home town , Baie-Comeau, I've to go up the hill, at a bar called : L'entrepot ,to play in the league tournament.. Because I don't haved a car, it took me about 15 minutes of walking and 5 if I was on bike..

    When I wanted to play outside my town, I've to goes in a small village called Chutes-Aux-Outardes.

    It was at 30 minutes in car, so i've to find a lift to go there.When I finished too early the tournament, to return at home I haved to do some hitchicking. Somethings it took me more than 1 hour before someone stop to take me...

    The more times it tooks me to get back at home, the less times i've to sleep before go to my job.

    At that times I worked for VEOLIA. I was a helper and worked with a vaccum truck to clean up dirt and many other things , principaly in factory... It was not a easy job, so sleeping well before was really important, but I prefered to play in the league and have less time to sleep...

    Working with a vaccum truck, when I was tired was very dangerous...

    Because of my job , I haved to go outside my town to work. The first things I does , after arriving at the hotel, was to check on the net , if i can play poker in the league in the town I was..

    In Montreal I needed to walk 30 minutes to reach the bar who hosted the tournament...

    I win the first one that I've participate in Montreal. It lasted about 4 hours....

    Again, I was very tired to go working the next day.

    In Repentigny, I've to take the bus to get a the tournament. I get out  the bus at the wrong stop and haved to walk about 75 minutes...It was at the Poker Arena, 140 players. It took me less than 20 minutes before getting out of the tourney...I came back at the hotel in taxi, it costed me more than 40$ just for 20 mins of poker..

    That was the extreme that I reached to play poker...

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    Poker, Personalities and Perfection

    Thursday, July 30, 2015, 2:42 PM [General]

    Poker, Personalities and Perfection

    I don't really remember what kind of poker I've playing first.

    I've play it when I was younger, with friend and at this time I didn't knew that other kind of poker existed….

    I think that it was 5 cards draw poker, but i'm pretty sure sure that we don't followed all official rules…

    At this time, I have never played any poker cash game..

    Many years later, I had my first experience in black jack cash game, with one of my suppsoed friend…

    He was cheating on me, because he have recognized that some card haved scratchs on it..

    I've waggering all of my music compact disc, and lost it all, because he was cheating…

    At the ages of twenty, i've joined a live poker league. It was called : La ligue de tournoi de poker du quebec, or if you prefer : poker tournament league of quebec...

    The game played in the league was hold-em no limit, sit'n'go.. We haved 1500 starting chips..

    The league covered all the province of quebec, so i've played in many town, because I haved to travel for my work. When I've travelled to montreal city, I've win the first tournament that I've played there..

    The league closed few month after I've joined it, and I've never tried to find out why…

    One day, I was invited to play cash game with 4 other member of the league.

    I was pretty sure that the game was rigged to stealth money from new player….

    It was my first and last live cash game.

    Few years ago, I've started to play at online poker… I've suscribed to Full tilt poker and played only freeroll at the beginning… It was there that I deposit for the first time in a poker room…

    Since that moment I've suscribed to many other poker room…

    I've played many type of poker : stud,razz,ohama,horse,hold-em. I've tried : turbo, super turbo, deep stack, rebuy,add-on, re-entries,knock-out and so on… I've also tried Zoom,Rush and Snap Poker, you can fold your poor hand to switch immedialtly on another table ..

    I dislike re-entry, re-buy and add-on, playing with that , it is like the tournament will never end…

    The type of poker I enjoy the most is hold-em, no limit… For me, all is black or white, all or nothing..

    I think is because of that , I've like no-limit and also because I have no patience at all.

    The perfect game of poker for me will be without re-entries re-buy or add-on, without late registatrion, with 5000 starting chips, hold-em no-limit, 9 players on each table.

    The type of tournament I liked the most is Top-Chrono in Poker Stars, I'm hope that one day 888 poker will have this type of tournament...

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    The game of poker had changed my life

    Sunday, June 21, 2015, 12:08 PM [General]

    The game of poker has changed my life in many way.
    Playing long freeroll prove me that I can be so patient,
    even if I only win 2 cents after 4 hours of playing.
    I started to play poker more seriously after my girlfriend was
    hitted by a cerebrovascular accident..
    She was pregnant and when she give birth, she lost our baby..
    This is what caused the accident...
    I losted my baby, and I feared that I could lost my girlfriend too...

    But no, she is unbeattable...
    She cannot be alone at home, so I decided to quit my job
    to take care of her,
    instead of paying someone else to do it.
    Before all of that, I haved a well paid job who asked me to trip in many town..
    I think that is was more important to be near her instead
    of being so fare away..
    At this time , we have no choice but to ask for social assistance
    for the first time in your life.
    That was a diffucult but very usefull decision that we have made because I can take care of my girlfrienbd at home..

    I had to find a hobby, so I decided to begin playing at online poker...
    It is her who wrote the budget,and she do it very well because she gave me money for my hobby..
    I have not win big money at this times, but I know that It can be possible...

    Without money or with a few, we can earn big cash playing tournament...Poker can be more than a hobby, it can became a job,...

    With discipline and patience and by playing tournament with bigger and bigger buy-inn,
    I will be able to cash out some money to make my dream happen, I would like to buy a land in the wood and build a house with my only hand..
    Yes poker can change our life, it can make dream happen..

    One hour of poker is too much ; 24 hour is not enough... 

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