Sunday, April 3, 2016, 9:56 PM [General]

     I remember well that I started tagging people when I was in first grade.I loved to tag people and to give people nicknames, it was something I found very funny back then and I find it very useful today.
    One of the first persons I have put a tag on was my first grade teacher, she was lovely, one of the best persons I have met in my life.All the kids wanted to be near her, she was very kind to everybody, always there to help and to take care of our problems.
    Even if I was upset or sick before school everything would go away when she entered our classroom, she was like a sun beam, I was happy just to see her and to know she is near me, she was so kind to everybody and we all keep only happy memories with her.I have tagged her as a fairy, and all my memories with her are like a fairy tale.
     Maybe you ask yourself, what has this story to do with using tags in our poker grind?Well, I will try to correlate some persons that I have met in my life with the tags I put to poker players online, sadly I have to correlate my beloved teacher with the fish in poker.
    I imagine myself sitting at a nine handed table and the next big blind gets moved to another table and a new player joins my table, a player who I have a fish tag on him.
    I suddenly feel happier, I want to be around him, I want to be involved in as many hands as possible with him, because he is the fish.He is the one that flat calls my raises with junk hands, he is the one who almost never raises or reraises, he is the one who hits bottom or middle pair and goes all the way to the river and pays me on each street, he is the one that is always chasing straight and flush draws.He is the one that in the first levels goes all in preflop with pocket Kings or Aces and the most important thing and that is why I have correlated the fish with my lovely teacher, in 90% of the hands you play against the fish, he will not do you harm, if he doesn’t get very lucky he will always contribute to your chip stack increase.

     Another person I have put a tag on was my english teacher from second grade.I really can’t find the right words to describe her, but I can tell you that I have tagged her as a witch(not our beloved witch…hehe) and her nickname was Cruella:)

    It was a traumatizing experience for a bunch of kids to be forced to learn perfect english grammar and pronunciation in second grade but she didn’t cared, she just wanted to teach us perfect english at all costs.
    I had english classes twice a week, and I have to confess that nothing scared me more than my english teacher, I would prepare my homework two days before the english class and I would always double check it with my mother to be sure that I will not have problems in classroom.I was always preparing my pronunciation in front of the mirror for hours and I still wasn’t happy, I knew she will surely had something to object about it.Honestly, I never felt prepared when she asked me to stand up and present in front of the class what I have prepared, although I was very good in english, I was sure that she will put me in a tough spot, a thing she really loved to do.
    One could never be prepared enough to face her, she always found some mistakes in our grammar or our pronunciation was too poor for second grade, we would even joke about her that her only two friends were english grammar and pronunciation.
    We were all like scarred puppies in classroom, nobody wanted to be in front of the class because that meant only problems.
     Returning to poker, I could only compare my english teacher to the shark.When I play poker and I have a player at my table that has the shark tag attached to his name I never want to get involved in a hand against him, except the case when I have a really strong hand or a made hand.Even with a premium hand preflop I never feel comfortable in a hand agains the shark, if I don’t hit big on the flop I feel he could easily outplay me or he could always put me in a tough spot and sometimes I would even have to fold the better hand against the shark.
    The shark is a poker nightmare, he takes the most advantage from his position, he never gets involved in big hands out of position, his bet sizing is perfect, he can make you call with the weaker hand or to fold the better hand by putting pressure at the right moment, he knows how to set a trap and is a master of bluffing, he knows when he is beat and never gets married to his hand, even left with few chips the shark doesn't give up, he never goes all-in just for the sake of it, that's what the shark tag means in poker for me.
     One of the highlights of my childhood was a cartoon that I think you will all remember, Wacky Races.It is probably my favourite cartoon of all times especially because of the main character, **** Dastardly and his companion Muttley:))

    Although he never managed to win one race, he was always in the lead until he would dig his own grave and finish in the last position.He was all the time with one step in front of the others but eventually he got trapped in one of his own traps.This cartoon was very educating, kids would learn that they should always play straight and never try to cheat others.
    As a little girl when I wanted to insult somebody or to make them understand how dumb they were I would just call them Dastardly, for me he was the perfect example of stupidity, no matter what you did, you could never go beyond the master of stupidity and deceiving.
     Let’s get back to poker now…On your marks, get set, go…Here comes the donk.
    I could not find a better character to compare it to **** Dastardly than the poker donk.The donk has a licence to spew chips, he is even worst than the fish, he never cares about playing in position, he plays a couple of hands and after he gets bored and wants to double up or just bust out he shoves all the junk hands, one example I have seen last week is the perfect donk play…One player raised from early position and another one went all in from middle position and the donk in late position went all-in for all this chips with KJ off suit, of course he was up against AK and AA, but he never cared, he was happy to be all in with a junk hand, the donk needs adrenaline, he needs action doesn’t matter the consequences, but sometimes the donk is slowplaying, he is trapping with pocket Aces by only flat calling from late position with 4 limpers before him, and he gets beat by 97 suited or by J9 off suit because they hit two pair or a straight, he then starts to berate his opponent for playing like a donk or even better, he starts insulting everybody at the table.
    The donk wants to trap his opponent when the flop has three cards of the same colour and he holds a big pair in his hand but none of his cards have the same colour from the flop, so he just checks the flop and when a fourth card of the same colour comes on the turn and he is drawing dead then he starts betting or he goes all-in, and after losing he wonders why his opponent called him with a made hand.
    The donk is the worst of all but if he gets lucky, he can beat even the sharks, but that happens very rare so in general the donk will always take care of your chip stack “health”.

     There are two categories of players for which I would like a new tag to be added…First is the river rat, lately I have seen players going all-in and hit their magic card on the river, their two outer or gutshot card was always on the river and it happened three or four times in the same day, I hate this situations and what I hate even more are the river rats.It seems that this things happen so often that we should really have a tag for the river rat.

     Another player I would like a tag to be added for is the type of player that abuses the bubble play in a tourney.We have all been in this situation, when playing tournaments and we all want the same thing on the bubble, we want to make it in the money.
    Unfortunately we always have a big stack at our table, that plays like a bully, raising every hand or going all-in all the time.It doesn’t matter for him, he has a big stack, he can’t bust out, even if he loses a hand or two he keeps doing the same thing, all you can do as a short stack is to get out of his way and hope that the money bubble bursts soon.
     This type of players get called in different ways, poker bullies or maniacs, I call them poker jerks.Do you think I am right?Should we get a new tag for this type of players?

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    Personal - Past. Present. Future

    Monday, February 29, 2016, 4:46 PM [General]

     If I had one dollar for each broken New Year's resolution I would probably sit comfortably on top of the Forbes World's Billionaires list...New Year's resolutions have "invaded" our life, there is nothing we can do, everybody wants to start the New Year right and in our days that means only one thing: New Year's resolutions.
     Statistics show that in 2015 most of the people that made a New Year's resolution wanted to lose weight, others wanted to spend less and save more or to quit smoking or my favourite one...to fall in love:) Why would somebody who wants to lose weight or quit smoking even considers to start doing that in January or in February, why not start doing that in July or in September?
    I think it is a waste of time and energy to make New Year's resolutions(although it is a thing I never miss at the beginning of the year), I have failed always unless I had a reason to accomplish my resolutions.I smoked since I was 18 years old and each year I wanted to stop smoking, my longest period without cigarettes was three weeks until I got pregnant.At that moment I realized that I cannot smoke anymore because I was harming my baby, I can tell you honestly that it is more than one year and I haven't put one cigarette in my mouth, all that I needed was a real reason, not a resolution.
    I wanted to lose weight for a couple of years now and I have to admit that I have always lost the battle with the extra kilos until last month when my husband asked me to marry him this summer.Now I have a real reason to lose weight, I want to have the perfect wedding dress so for that I need to lose some kilos, and in one month I am happy to report that I have lost two and a half kilos and I am sure that until August I will reach my goal.
     When I was younger I loved New Year's resolutions, in January I was always full of energy and desire but usually until Easter I would have broken all my resolutions and I would have felt dissapointed and demoralized.I always wanted big things in January, I wasn't happy with small things and that is probably the reason why most of the people fail with their resolutions.I have read that at least 80% of the New Year's resolutions are broken until the summer, why is that?Do people really need all the things they wish for in their resolutions?You want to lose weight because you heard your colleague wants to get skinny in the New Year?You want to go to the Gym because you heard your boss plans to get fit in the New Year?You want to save more during the year so you can spend more for Christmas shopping?You want to fall in love because your ex partner is dating somebody?Do we really need all this resolutions or we just want to follow trends?
    I just want to share with you something that I have read in January and I think it is the best thing I have read in years.Ask yourself how many times have you followed somebody or something blindfolded?I sure did it many times...
     "Don't follow trends.Make them."

     I have a friend, who a couple of years ago told me that she wants to fall in love in the New Year and I asked her how she plans to do that?(Well I have to admit that her plan was very good but eventually she failed miserably)
    She started dating guys, in the beggining she dated only decent guys, guys who had a good job and a career, she was going out only in nice places(no shabby bars) but soon she realized they were not sexy enough or quite boring sometimes, after she started dating young guys, athletes, models(back to shabby bars) but that wasn't good for her neither, eventually she got married with one of her ex boyfriends and she was totally happy with that even though she didn't loved him, but she always tells me that she has accomplished her resolution and that she loves him more than the first time they were together:))
     I do believe in destiny and that things happen when it has to happen and that is why I will stop making New Year's resolutions for me, maybe it is just me, maybe my failures or maybe I just need a strong reason to make something in life but now when I look behind I think of my failures as a gift.
    I have more than I could have hoped and life has treated me far better than I deserve so I guess in the New Year my resolutions will not include me, I will try and help other people that are not as lucky as I am and I really hope I will not break any of them because now I have a good reason to accomplish all my New Year's resolutions.

     And to end my story in a nice way, here are my top five resolutions for this year...Every girl's dream is to have the perfect wedding and that is why all my New Year's resolutions are related to our wedding:

     First: Find the perfect wedding dress...Done.

    Second: Find the perfect wedding rings...Done.

    Third: Find the perfect wedding invitations...Done.

    Fourth: Find the perfect wedding bouquet...Not done yet:(

    And fifth: Find the perfect hotel for our honeymoon...Done:)

     Despite the fact that I hate New Year's resolutions, there you have it, my list for this year.I am confident that I will accomplish all my resolutions this year and that next year I will do even better.

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    My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition

    Friday, December 18, 2015, 3:57 PM [General]

     ''Good things come to those who wait''...I could not find a better english phrase to represent what my life has been until today...

     I have decided to write a little about the story of my life for this Christmas blog because I know that many people feel sad or depressed when the holidays are coming and they are alone and can't share this wonderful time with their loved ones.
    I was born 23 years ago in a small Romanian village, I was the fourth child in my family and everybody loved me and spoiled me since I remember.I was the first girl in the family and my older brothers did everything they could have done to make my life happy and joyful, I was truly blessed to have such brothers and parents.
    Life in rural Romania at that time was very difficult, after the 1989 Revolution and the fall of Communism, chaos ruled our country for several years, it is true that some "lucky" people got very rich at the cost of others but more than 90% of the population was struggling to put food on the tables for their children, it was the same for my family but even if we didn't had riches I had a wonderful childhood in our small village, I honestly couldn't wish for more at that time.
     Each Christmas was a highlight during my childhood, I was getting most of the presents and everybody loved to spoil me, they would say that during the holidays the only time I wasn't smiling was when I was sleeping and after each Christmas I would start counting the days until next time Santa Claus will arrive:)
    Growing up there was wonderful but the only thing I really disliked was the strictness of our religion, in my opinion the Orthodox Church has way too many traditions that are taken as rules for living by the older people, like my mother.In our family we all had to respect these rules and when I broke one these rules my life changed dramatically.
     I was 15 years old when I started dating guys, it was very funny dating kids my age, we were hidding from our parents, we would occasionally make a party when somebody was home alone or when we had somebody old enough to drive a car we went to the disco in another village and after that we would have spoken about this adventure for weeks, all this small things made my life so happy.
    One night, after school I got a message on my phone from a guy who was 14 years older than me, after chatting a little I was very anxious to see him and we went out for a date, we got together and I was very happy and excited to go out with a guy who was driving a new car, had a beautiful house and his own businnes as well.After seeing him a couple of times I decided to tell my best friend about our relation and because she loved me so much and cared about me more than anyone she told my older brother about the guy I was dating.When I came home one night he waited for me and we had a big fight, of course I didn't listen to him because I was in love and couldn't think straight anymore.
     One of the "rules" of our religion is that if a guy dates such a young girl as I was he has to ask her hand from her family and after he has to take her to his house and marry her.This guy was treating me so nice at that time, so he decided to come to my house and ask my mother and father my hand, when he came my mother totally disagreed and she made a big scandal because he was much older than me and she sent him away.After arguing all night with my mother in the morning I decided to run away from home and to be with my lover.Three days later my mother called and begged me to come back home and when I refused she told me that because I have disgraced my family and ran away with a stranger I should forget that I have a family and a home.
    In the beginning it wasn't so bad because this guy made me very happy, I was still missing my lovely family but it was fine, I was in love and I was floating on clouds, after one month or so I called my mother to ask her how she was but as soon as she heard my voice she hung up the phone, I was very sad but finally I realized that she didn't want to know about me anymore.
     Christmas was coming and I had to prepare the house all by myself, it wasn't very hard because I love to prepare the house for Christmas but it was strange without my family, on Christmas Eve after I finished cooking I made some nice decorations and waited for him to come home and have a lovely evening together, I think it was 9 o'clock in the evening when I decided to call him but he didn't answered his phone, I was worried, maybe something happened to him but after one hour or so he arrived home and I had a big surprise when I saw him very drunk and soon he started cursing me that I didn't prepared anything special for Christmas and that he doesn't want to spend Christmas Eve with me.After he finished his aberations I asked him what he wants to do for Christmas if he doesn't like anything from what I prepared and he aswered me very quickly, that he wants to spend Christmas with his friends and not with me and soon after he left the house and I was all alone for Christmas.I was destroyed, my first Christmas alone, my family didn't want to know anything from me, my friends were all with their families so I called my best friend but she was far away in another town, nobody I could call to be with at Christmas, I just wanted to die because I felt so empty and I had nobody to share those wonderful moments of the year.
    He came back the next day and told me that he has another girlfriend and he is going to move with her and after I find somewhere to live I should leave his house.
    I didn't know what to do anymore, I felt like I was alone in the world, I wanted to call my family but I knew they don't want me to bother them, I was sure they were having a great time without me, that was the saddest day of my life until then, I really didn't want to live anymore, I had nothing left.
     After getting some sleep after one night of sorrow my best friend called me and invited me to spend holidays with her family, I decided to join her and I left my county for the first time in my life. 
    I spent Christmas and all the holidays with her family, I wasn't happy but at least I wasn't alone, I had some nice company but nothing compared to my family.
    After the holidays her family helped me to find a place to live in their city and I quit school and started working at the age of 15, it was illegal but at that time nobody cared in the big cities, they just wanted to employ people cheap and pay no taxes to the state.
    I started working and for the next 6 years my job was the only thing I knew, I started working as a waitress and I was very good in what I was doing so after 3 years when I turned 18 I decided to go abroad and start a new life.

     ''Somebody up there really likes me''...I should have realized this when I was younger but at least I did it now...

     After this period I was alone for the next four years, when I went to work abroad I really didn't want to be in a relationship anymore.I was dreaming that one day I will find a nice guy that will make me happy but at that moment I knew that dreams don't come true very often.After so many years alone I didn't have much hope left, I have meet one or two guys but it was nothing serious so I was sure that my next relationship will be another fiasco until the day I met my husband.
     I meet my husband in Cyprus, I was working in one of the best hotels on the island and one night our hotel organized a party for a very popular energy drink and he was working for that company, I can easily say that this was the best day in my life until another wonderful thing happened to me...
    I could go on for ages to tell you what a lovely guy he is but I just want to say that he is for me everything and he gave me the most wonderful gift anyone could have gave me, my little prince.
    I could have never dreamt that my life will be so beautiful like it is today, I can truly say that I have everyhing what I could have dreamt for, I guess the only thing I could wish right now would be a better relationship with my family, we speak now but we are not so close like we were before.
     And because it is Christmas time I want to share with everybody the reason why I am so happy...mommy's little prince and 888 poker youngest fan:))Don't worry guys, Eric is aware about responsible gaming, he "knows" he is under 18 and he is not allowed to gamble so he is just supporting his mother:))
     I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and if you ever feel alone or unhappy during the holidays I hope from the bottom of my heart that my story brings a little smile on your faces and please never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday.

    P.S. Chris, I thank you for the 888 merchandise you have sent me this summer, I hope you are happy with the way I used it:)


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    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist.

    Thursday, October 15, 2015, 4:31 PM [General]

    Hy everybody, I have to say that I love this months subject because it gives me the opportunity to tell a story that I love to remember and it is one of the highlights of my short poker career.
    Normally my favourite poker hand should be K10 suited because with this hand I made the only two royal flushes since playing poker but my favourite poker hand is KK because of the story that lies beneath the hand.
    It was January 2014 when I made a trip to the Netherlands to visit some good friends in Maastricht and after some drinks one evening we started chatting about poker and how nice and welcoming the Holland Casinos are and we decided to make a visit next evening and play some cash games in one of the most beautiful casinos that is located in an idyllic small town called Valkenburg, near the german border.
    I lived in Germany for some years and Aachen, the city where I was living is just 7 km away from the dutch border so I knew the casino in Valkenburg but as I entered I was impressed by the good taste and the elegance that the casino has to offer, probably one of the best casinos I have been in my life.
    We went there at 19:00 o'clock and had a look around, we have put our names on the list of the 1-2 euro cash games and after we decided to have dinner, the food was as always in Valkenburg very tasty(if you ever visit the casino I recommend you to try the beef carpaccio, perfect for a light dinner)and shortly after dinner at 20:00 I was sitting at my table with 100 BB in front of me.
    Usually in the Valkenburg Casino the cash games start at 20:00 o'clock and it end somewhere around 2-3 o'clock in the morning depending on how many players are still interested in playing but at 3 o'clock in the morning is when all the games end, so players have like 6-7 hours to play, knowing that I decided to play the first 3 hours very thight and see what happens after.
    I started with 200 euros and after one hour I was down to 160 euros, I was card dead, not even an A10 or something only 92,J3,Q7,K4,A6 and one pocket pair(44), so that was it for the first hour.I decided to have a short break, had a coffee, meanwhile my friend who started playing with 75 BB had already 220 BB in front of him, so after chatting with him for one minute I returned very motivated to my table and decided to play the same game for the next hour.
    The table was very quiet, not too much talking, we didn't have too many blinds thieves, so the game was very relaxing and soft, after 20 minutes or so one guy decided to leave and a new player was seated at our table, later I found out that he was french.
    I won my first big pot after one and a half hours of playing, I almost doubled up my 70 BB stack in a blind battle, with AK vs AQ suited so I was sitting now with 135 BB and very cofident in my game. 
    After this hand the dealers changed and our new dealer was a very friendly guy who spoke perfect german and looked exactly like a very famous german actor named Til Schweiger, with him dealing the cards the sun shined on me finally, I was getting dealt good cards in nice spots so I started bulding my stack. 
    The only problem at my table was the french guy, he was playing very aggressive, obviously stealing too many blinds and small pots and he got lucky as well in two All-in situations so nobody was willing to do something against him, unless somebody had a really strong hand he was getting away almost all the time, his stack was after two hours of playing somewhere around 330 BB.
    If I remember well it was almost midnight when I got dealt JJ, at that time I had somewhere around 180 BB and I was enjoying the game very much excepting the french guy who was a real bully, I flopped a set with the JJ hand and won a very big pot against AA so my stack was now 320 BB and I was contemplating to end the night and have a party with the nice profit.
    I went to the restrooms and when I came back the frenchman was again All-in, this time he was dominating with QQ vs 99, so he was now sitting at the table with 550 BB, maybe a little more, I said to myself that is better to stop now because I knew he was coming after me, I was playing very tight and he wanted badly to get chips from me because I was the only other player left at the table with a big stack.
    I don't know why I decided to keep playing but at 1 o'clock in the morning I was still there and after winning some small pots I had a 380 BB stack and was counting my chips and decided to call it a night when I got dealt AQ suited, I had my chips already changed in bigger ones but I decided to raise 4 BB, take the blinds and go have some cocktails with my friend who had already stopped playing with a 250 euro profit and was eager to party a little as well.
    I raised and the frenchman in the BB reraised me to 12 BB, after tanking a little I called and we saw a fop, 10 Q J, I was sure that I was ahead before the flop but now so many hands in his range could have hit on the flop so after he checked the flop I bet 40 euros, almost a pot sized bet and after looking at me for 15 seconds or so he reraised to 160 euros, I knew he was stealing and because I have already changed my chips he knew that I will probably fold and go home with 700 euros.
    I had 500 euros profit, a very good win by my standards and I was cursing myself for getting involved in this hand, I wanted to go All-in but I said to myself that is better to leave with a nice profit and a broken ego than broke...or maybe I was well ahead and could have left with more than 1000 euros profit.I probably looked very bad in that spot and after one minute or so I asked him if he shows me his hand if I fold and he said that because I was the only girl at the table he is going to show me his hand but he said to me and I remember his words exactly:"You already know that I am bluffing", this is when I knew I have to fold because he wanted so badly a call.
    I folded and guess what he showed me?...89, for a flopped straight, I would have gone home broke...I showed him that I have folded AQ and he asked me:"How can you fold those cards against me"?
    After this hand I was down to almost 350 BB but I wanted even more to play against the frenchman so I told my friend that I was playing until the end of the game that night so he went to play on the slot machines for the next hour and he won there as well, 3 euros in one hour:))
    My favourite dealer came back to our table and he said to me that my stack has grown bigger so I should be careful how I end the night.After 25 minutes in which I won 20 euros or something like that I got dealt KK and here is where the real story starts:)
    I was dealt KK in the cutoff seat, everybody folded to me, the french guy was in the SB and he was putting pressure on the BB all the time so I decided to limp with KK and expect a raise from him, I limped and the button folded so the french guy decided to raise it to 5 BB, the BB folded and I was to act, after tanking 20 seconds or so I just called his raise, the flop came J K 8 rainbow, I don't know on what hand he put me preflop but I knew I had him this time, the thing was how to play the hand to get the most out of it and how to look as weak as possible in front of him?
    He was the first to act and after 10 seconds or so he checked, and I was to act now, I spent like 15 seconds before betting huge, 20 BB in a 11 BB pot, I wanted to make him think that I am the one stealing now, with my image at the table I would have never bet so big with a monster hand and after limping preflop I knew he put me on K10 or QJ suited or some marginal hand like that, and he was sure that with a big bet he could make me fold my hand like I did before.
    First I didn't put him on a big hand but after he just called my bet on the flop I started to think that maybe he thinks that he is trapping me with KJ, K8 or maybe he could even have 88 in his hand for a bottom set, what would have been one of the worst-case scenarios for the french guy. 
    With more than 50 BB in the pot we saw the turn which was the 3 of diamonds and with that card we had a flush draw as well, the frenchman checked again and now I really did not know how to play...check, bet, how much to bet?Maybe because I was trying to look a little scared of how big the pot was already I bet very small 15 BB, a bet that I am sure made me look weak in his eyes, after tanking for like 30 seconds the frenchman asked me:"Do you have KQ"?and after 20 more seconds he said:"I'm sorry but you will have to fold top pair again" and he reraised me to 45 BB, now I was sure he had a monster because of the small raise he made but what could he have???After his raise I was trying to look very confused and scared and then he even said something like:"You don't have to risk so many chips with KQ", he was trying to make me pay with that hand because he had a monster that is why I decided to reraise and I made it 95 BB, he went in the tank for like 1 minute and he was looking very confuse but I knew he was acting, he had a monster in his hand, after another minute or so he called and said the magic words:"One of us is going to lose a big hand" and I am pretty sure he was confident that he is not going to lose that hand.
    The table was very excited to see the river card which was a meaningless 5 of hearts, and now I knew I had the nuts...After 5 seconds the frenchman asked the dealer:"What time is it"?It was almost two o'clock in the morning so he started acting again and he said that because it is so late he is going All-in, it was like the best thing that could happen to me, I didn't had to act anymore I got there in the easiest way possible because he was so full of him and so sure that he had me beat that he never thought I could have the stone cold nuts:)
    I really wanted to slowroll him because he deserved it for what he did all the night but I never do that so in just 3 seconds I called and his reaction was very strange, he knew I was tight but he was still happy so he probably put me on KJ and after 10 seconds or so before turning his cards he said to me:"I am sorry dear but I have you again", and he turned JJ for a set of Jacks, he had a monster so he started smiling and in that moment I took a 50 euro chip from my stack and threw it in front of the dealer and I turned my cards, KK for a set of Kings, the dealer smiled at me and said:"Nice hand milady".
    Jean, the frenchman stood up, counted his chips, he was left with a little over his starting stack, and after a while he said to me:"I have put you on 88", and I said to him:"I have put you on 88" and we both started laughing, he was probably acting again but I sure wasn't acting, I had more than 1200 euros profit and I was feeling so proud of how I played that hand.
    Maybe for some of you this is small money but for me it was big money and the way I won that hand makes me remember all the time of that special day, when I won the biggest pot since playing poker:)
    Now all the times I get dealt KK I smile and I remember the small beautiful town called Valkenburg, Jean the frenchman, the gentle card dealer that made everything possible and the biggest pot I have won in my life:)
    I don't need to tell you what I did with the money(you probably know), I was 21 at that time so it all went to shopping and party, not something I would do in our days with a beautiful small baby to raise:X
    I hope you enjoyed my story and I wish you all good luck in your games.
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    My secret Lover...

    Monday, June 29, 2015, 1:46 PM [General]

    The game of poker has changed my life…..Oh yeah it surely did in so many ways.
    It was the summer of 2012 when I had my first contact with poker...I was dating a very popular guy from my university and one evening he invited me to go out as we usually did but this evening he said he wants to take me out to the local casino, I was living in Aachen(Germany) at that time and I have to say they do have a wonderful casino there.If I remember well they had a 220 euro freezout tourney that night that started at 19:00, so we went there at 18:30 and I have to say that from the first time I have feel in love with the atmosphere in a casino, very good food and complementary drinks and lovely elegant settings in the Spielbank Aachen right at the border with Belgium and the Netherlands.
    So I went at the bar with another girl and the guys sat at the tables and began to play, after an hour or so I had 2 or 3 cocktails and they had the first break so I spoke with my bf about the game, he started to explain me how he rivered a flush and after that he had two kings and hit trips on the flop, I was struggling to understand his foreign language:))After the break I sat behind him and began to learn few things, I have to admit that it was a very boring experience seeing how many hands he had to fold without me understanding why so after half hour of folding he was dealt two aces, I saw the cards and I don't know why I made a face like I was very dissapointed I guess it didn't mattered to me what hand he had...A guy who was next to him was watching me all the time, and when he was to act the announced that he was all in, my bf insta called and it was AA against A9, he won the hand and became one of the chipleaders of the tournament, after that he ended up the tourney with a deal of the last 4 players.So that was my first contact with poker and after that a long story begins.
    I started learning the basics from the internet and began to play with him at home some basic poker, I have to say I was playing very thight and I always had good cards in the beginnig and after 3 weeks I went to play my first tourney in the Netherlands in the wonderful casino from Valkenburg, a must see small village with one of the best saunas in Europe.(Next to the casino).
    It was a 30 euro freezeout tourney with 90 players.I had all the lessons in my head but as I sat at the table I forgot almost everything, I was lost and began to play with my hands shaking.After 30 minutes of folding I was dealt K10 suited I limped and one guy who was playing very good raised, after 20 seconds of tanking I decided to see a flop, it came QJ6, I had a royal flush draw, I checked called a cbet from him and the holy grail hit on the turn...A...I had a royal flush in my first live tourney(Spades).I decided to bet:))))))...1/3 pot, then he suddenly smiled and asked me if I had a flush?I remember exactly what I said to him "yes I have a Royal Flush" and began to laugh...after 15 seconds or so he put me all in with a set of Jacks and I insta called, his reaction was like, who the f..k is she?:))
    The dealer announced that he had a spade royal flush at his table and the floor manager came and asked me if I knew that they had a high hand bonus but unfortunately only in cash games not in tourneys:)))I was offered a small bottle of champagne and a platter with fruits:)I ended up busting that tourney near the bubble after losing 4 times in one hour with AK.
    So that is how my poker adventure started, I am very happy because poker gave me the chance to visit many countries, I guess I can say that I won some money from poker but no big money but enough to give me the opportunity to visit many countries and have some nice holidays and new experiences.
    The next highlight of my poker career was my second royal flush, again with K10(Diamonds) in a 60 euro tourney that I played in the Viage Casino in Brussels, it was a three way all in pot and I hit again on the turn exactly like the first time, I ended up finishing third in that tourney and after that my boyfriend told me I am probably the most luckiest girl and I should start learning and developing my game more because I could have a chance to make some money from poker.
    I have never listened to him, sadly, maybe because I am to lazy or I don't really feel I could have a chance to make a living from poker.I never played with a bankroll and I guess I have no chance to become a good player without bankroll management, I like to say that I am a recreational player that has a little more knowledge of poker than basic players, and sometimes I get very lucky.
    Now for the online story... I never had time to play because of my job and my lifestyle that is very crazy and I never had time or patience to wait for the best situations at the tables.But something changed this summer that I think it will probably improve my play and it will surely make me a better player.
    I am pregnant in five months now so I stopped working, partying, running all day long and decided to give online poker a shot in the next couple of months that I will spend mostly at home.I began to play very patient and I said to myself that I will not deposit in the first two weeks because I wanted to try to make some money in the freerolls and it looks good, I started three weeks ago to play seriously again and my bankroll is now 100 dollars, a pretty good start and I hope I can manage to play well and have a little variance on my side in the future also, maybe I will manage to buy some nice things for my little prince who is coming home in 4 months:)
    And the secret lover part now:))The lover that changed me in so many good ways and in some bad ways as well:)
    Poker is my secret lover now:))I have to admit "he" is very demanding and very jealous and he can get me very tilted when I don't give him everything...He changed me in some good ways...I am very patient and very careful with him and in exchange he treats me with variance:)))Sometimes good variance, and sometimes he just turns his back and I am left busted with the best hand but he doesn't care he has no heart sometimes, last night I had a deep run in the Mega Dozen, and he treated me so well all night until 2 in the morning when he decided to exchange me with another one, when my AK suited hit AA:((He gave me a sweat with a K on the flop but I ended up the night early in bed with my real lover because my secret lover decided to go with someone else.Nevermind tonight I will ask him for a date again maybe we will run better together if not we always have tomorrow:)He changed me in some bad ways also, as a result sometimes I get very easy tilted when I lose a flip or I lose a hand to a 3 outer or a 1 outer but actually that is not his fault, the only one to blame is damn variance:)
    Oh my god this is to long now so YES poker has changed me in many ways I just hope I will manage to change him also in a loving partner, a trusty partner, a partner that will treat me with final tables and some wins maybe...I am sure I can change him I know I can I just have to get rid of the damn variance she never stops haunting me..."he" doesn't understand but it makes him so ugly and unfriendly sometimes I just have to find a way to get rid of "her" so we can leave happily ever after:)

    I hope my novel wasn't so boring and if you liked it please feel free to give me your Thumb Up.

    P.S. I am still chasing my first Royal Flush online:)

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