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  • Hi, There's a row going on of the failure to run the "Blog of the Month Freeroll" here's my opinion, you had better put some armour on. Well I used to blog here for free when I ... more
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  • Well my poker past present and future, well that is an amazing tale.............. I first tried poker on a family holiday to Las Vegas back in 1970 I was two years from even being ... more
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  • Hi All Happy Christmas, Well I suspect my silence has been deafening, I wish lmao, sorry but I have been quite ill for the last 6-8 months and I am finally coming out of the back end of ... more
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  • Hi all, If you read my previous update you will know 888 has been terrible recently for me in the UK and I wouldn't want other forum members to suffer the same frustrations I am, so ... more
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  • I know I am not the only one unable to log in from forums and 888FB page, why has this not been sorted after a minimum of 2 days? copy of letter to support Hi, I haven't been able ... more
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