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  • From yesterday news i just learned that our country is now available to play online gambling again. They back the old law (feeling happy)Now we have to wait just , i hope few days and we ... more
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  • It's so so relaxing to go outside train with some friends , and then take refreshing shower. And after all this to play some poker and of course some winnings. It gets me away from all ... more
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  • I was busy few months and i couldn't play much as before , but now i wanted to play again with some friends and when we decided to log in in our accounts they were disabled .. This is so ... more
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  • Hey i put some money into transaction few days ago i had this messaging window that appears when u have new transaction (the one who is giving u chance to stop it) , but now i dont see ... more
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  • I dont play often omaha but i know it is like Texas Hold em' just four cards and you combine 2 of them see what hand i had and i lost , dunno why?
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