My Top Poker Table Players are

    Thursday, February 26, 2015, 3:51 PM [General]

    My Top Poker Table Players are.... beginning to arrive at the Casino, I am at the table, it is the beautiful Casino Royale featured in the James Bond film of the same name, and I believe it to be in Montenegro. The scenery is fabulous the evening is warm and the dealers are reading to go, in walks my 1st guest, gorgeous David Beckham, who cares if he can play poker or not, he looks fabulous and always has a smile on his face, I really admire the man he has become, and I think he will go on to be a fantastic Sport  Ambassador for UK. 

     Guest 2, Jason Statham arrives, he is going to be the aggressor at the table I feel, just like the "Geezer" he plays in his films.

     No 3, my favourtite of all time film star Steve McQueen, he must be a poker player, all that time spent on film sets, he looks wonderful chewing that matchstick.

     No 4, Michael Buble, all Canadians can play poker can't they? And I think he would keep us entertained with that sexy voice of his.

     No 5, Victoria Coren Mitchell, she will be the one to keep the table in order and the game on track, and when she plays her A game, she is a great player, only 2 time winner of EPT!

     Guest 6, George Clooney, all these men in their dinner suits look knockout, he will be charming Im sure.

     No 7, Chef James Martin, maybe not a strong player but we are gonna get some great snacks in the break, roast beef sandwiches for example.

     Guest No 8, Patrick Antonius, a strong player, luck doesn't always go his way, but he looks fabulous.

     No 9, maybe the best for last? Daniel Craig, possible the best James Bond to date, love the action he puts into the films. And another looker.

      So that is my table, mostly chosen for tottie, but I think the game will go on late and the conversation and banter will be 1st rate, don't think it really matters who wins, but my money is on Victoria....

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