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  • This site is ridiculously bad. To the point I don't know why anyone would put money in it. 
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  • I realize all the poker sites are quite bad but I use to think 888 was a bit better.    It's not. It's become absolutely awful.  It's like every ten two all in wins...yes, ... more
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  • for forgetting the 888 poker program is set up for Bingo. Back to playing freerolls to pass the time. My AJ raised pot more than three times against AT who called and of course for some ... more
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  • Final eight and seven make it into the money. I get AA and raise. BB being the third world player that he is raises all in with K4. And of course the 888 program figures lets give the ... more
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  • It's always fun watching great players with 73, 64, and Q5 going all-in and beating KK, QQ and AA in a period of about ten hands. I mean that's exactly how real poker works right. It's ... more
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