Hole Cards That History Makes Poker Resist

    Saturday, October 24, 2015, 1:58 PM [General]

    My favorite starting hand live poker 

    Well, I actually thought I was late in doing this blog, but luckly I wasn't, I have been playing poker for little over a year, and one of my favorite starting hands in poker has to be KQ mostly because I like to over bet this in making people think I have A big pair, I am an a aggressive player, not one to play slow as I have had many good starting hands getting  beat by playing slow, so I decided to play a different strategy which by far has worked, well not in my online poker career it hasn't! 

                                       My favorite online starting hands 

    Playing online has a different meaning to poker for me and I like to play ABC poker, espically on this site, mostly because the players on here are so soft, and mostly play with anything, so being the way I play live, I have to change that - which I admit is a hard thing to do becuase I am such a fast past player live and changing from agressive to ABC poker is a difficult thing to do, so  I like playing tight starting hands, anything from meduim pairs to AK or AQ, as the blinds get bigger and bigger I tend to play only 5% of my starting hands, which at some points in the tournament I get bored and get tilted, but with me being a newish online player that is somthing new, and trying to combat that is also quite difficult, but working on it and I must say it is getting there slowly but surely as they say. Another thing is that what you also have to think about is other players starting hand and not just your own that is where the mathmatics are coming into play. 

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