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        R.I.P my heroic lil bro
        Okay, here goes. This is my first ever blog EVER and I'm not too sure as to...
        November 8, 2013 at 6:19pm
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        Hi Sharon, thank you for the lovely blog you have written about your brother. Ryan was my battle partner during our battalion posting to Bosnia in 1996 and I was right there in the river with your brother that fateful day. I just wanted to let you know that I always think about your brother and remember the great times we had together. Every year on the 5th November I have a little prayer for him. Two weeks ago we had a Milan Platoon reunion in London, and it was great to see everyone again....

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        November 7, 2013 4:53 PM GMT
        Hi Barney. Wow the internet is an amazing place!!! I am so pleased that you found this blog and took the time to read it. Thank you for your reply, its so sweet to know that he hasn't been forgotten, thank you so very much. I bet you had a cracking time at your reunion. I remember the high jinks you guys get up to.... Doing the full Monty at his rememberence birthday do, Color sergeant whacking me off the greasy pole at the open day, but I mostly remember you all with the up most respect. I...

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        November 9, 2013 12:19 AM GMT
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  • Well here goes, my second ever blog I have to start by saying a big big thank you to 888, Sean and Amanda, all the staff at Gentings and to everyone who attended the bash! My weekend ... more
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  • Okay, here goes. This is my first ever blog EVER and I'm not too sure as to what to do. But I figure that it's my blog, so I can write what the heck I want to. For those of you that know ... more
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