My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 2:48 PM [General]


    As some of you know I love this nectar of the gods called Tea, this infatuation goes way back to when as a small boy my mother made me my first cuppa. I have been in love with it ever since and drink 8 to 10 cups a day. A few years ago our community decided to have a live poker event, now at the time I was running the my.888poker morning league game and at every break I would type in Tea, so I decided to have a silver teapot mounted on a rosewood base as the trophy for the winner of the live community morning game. I kept the trophy a secret until the end of the game and when I took it out to present to the winner the whole room fell about laughing. The winner of the game was Malcom a long standing member of the community, Malc was over the moon to win the teapot and when he came to the front to collect it I told him that I had put a little something inside it for him to get a drink with, Malc thought n1 thinking is was a few bob but it was just a couple of tea bags lol Malc called me a few names and raised the trophy to huge applause from everyone that took part. The Teapot has now become the most sought after Trophy at the My.888poker community annual Bash.

    Teapot winners

    2010    Malcolm (Malc)


     2011   Paulk963  (Paul)

     2012 wilfuljoker  (Judith)


     2013   lambone  (Ken)


     2015   IM101UKNOW  (Bill)

    If you would like to get your name on the esteemed Tea Pot make sure you attend the next My.888poker community bash 2016. Now if that is not enough reason for you to take up drinking tea here’s a few facts that might help change your mind.

    1st and most important it tasted nice

    It is a great way to re-hydrate yourself after a heavy night on the pop playing poker at your local casino.

    Tea contains theanine, a natural amino acid, this will help you relax and stay calm, a great help when someone put you all-in after you have raised on a bluff with 27off

    Tea contains caffeine this is a stimulant that will help you stay alert in your poker comps even after not been dealt a decent hand for what seems hours.

    Tea without milk and sugar has zero calories a great way to keep the kilos off when you’re playing poker sat at your computer hour after hour

    Tea is a great source of getting the flavonoids (antioxidants) your body needs, Flavonoids help keep your heart and blood vessels healthy by keeping the blood vessels flexible and help reinforce your body’s natural defence system and slow the ageing process. They may also have a protective roll to play in helping prevent strokes.  A great help when some donk has just cracked your Aces with 27off

    Tea is free in most poker rooms at casinos.

    Well that’s all from me for now I’m of to put the kettle on


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    Thursday, July 9, 2015, 8:35 PM [General]


    I know some of you call me a BIG FISH lol but this is just to let you know I also know how to catch a BIG FISHWink The picture is of me receving the Brian Dawson memorial shield from Jack Charlton, for the heaviest trout caught on fly at the Jack Charlton Trout Cup a couple of weeks ago.

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    Lambone’s live Tea Pot Game 2015

    Thursday, May 21, 2015, 5:21 PM [General]

       Lambone’s  live Tea Pot Game 2015

    Let me start this blog by saying a BIG THANK YOU to Sean (forum manager), 888, and most of all the crazy gang more formally known as the MY.888POKER COMMUNITY Forum Members that attended this year’s Bash. Why do I call the forum members The crazy gang you might ask, well what other poker site do you know that can get a casino full of people to come together all desperate to win a Tea Pot LOL yes we really do play different at 888. This year’s game has got to go down as one of the best, On taking their seats at the poker tables the member found that Sean had arranged for everyone to receive a complementary 888 t-shirt, cap and pack of card, If this was not enough Sean then announced that there was to be a free bar for the first couple of hours of the comp, as you can imagine this news was received with lots of hoops and hollering from the crazy gang lol.

     Sean asked me to formally start the game but not before he asked for us all to take a moment to remember Damian (daleys1970) a very popular forum member who had attended previous bashes and who had  become a dear friend to a lot of us, Damian was very sadly taken from us earlier this year. A minutes silence was impeccably observed by all the members (we miss ye m8)

    Well before we knew it Four or five hours had passed “how time flyers when ye having fun and the drinks are free lol” we were down to the final table of nine.

    Karla (mrsdann1)

    Julie (Frogess)

    Paul ( paulk963     )

    Rick (Paralada)

    Dave (SilverTrowe1)

    Shane (Dwagballs)

    Rick (EXCAL1BERED)

    Bill (IM101UKNOW)

    Anthony (xborox)


    After the final table pictures were taken Sean announced that 888 would be also giving seats to some of their top completions to the winners. This was greeted with more hoops and hollering LOL the free bar really had kicked in lol

    After some hard fought poker “well i mean it would be after all there was the coveted Tea Pot up for grabs “We were down the last two. Heads up was between Bill and Anthony  and after a short while we had our new Tea Pot Champion  Wild Willy Fenn,( IM101UKNOW)Bill’s  K3 beating Anthony  Q10. Anthony was gutted not to be taking the Tea Pot home but was pleased coming 2nd as this was one better than his 3rd place finish in 2014. Anthony said 3rd now 2nd the Tea Pot defo coming home with me the next time lol.


    I could not think of a better winner Than Bill as he is a fantastic poker player and such a fun guy to be around and that’s what the Tea Pot game is all about Poker and Fun all rolled into one.


    Bill said the Tea Pot would  take pride of place in his man shed until he return’s it in 2016’ so if you want to join in the fun and a chance of winning the most esteemed trophy in poker make sure you get yourself along to the next MY.888POKER COMMUNITY bash.


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    Iced Tea

    Friday, October 18, 2013, 7:52 PM [General]

    Iced Tea

    This year’s Tea Pot game has got to go down as one of the best, and not just because of a certain jammy geordie winning it. Chris (cryptic3) came up with an idea a few weeks before the game and said “what do you think ken” I said “sounds great m8 go for it”. Well you could say things sort of snowballed from there, pardon the pun lol. Yes it was Chris’s idea to bring along 50 toy snowballs to throw at each other just like in the online 888 games and great fun it turned out to be. The players, dealers and the card room manager all acting like 10 year olds in the biggest snowball fight you have ever seen. It is a memory that will stay with me for a long time lol.

    Everyone before the start of the game was given a   cap, t-shirt and card guard courtesy of 888. Then Sean tells us all the drinks are on 888 well free rolls don’t get any better than this TY Sean and 888. A few short hours and a quick break for Cake later (courtesy of Jeanie TY ) “how time flies when you are having fun” we were down to 3 players.

    Anthony (xborox) went out 3rd, winning a ticket to the 4k Tornado VWP. That left John (Gabba) and myself heads up and what a laugh we had. I first met John 4 years ago when he called in to mine for a fry-up on his way from Scotland to the bash and we have been good friends ever since, so you might think I would be feeling bad having eventually beaten him  with 8-2 off, but not really as I knew John would be made up with not only a the ticket to the $100k Sunday Challenge, but also a  Crystal Skull Head full of vodka & Rolling Stones Box Set kindly donated by Rick (Paralada) TY Rick. The heads up seemed to last forever with the crowd oohing and aahing to every all-in until I finally managed to donk it with 8-2 off, sorry m8. Sean was one of the first to congratulate me saying “lol it’s not on winning your own competition m8” to which I replied at least I can”. So you see folks it looks like it might have been my fault Sean taking down the main event (anything lambone can do Sean can do better) lol.

    Well I had a blast, hope you did to and if you didn’t make it this time round  make sure you get there next year for more   fun/ Tea/Cake/snowballs  in the lambone live Tea Pot Game.

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    A nice double up but not playing poker

    Monday, June 10, 2013, 10:46 PM [General]

    I made this blog 2011
     Fishing but not for Poker chips

    Thursday, June 16, 2011,


    I attended The Jack Charlton disabled anglers fishing competition at Kielder on 8th of June and I am pleased to say that I won the Northumbrian water boat pairs  with my fishing buddy Dave.
    We had a great gilly (Anthony)on the day who knew just were to find the fish

    missed last years competition due to being on holiday but returned this year to do the double Wink

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    My 888 forum goes Potty

    Saturday, June 23, 2012, 11:37 AM [General]

    My 888 forum goes Potty


    Hi All,

    I’m late with this blog, think someone must have spiked my tea at the Bash.

    For those reading this and thinking ‘What is this Guy on about?’ I will give you a short explanation.

    A few years ago when there had been some bad weather (snow storms) some of the forum members couldn’t get to work or even out of their back doors so they posted ‘How about a Game’. Tony (Aegis) the then Forum moderator got straight on to it and arranged a game. The next day the weather was the same so Tony put on another. This gave Tony the idea of making this a permanent game and turned it into the Morning League. After Tony left 888 I took over running the league and as forum members will testify I tend to bang on about making a pot of tea at every break in a game. So when we had our first forum Birthday Bash a couple of years ago it was decided we would start the weekend’s fun with a live morning league game. I said I would put up the trophy for this. I bought a tea pot and had it mounted on a rosewood base and kept it a secret from the members until the game was finished.

    Malc (Malcolm) won the game and came to the front to get his prize. It was then that I produced the Teapot trophy to great laughter and applause. We played that game in the hotel where money was not allowed to be played for so there was no buy in. I told Malc I had put a little something in the pot for him to get a drink with. Malc said ‘Oh Great’ and looked in the tea pot only to find 2 teabags LOL.

    Well that was the start of what has become the most sort after trophy on the my888 forum.


    This year we had a record number of players turning up early to the bash to make sure they got in the morning Tea Pot game, all proclaiming the teapot would be going home with them. What a crazy lot you are, LOL. This year’s game was the best one yet. My good friends Rick (paralada) and Jack (papajack) had flown over from Canada for the Bash and were in the game. The dealer’s face was a picture when I told him Jack and Rick had flown all that was for a chance of winning a teapot. Also in the game was Neil (Slim) who had interrupted his holiday in Spain and flown in to make sure he had a chance of winning the esteemed teapot. Like I said this lot are crazy. This year not only did the winner have a chance of winning the acclaimed teapot but also a ticket to the Irish Deep Stack in August, kindly donated by Jenny(Gosling67).

    Second place prize was a crystal scull filled with tripled distilled vodka, generously donated by Rick (Paralada).  

    Third place won some vodka and chocs, courtesy of Malc. After a few hours of laughter and hard fought poker we had our first ever lady winner of the trophy – Judy (Judith).

    Judy is a great player and a worthy winner, who will give everyone in the Irish Deep Stack a run for their money. Good Luck Judy.

    The vodka Skull for second place went to another lovely lady, Cheryl (Deekroe) who I’m sure will be sharing it with her bezzy M8 Sharon (Kelsa14). A very worthy place for the vodka to go, boy oh boy these two girls know how to party, LOL.

    Third place went to Steve (Madden102), well played Sir.


    All’s left to say is a big thank you from me to Jack, Rick and Neil, for making such an effort to take part, Tony for dreaming up the morning league in the first place and last but not least Sean and Amanda and 888 for all the free tea we supped, cough, cough LOL.

    PS If you too are a bit potty and would like to join in all the fun with this crazy lot then join the my888 poker forum by clicking this link.


    Judy (Judith).

    Cheryl (Deekroe)

    Steve (Madden102),

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    Lambone at the My 888 Poker forum birthday bash

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 7:35 PM [General]

    Lambone at the My 888 Poker forum birthday bash

    Sorry I’m late with this post guys but it’s took me a week to get over all that free alcohol, as I normally only drink tea as you all know…..cough cough

    For a lot of people poker is all about winning money. We here at My 888 poker know it’s about a whole lot more and the forum birthday bash is the perfect example of this.

    Friday - Arrive at the hotel with my wife Deb and two boys - Jack & Sam and was greeted in the lounge by lots of forum members and Sean (community manager). After handshakes and hugs from all my forum M8s Sean got me a pint, the first of what was to be many over the weekend. Cheers M8….. Oh my poor liver.

    Deidre (robertbh) and Vinnie (Vinniew) both very good friends of mine who had come over from Ireland came over and gave my boys lots of goodies (Leprechaun hats with beards, PS3 games and a huge bag of sweets). This was followed by Bill (bigd701) coming over and giving Deb some chocolate. What a fantastic way of making my family feel welcome and a part of our forum community. Thank you so much – See where I’m coming from when I say Poker is not all about winning money.

    After an evening meal and getting the family settled in the room I nipped off to the casino, and after several pints of ****ss and winning £40 in a S/G I headed back to the hotel.


    And it’s time for the Lambone Live Tea Pot game, I help to run a morning league on 888 which is played every day at 0930am and can be found in the poker lobby, so last year I decided we should have our very own live game at the bash, the prize for winning, not money but a silver tea pot. Why a tea pot? Well if you have ever played a morning league game you would know I do tend to bang on a bit about how much I like a nice cuppa. We play this game in one of the hotel’s conference rooms where we are supplied with free tea…. Very nice, Jeanie (Jeanieuk) had also brought along some lovely cakes and Sam (beermad) also brought a cake along decorated with itchy and scratchy cake on(that’s to do with a tale from last year) Sammybear is scratchy and Hoopman (Simon) is itchy. To honour the occasion Simon wore his Jester Pants and multicoloured waist coat. I have to say a bit hard on the old eyes M8 after a skin full the night before.

    Last years winner Malc (Malcolm) kindly offered to bring the tea pot back for all to play for this year so I Presented Tim with a lamb decorated china tea pot as a memento. Half way through the game we stopped to have our tea and cake and then went to another room where we  were met by Gareth, Jen and Sean from 888 who told us about what we can expect from 888 in the future, this included webcam games,team games, and much  much more. They then presented Malc, Ray (wiggy and Dan (mymandan) with crystal mementos for all their efforts in organizing this years bash. This was so deserved especially to Malc who got us a great deal on the rates at the hotel and who had the fantastic trophies made for the winner of the Omaha and Holdem competitions. Tea drank it was back to the action. This year’s winner was Paul (Paulk963) who took the final hand down with 22 beating  Oonagh (wkdwitch) Sean was 3rd, Paul not only won the tea pot he got an 888 chip set, ounna also got a chipset and Lamb mug. Sean got a mug  (well he’s the boss he’s got lots of chipsets).

    It was now time to head to the casino to play the Omaha competition after a few hours and several more free drinks courtesy of Sean and 888 we had a winner Richard (pandemonium). Richard won the Holdem comp last year and now only needs to win the big one… the tea pot (well I would say that LOL) to do the treble. 2nd in the Omaha was Dan and 3rd was a very drunken Daryl, well the free tea was canny strong. I came 4th £100 and also took the bounty on Sean’s head £100 and a remote controlled car. The boss of the casino found out I have two boys and said we don’t want the boys fighting over the car do we here’s another one, how cool was that. It was now the early hours so me and Vinnie helped Neil (Slim) get back to the hotel as Neil had discovered the delights of JD and coke or as he calls it ‘nice pop’ LOL

    Sunday – 888 has arranged for none other than Phil The Power Taylor Darts Legend to be at the casino to sign autographs and pose for pictures with us all and I have to say what a gent he is. Nothing was too much trouble for the guy. It was then time for the main event, the Holdem comp. Sean had added £1000 to the prize pool and also added lots of spot prizes. A fantastic gesture from 888, thanks again. After a couple of hours play we stopped for a dinner break, mmmm Sunday roast with all the trimmings ‘gorgeous’.

    A couple of hours later it’s all over and we have a new champion Kayla (Mrsdann1). Kayla played great when put to the test, she’s never afraid to stick her chips in the middle. VWP indeed Kayla after we had all had our pictures taken with the new champ it was time for one last round of free drinks before calling time on what had been a truly fantastic weekend.

    Here’s a recap on some of the things you missed out on if you didn’t manage to get there,

    £1000 added to main event

    £500 added to Omaha game

    Spot prizes of cash bounties, chip sets, VIP bags, tea shirts, caps, web cams, watches,

    Free bar and meals

    Now you really don’t want to miss out on this next year do you?

    See you there,


    Paul The 2011 Tea Pot Champ
    Tea Pot and chipset for the winner

    our new Omaha Champ---Pandermonium+Sean



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    Fishing but not for Poker chips

    Thursday, June 16, 2011, 9:45 PM [General]


    I attended The Jack Charlton disabled anglers fishing compation at Kielder on 8th of June and I am please to say that I won the Northumbrian water boat pairs  with my fishing buddy Dave.
    We had a great gilly (Andy)on the day who knew just were to find the fish



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    More Memorys of Great Days out with 888

    Saturday, June 11, 2011, 10:38 PM [General]

     Posted 11/7/2008

    I’ve just got back from three days at the open

    As some of you know I played in the Open a couple of years ago and became good friends with Jonny Natas 888’s man at the Open

    He invited me back last year and once again this year he said I’d be more than welcome to watch the action for a couple of days

    As you can imagine I jumped at the chance and said ‘YES PLEASE’

    Unfortunately the two days Jonny picked for me to visit were after Loopy’s game

    I would’ve loved to have been a member of the Parmo Army cheering on Loopy

    I got there 1230 Monday dropped my bag off at the hotel and dashed straight up to the studios as I knew the first heat of the day would have already started

    I made my way to the Green room where I was met by Jonny, he introduced me to our very own Aegis, not that I needed telling who he was, I’d seen his swarve Elvis like good looks many a time on the Forum

    Tony (Aegis) is a top guy, we quickly hit it off and have now become very good friends

    He has a wicked sense of humour which he applied to me all the time ( Oh is that Lambone with no chips again)

    This became his favourite saying the whole time I was there and deservedly so as I never won a single s/g game

    888 have found themselves a diamond in Tony, he works all the hours God sends, not because he has to but because he has a genuine love for what he does

    He is very passionate about the forum, and I think Inc and all of us forum members are very lucky to have such a guy working on our behalf

    In the Green room that morning was papajac9 and his best mate Rick

    Having now met Jack I can tell you all the WPC could not have been won by a nicer man

    Having just won a million bucks might change a lot of people, not Jack

    He is the most unassuming guy, a quiet gentleman with a generous nature, (which I can vouch for, Cheers Jack!)

    Heat 14 came to an end and into the Green room comes Tony G, Shane Warne and Barney Boatman

    Tony G had won the heat and Shane was runner up getting him into the turbo, Barney took defeat like a real pro laughing and joking with everyone in the Green room so I grabbed my chance to have my photo took with him

    I then made my way up to the studio canteen to meet up with Padraig and Jesse who I knew would be there having something to eat before the afternoon heat

    It was great meeting up again with these guys as we have become good friends and the last time we had all met up was in Dublin where we had a blast

    So it was good catching up and sharing some memories of the night in Dublin (not that the three of us could remember that much as we had all had a pop or two or ten)

    Then it was back downstairs to the action, Heat 15

    This was won by Bart Wetsteijn, he was one of the players with papajac9 on the final table of the WPC, runner up was Larry Papadinis an Aussie guy who we had all come to like and respect

    One by one all the other players got knocked out then came into the Green room, Andy Black, Jeff Fenech (the boxer) and Marty Smyth (pro), who I had played with before in Dublin

    After the heat it was back to the hotel for some sit and gos, I’d rather not talk about them, (one hangs one’s head in shame) and a few beers

    I don’t remember much after that but the Irish guys said I had an early night (0330am), well that is early for them


    Tuesday Saw Heat 16 and 17

    In heat 17 was pro Roy Brindley

    The night before Jesse had told me Roy had a Poker Book coming out in the near future and it was a great read

    I asked Roy about it and he said he would send me a copy N1

    That evening Padraig, Mad Marty and their good ladies and six or seven others of us decided to get out of the hotel for a bit and go find a put to have supper in

    We found a quiet pub in Maidstone that did top knotch scran

    There was a ladies dart’s match going on and it took all of us to stop Mad Marty from trying to join in (what a laugh)

    Marty said ‘Right O if I can’t play darts it’s back to the hotel for a game of Win With Wilson’, Padraig groans ‘O no not again’

    So that’s what we did

    Back at the hotel I was having a pint with Aegis and telling him how I wished it wasn’t my last night, as the next day was Padraig’s and papajac9’s heat and I’d have loved to have seen it

    The next thing I know Aegis has gone and seen Jonny and fixed it for me to stop another day

    Thanks so much for doing that for me Tony M8

    The next morning Aussie the 888 driver ran me to the train station so I could try and change my ticket

    They said it could not be done and charged me for a new one, but once again Tony (Aegis) came to the rescue, paying for my train ticket as he knew I had only budgeted for two days down there

    Tony’s generous nature knows no bounds

    I owe you such a big big thankyou M8

    It was great at the studio that day as not only was Padraig and papajac9’s heat on there was also a turbo game and the first semi final

    It was 10 o’clock at night before the last game finished then it was a mad rush to get to the hotel as we had missed a good deal of good drinking time

    It was real party atmosphere in the bar that night as Craig Young had won the first semi final, and was celebrating with his Dad

    So me and Aegis and his lovely wife who had come over from Spain helped them to celebrate with more than a glass or two

    In the morning I travelled into London with papjac9 and Rick, this was a real pleasure as by this time we had all become firm friends

    They were stopping in London for the night before heading off to Paris the next day

    They dropped me off at the train station and we said our good byes, I really do hope I get to meet these two very special Canadians again one day

    Well I’m back home now and hoping I get invited back next year as it’s the only place to be if you love your poker




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    Memorys of Great Days out with 888

    Friday, May 6, 2011, 4:05 PM [General]

    Hi Everyone

    While I was in Dublin at this year's  Irish Poker Open 2011 I was sitting on a bar stool telling tales to anyone that would listen about my memories of the great days out I have had in the past with 888. A good friend said 'Ken why don't you post some of these tales on the forum, well I have but most of them are on the old forum so I have decided to repost a couple of them here on the new My888 forum and hope you like them.

    I'll start of with

    lambone at the Irish Open 2009


    I’ve just had two great days at the Irish Poker Open

    I met up again with papajack the world poker crown winner who I had become friends with at the 888 UK Open

    He PM me on the forum asking if I would like to come over and rail him and the other forum qualifiers

    He said all I would need was a cheap flight as I could stay in his room with him and his best m8 Rick (paralada) who I had also met and became friends with

    Well I jumped at the chance and the next thing you know I’m in Dublin airport

    Robertbh (Deirdre) from the forum was there to meet me with her son Alan

    It was in the car on the way over to citywest that Deirdre told me she had qualified for the main event the night before and it had not finished until 4pm and she had not got home until 5pm so how kind was that of her just to grab a couple of hours kip to then come and pick me up

    Thanks again D you’re a star

    At the hotel papajack met us in the foyer, he and Deirdre had to go and reg for the comp so Alan took me up to the room to met up with Rick

    First thing Rick did was make me a nice cup of tea, wonder how he knew I liked tea?

    At the UK Open we had talked about our families and Rick had remembered that I have two boys, next thing I know he is giving me presents for them both

    Thanks Rick, it meant so much to me that you had been thinking of my boys, but it didn’t surprise me as I already knew you are one real nice guy

    We finish our tea and go down to hit the rail as the comp had started  by now

    Soon as we walk into the main hall photographers come straight over taking pictures of Rick as he was dressed in cowboy hat and boots and leather jacket he looked a million dollars

    I found out where Jack and Deirdre were seated and went over to wish them luck

    Time for the first pint of the day (many more would follow)

    I walk in the bar and who should be sat there but Paul, (he’s the dad of Craig Young this years UK open runner up)

    He got me a pint and told me Craig was next door in the comp, we sink a couple more before going to see Craig

    I wish Craig luck then go to find the other forum guys

    This was easily done as there is a big screen with the seating plan on it

    First one I find is Aaronlt, he shakes my hand and I wish him luck

    I then go of to find L67C (David ), this was easily done as all I had to do was look for the youngest looking dude in the hall

    David had taken a couple of early hits on his chip stack but still managed a smile for me when I got my camera out

    I took a few more pics then headed back to the bar (thirsty work this picture taking you know)

    At the first break I catch up with the forum guys, all are still in, so this calls for a celebration ‘pint please barman’

     It was about then that domriver (Dave) who I had met last year in Ireland at the Padraig Parkinson charity event walked in, Dave is a top guy and we have become good friends

    He had drove down from Northern Ireland so I new he must be thirsty “BARMAN” We were having some great craic but it was now that things started to go wrong for our guys

    First out I think was Arron followed by Deirdre then David, day one had finished with only Jack and Craig still in

    Lots more drinking followed, some go to bed but six of us decide to have a 20euro sit/go, well it was only 3am, Aaron, Deirdre, Alan, Paul, Dave and me,

    The game finished at 5am and I’m pleased to say I won -  no more Mr no chips off you Aegis please

    Happy drunk and tired, it was time to fall into bed


    The next day starts with Deirdre coming to the room with Easter eggs for all, mmm thanks D

    Jack was starting the day with 40 odd K so we had high hopes of him doing well, Craig had 13k so we knew it was going to be hard work for him

    In the bar they had the Sunderland v Man utd game on, it was at this time Vinnie Deirdre’s friend joined us

     He has joined the forum so if you see him in a game be sure to say hi as he is a top bloke (POKER, BEER, FOOTBALL, GOOD FRIENDS, LIFE DON’T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS)

    After the game I went to see how the guys were getting on, bad news Craig gets knocked out followed a little later by Jack

    Jack went back to his room but quickly got over his defeat and said ‘let’s party’ and out came the vodka

    After a while me and Domriver go back to the bar

    A couple of pints later we go back to the room to find Rick crashed out on the bed and Jack asleep in his chair so we go to Deidre’s room

    D was playing the 100k on her laptop, L67C was also playing in the 100k in his room and was on Ds table, funny as when L6 wins a hand and D runs to his room and bangs on the door.

    It was then that Dave (domriver) had to hit the road home

    I spent the rest of the night helping Craig drown his sorrows in the bar, hard job but some one had to do it

    Then just time to take a few last pics of poker stars I have got to know over the years before hitting the sack

    In the morning I tried to say goodbye to Deirdre, Alan and Vinnie but all were still asleep, so I said my goodbyes to Rick forgot to tell you all, Rick plays a mean guitar and Rick I won’t forget to send you that music I promise

    Jack got me a cab to the airport (thanks Jack) and we said our goodbyes

    I really hope we all mete up one day and do it all over again





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