My Favourite Poker game is texas holdem because

    Friday, March 13, 2015, 5:10 PM [General]

    Like allmost every boy in childhood I liked to play with cards and there where many types of card games and still are, on some card games I sucked but on others I was really good at it including poker, not texas holdem, but that poker with 5 cards in hand and you can change one time maximum 3 from the stack, at the age of 12 (now I have 28 years) I didnt even know what is that, if a person sayd to me that texas holdem is a texan hat I definetely could believe that. Lol.

    At the age of aproximatelly 20...21 years I saw on the tv a poker tournament (dont remember what tournament was) :D, texas holdem was the game and from that on I was charmed...I continued watching but didnt understand it, not 100 % and from that moment I continued searching texas holdem poker tournament on tv and on the internet. Not long before this I „discovered” online poker and signed up for NoIQ poker, It taked long time to learn all the rules to become like a reflex. I played a year or two on that platform, only freerolls or with the cash I maked from the freerolls, my biggest bankroll I remember was about 40-50$ and I cant imagine how I got to that bankroll because I sucked Undecided, I didnt wanted to deposit before I learned well at least the rules if not the strategies. Changed a few platform before I ended up here on 888 poker, I think I have like..5-6 years here. Played some local poker tournaments, never won one, but the experience was great, it`s quite hard to hide your emotions when you have a good hand and harder when you have the nuts.

    At first I didnt liked 888 poker besause the blind are faster than I was used to on the other platforms, but I gave it a shot anyway, they had verry good promotions and freerolls so why should I go elsewhere?! 888 poker still have the greatest promotions ever on a poker platform. Tryed to learn the strategy with pokerstrategy, learned a bit but not even 20% of all they have to offer. It is hard and complicated to learn the strategy of texas holdem, besides I was never good at learning in school and I dont have the patience to go through all.

    In the first years I played for fun, didnt thinked that I could win some real money from it. I won some cash over the 6 year period, not much, most of all from freerolls, sometimes I cashed in, sometimes I got greedy and tryed to make more and know how that goes in 94% of the time, so I lost the money. Three of four years ago I won a crazy 5000$ Guaranteed R&A tournament and got payd aproximatelly 1100$, at that time the payout wasnt that scattered like it is now, why I sayd crazy is because this kind of tournament it really is crazy , in every  hand was a player who go all in, at least until the break, blind was short, the stack too so imagine the all in war . The play style was crazy so I figured that I have no chance If I play tight-aggressive so I played loose-agresive, one time I go all in to steal some blinds  with 10 8 and  to my surprise I taken down 2 players who called and from then on 10 8 was my lucky cards in that tournament, can you guys guess what happened? I`ll tell you what happened, I played a lot of hands with 10 8 and won all of them if you an believe it. When I entered the money I called a friend to come over to support me, he called me crazy because of my play with 10 8. That was my peak as a poker player playing texas holdem and unfortunatelly since then I went only down. Since then I won some medium sng`s, heads up, small freerolls, entered final tables on small tournaments but nothing like the 5k $ Guaranteed R&A.

    In the present I play what I can on 888 poker and hope for the best, the best means pray to god to not meet a limper donk with 2 7 offsuit againt me with A Q and the flop: K 10 9, turn: 8, river: 2

    This is my story of how my favorite poker game became texas holdem.

    Cheers m8`s and thank you for reading my blog.

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