Probably...the best online poker site.. ever. - July Blog Of The Month Entry

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 11:09 PM [General]

    Probably...the best online poker site.. ever.

    To achieve this goal I would look to my own experiences as a poker player. Like a lot of great products on the market and in other fields I would take inspiration from the other sites. Taking the best aspects of all the poker sites I have played on I believe I could form a viable product that would prove very popular with poker players.

    What do I want my site to be? I want it to be a welcome environment both for recreational players, small stake grinders, mid stake players and the high stakes guys. So my site would cater to all these different category of players.

    I would have games running from the smallest limits to the largest. If a number of players wanted to play larger there would be an option in place to get as big a game going as the players desire. I would ban all HUDs from my site as I believe it takes away from the true form of poker. I would ensure all seating scripts are removed and heads up tables are freely available. I would also implement a team to regulate players who bum hunt tables – ie sitting out when the mark at table sits out or leaves.

    I would also cater to all game selections. Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Badugi. No game is off the limit. I would offer generous incentives for players to try the other game formats. Perhaps offering an incentive to players if they play a certain amount of hands of each game.

    As with any platform dealing with thousands upon thousands of customers there will be issues that need to be resolved. To achieve a reputation as a market leader in player satisfaction I would have a dedicated 24 hour team in place that would deal with all manner of complaints. Live chat would be available at all times and extra staff on at peak hours to ensure complaints are dealt with as soon as possible.

    I would run a plethora of promotions for all players. I would run various freerolls for players who play a certain amount of hands or tournaments each week, freerolls for players who deposit each week. I would also run a special bad beat tournament daily. If a player loses more than 5 hands with more than 90% equity in a hand they get a ticket to this tournament.

    I would offer a fair rakeback programme which is fair to the players and engage in dialogue with players annually about any changes that would be implemented in the programme.

    I would also have a dedicated forum to accompany my site where players can talk through hands, organise staking deals etc. The forum would be moderated by a team 24/7. I would also create various leader boards across all levels and organise monthly leagues and series were players can compete for various cool prizes.

    I also feel some poker sites overlook player health for profit. So I would implement into my software a notice that notifies you after 9 hours of playing that it may be time to wind down a session. There would be various light hearted comments that would play on the hour once you go long into a session which would offer you reminders to perhaps take a break, go out and socialise etc.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my idea of the perfect poker site!

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    Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 5:54 PM [General]

    Just want to start by saying this is an incredibly prize on offer this month. It would be amazing for one of our fellow bloggers to do well in this tournament. As this would be my 1st venture onto the live tournament scene I’m sure I would be doing a lot of things different.

    I would make sure to get a room in the venue the tournament is being held. It would be awesome to stay at the famous Rio and this would be most practical for playing the tournament as it would clear the mind of any concerns about getting there. Would also maximise lying in time which is vital to most poker players :p

    As the tournament is an 8 handed structure I would brush up on my 8 handed play. Primarily playing 6max or heads up I would need to put in a couple of weeks playing full ring to get used to that dynamic. I would also do a bit of studying on my opening ranges etc in such a format.

    With it being a lower stake buy in tournament I would also brush up on my strategy for playing against a larger % recreational field as I feel this tournament should bring plenty of recreational players in. I would look to play a more ABC style against these players. I would also read up on identifying these players. The quicker I can do this the better my chances will be. I am a fan of the structure, 5000 starting stack and 30 minute levels certainly gives good scope for play.

    I guess the number one thing I would want to check out would be the grand canyon. I love the outdoors and it is a must to experience at some point. I also got a new camera which I would be keen to try out some panorama shots. If the games were being kind to be I’d be keen to get a helicopter tour of the area to truly appreciate the vastness and beauty of it.

    I’m also really keen to check out the Mob Museum. It is a subject that interests me greatly and I think there would be some fascinating  material in the museum.

    I’d also love to check out a night in the famous party capital of the world. Walking the strip and interacting with all the street performers would be so much fun.

    I will definitely try to get a good night’s sleep the day before the tournament. It is a great opportunity we are being given so I feel it would be disrespectful to myself not to give myself the best shot of playing my best game.

    Ideally I would like to arrive a couple of days before the game. To adjust to the timezone so I can play my best poker and it also would give me the opportunity to do the tourist things I would like to do before I got down to the business of playing the tournament. I feel doing the tourist activities first would leave me in a position to play my best poker afterwards.

    It would also be great to meet some fellow my888 friends during the tournament. Goodluck to all :) 

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    Poker - Past. Present. Future (Jan/Feb Blog Of The Month)

    Sunday, February 14, 2016, 11:18 AM [General]

    My resolution this year was to improve all aspects of my poker game. Having thoroughly analysed my poker experience of 2015 it was clear I needed to make adjustments. What better time to make these adjustments than the start of a new year! Like a gym in the first weeks of January my head was full of ideas on how to do this. I decided I needed to do three things to really improve my game. It will take a small financial investment and plenty of hard work but I hope and believe I will see tangible results in my poker performance. I also believe working on my game and looking to improve can improve all aspects of my life. 

    First things first, I need to set out time to study the game each week. I have set out at least three hours to study each week and will be looking to add on an hour each month. My study can be anything from going over hand histories, talking to friends (some forum members have helped) and reading forums for new perspectives and thoughts on this crazy game of poker. I have already seen some results from this more organised analysis as I have found myself making some plays I would not have dreamed have making even a month or two ago.

    Secondly, I have decided to invest in software to improve even more. I have purchased a HUD for the first time in my poker playing life as well as taking advantage of the plethora of great free software that is currently available. I have really felt the benefit of this in my game and it has improved my results in the first month of the year to no end. I have also signed up to a training site which has excellent conduct. The strategy and information has been a huge help. I highly recommend this for any other members who have not yet done this and are looking to improve their game.

    Lastly and perhaps most importantly I want to have more fun this year playing poker. Having become a big twitch poker fan in the last few months I noticed how enjoyable the likes of Jason Somerville and Kevin Martin have made the game to watch. I have to accept the variance and just enjoy the game for what it is. I also plan on playing more live this year to really take advantage of what a wonderful social experience poker can be. Who knows, maybe one day I will start my own twitch stream!

    This is the first time in my poker experience that I have actively looked to improve and investing both time and money in looking for this improvement. Only a month into the year and I am seeing improvements. I encourage everyone reading this to always look to improve their game. I hope my resolution to study and working on my game lasts longer than my gym resolutions. 

    Thanks for taking the time to read and please feel free to leave any comments. 





    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist (October Blog of The Month)

    Friday, October 16, 2015, 6:16 PM [General]

    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist.

    I don’t think I have a favorite hand. I believe this can be a flaw in a lot of people’s games. I recall one high stakes poker episode where the poker legend Doyle Brunson remarked that Ten Deuce (a hand synonymous with the poker hall of famer, who won both his main event bracelets with this hand in 1967 and 1977) has cost him more money than any other. There is clearly a leak in playing certain hands in less than optimal circumstances.

    I believe it is a trait most common with more recreational and weaker players. On other episodes of big televised games you can notice the businessman like Bill Klein and Guy Laliberté remark they have favorite hands that they always play.

    However for the purposes of the blog and to contribute to the debate I have an affinity for the KQ clubs. It can be a very profitable hand to play. I have cracked Aces and other big hands many times with this hand. I also made my only 2 royal flushes with this hand. My second one occurring just the other day on 888 poker!

    I like this hand because you are a flip against all small pairs and in position it can be a profitable hand to play against such hands. When up against bigger hands like Jacks, Tens and Aces you are often flopping a decent draw.

    I certainly play it when the situation seems profitable but like any hand I do not become too attached to it, if it is clear from the action and table dynamics that it is in trouble.


    Another favorite hand is obviously aces. But only when there is big action pre flop and I can push all in pre and win a nice pot. It can be an uncomfortable hand to play post flop.


    Thanks for reading.

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    Strange Poker, Extremes and Confessions (August Blog Of The Month Competition)

    Friday, August 28, 2015, 12:15 PM [General]

    Strange Poker, Extremes and Confessions

    I had to really think about this month's blog as most of my playing is confined to the comfort of my home and my nice comfy chair which I am sitting on while writing this blog. Seems to fall far away from the strange and extreme stories needed. I mean look at the chair i sit on. It screams comfort!
    What are the most extreme measures I have taken to play a juicy game, a game to good to turn down? It would probably have to be playing whilst working. I won't say where I work but it is quite a busy job and you are dealing with the public so it was a risque move but this particular tournament I was desperate to play was just too good to turn down!
    It was about a 7 hour shift I was working and my game started about 5 hours in. I spent any free time in the build up thinking of where to position the phone. I carefully devised a miniature fortress which concealed the phone from the customers eye yet I could see everything that was happening. Perfect!

    This was a particularly busy day at work so I had to be very skilled and selective in looking at my phone. It was a fine balance between not timing out with aces and getting a severe telling off from my supervisor.
    I managed to strike a fine balance between the two and managed to build a very nice stack. I managed to run really well and be on the right side of big coolers and getting paid everytime.
    I was very healthy after the 1st 2 breaks and then my shift finished. I played it on my mobile the entire drive home and managed to take it down from the comfort of my home. It was one of my biggest cashes (far far more than I earned from my shift that day)

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    Poker, Personalities and Perfection. (July Blog Of The Month)

    Friday, July 24, 2015, 4:42 PM [General]

    What does my poker game say about me? That’s a good question I hope to answer by the end of this blog. Although they do say a picture is worth a thousand words…


    When I'm playing cash games I like to buy in for the max! I know guys!1acd388c05722f0b8738ce28ff5172d3.jpg?v=269100

    While you are putting the most money at risk (especially if the games are big) I like to have the biggest stacks covered. I think it's imperative to give yourself the opportunity to win the most money possible in every hand you play!

    With regards to the type of tournaments I play that is usually down to two things. How much time I have to play and what kind of mood I am in. I usually have Sundays free (except for a quick worship on the Sabbath)b16b51962eb61eca46d6e3ed29695a08.jpg?v=160000

    With a lot of time to play and if I am in the right frame of mind I would fire up a few deep stack tournaments with the hope of going deep in a couple.

    On other occassions due to time constraints or if I am just in a more gambling mood I will fire up some turbo SNGs. I have been playing lots of turbo HU SNG lately and I am doing quite well in them.

    My first couple of years playing I just played NLHE. It is the most popular game and most of the high stakes action was geared towards this game when I started out. Not to mention all the tv broadcasts are played in this format.

    However this has changed with the changing poker landscape. A lot of the high stakes action online is in the mixed games now and there is always big action on PLO.

    I also transtioned to playing PLO about a year ago and primarily play cash in that. I also signed up for a home game series where mixed games are involved so I have been trying out the other games like razz and stud with mixed results.

    I think my favourite style of game is 6 max PLO deep stacked. I think this says I love the action and I am a gambler at heart as the swings can be big.

    I like most forms of games. I think I am best suited to SNGs and MTT but I am comfortable playing most variants. I don't like limit games as I find them very tedious and I think I'm ill suited to playing them. The webcam tables are also great fun as it brings a more social interaction to the tables which is nice especially if you are on a long online grind!

    I would like to see a game on 888 involving webcams. A cash game perhaps where if you make any sort of bluff the other players most all send over a blind or maybe a few blinds. I believe this game would generate great action and it would be fun to interact on the webcams with so much bluffing going on. The name for this game, well I guess it wouldn't be called blind man's bluff. How about Bluffers Get Blinds

    Thanks for reading

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    The Game of Poker has changed my life... (888 Forum June 2015 Blog Of The Month Comp)

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 4:38 PM [General]

    The game of poker has changed my life is a positive way. Like any hobby if you devote time and effort to it it will bring rewards and new friendships which are life changing. I can say I have made some great friends from my time playing on 888 and by using forums like my888, twoplustwo and cardschat.

    When I seen this week’s title I let it drift to the back of my mind for a couple of weeks. I had to really think it over. How had this game changed my life? Had it been for the better or for the worse? Well after thinking it over I can say it has been overwhelmingly positive.

    The game has improved me in a variety of ways. It has allowed me to think more strategically I learned the game by playing (and losing) so the only way I was going to remedy this was to read, read and read. There is so much information out there and some of the concepts I have learned have helped me in other areas of my life. Poker has also helped me with patience. I am admittedly not the most patient person but when you are deep in a tournament and card dead and having to fold hand after hand after hand it is a test of that patience. I have improved my patience from poker and I have found myself being more patient and tolerant of other situations in life.

    Another key skill poker has thought me is certain things are out of your control. Like getting it in with a big overpair and getting sucked out on, instead of venting and letting emotion take over, you have to adopt a more methodical approach. Life can deal it’s fair share of bad beats and you must also take them and not feel sorry for yourself. I feel this is the most beneficial thing I have taken from poker.

    Poker has also expanded my social scene. Playing in the local card room has introduced me to characters I would never encounter otherwise. I have made some great friendships and had some great nights out.

    It has also allowed me extra funds to do things I would normally not be able to do. As a college student for most of my time playing, a big score in a mtt allowed me to take a trip or two I would not be able to afford if not for poker. It was an interesting topic this month and I hope my muddled thoughts were of use to people.

    Thanks for reading
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    If I Was A Poker Mentor (888 Forum May 2015 Blog Of The Month Comp)

    Sunday, May 24, 2015, 11:00 AM [General]

    If I was a poker mentor I would ask for the money up front!! Joking aside I would probably look to teach in no limit holdem. It is the game I first learned and while I don’t find it as enjoyable as Omaha, it is still the most popular game and I would imagine it is one of the easier games to grasp.


    I would primarily focus on cash games as I think the best players are cash game players. If a complete novice to the game I would go through the basic details: selecting starting hands, pot odds, selecting tables etc.


    However I would really focus on areas like position and game selection as the lessons developed. As a player who learned the game by taking beatings online (and plenty more to come) I grasped the basic points quickly enough but the more nuanced areas like the power of position took many hours and $$ lost.


    I would help the player understand how players ranges are wider the later the position they opened and develop strategies to combat this. I would also teach my student how crucial it is to observe the table and notice the different styles of player. I would hope after a couple of sessions he would be able to notice the loose and aggressive players and would know the players not to 3bet with 72 off Tongue Out


    I would also help my student in tournaments and building on the concepts we learn though the cash game I would help him in tournament situations. Concepts like fold equity are vital here and bubble play is key.


    I would also help my student deal with the variance and if I can’t help my student improve their poker acumen I would at the very least like to improve them as a human being. To conduct themselves with class at the table. And most importantly to have fun. That is why we all play this crazy game, right!?


    Very interesting topic this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to like

    My prize poker story...(888 forum - blog of the month competition)

    Saturday, April 18, 2015, 12:35 PM [General]

    My prize poker story is just a typical online grind story.


    I was playing online (running several tables of PLO) with a bankroll of about $80. After about 4 hours play and plenty of swings I was about breakeven (not ideal). Then I took some really bad beats. One in particular really sent me into super tilt mode (Top set and nut flush losing to open ender) and I was extremely frustrated (standard enough) and proceeded to hit my laptop screen of the wall (Try it, it’s strangely satisfying)

    To my horror I managed to smash most of the screen (except for a little corner in the bottom left hand side. I expertly managed to drag the 888 window into my working corner and proceeded to open just one table. I decided I would play until I won my money back or the computer eventually gave up on me. I was down to my last couple of $ on 888.

    With this sliver of working screen on my computer I went on an impressive upswing from that few $ to over $1000 just grinding away and playing solid on one screen. I must have played for nearly 36 hours (couldn’t bring myself away while I was winning)

    When my session wound down I realized I had enough for a  new computer. Perhaps I should keep to this computer for grinding as it helps me focus and thought me that I am better playing less tables.

    It had been a long time since I had just played on one screen. It is much easier to focus and get a feel for the table and dynamics when you can focus on just one table. It is also less draining and I have found myself playing less tables since this incident.

    Also….. I wrote this on my new computer I bought from grinding on my sliver screen J


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    I fell In love with NLHE poker when…(888 forum - blog of the month competition)

    Thursday, March 19, 2015, 3:24 PM [General]

    I fell in love with poker a few years ago. The family was around for the holidays and as a group activity we decided to play a game. It was a freeze-out tournament with no prizes but bragging rights.

    After having the basic rules explained to me quickly we began to play. Over the course of a couple of hours we played and we all had great fun. I didn’t claim the bragging rights of the victory but I had caught the “poker bug”. Whenever the family would get together I would be demanding we play again.

    I discovered that this game could be played online. Intrigued I decided to set up an account and see how I would fare. Unsurprisingly I lost at first. But it did not matter I was hooked.

    I did a bit of research online and found great online resources like twoplustwo and other material to try and improve my game. It is only when you begin reading online you realize what a complex and wonderful game this is.

    I mainly play on the weekends as I do not have the time during the week. I thoroughly enjoy grinding freerolls and small buy in tournaments. The excitement of going deep in a tournament or making a big bluff in a cash game is a thrill hard to find elsewhere.

    The game I primarily play is No Limit Hold’Em. As it is the most popular game and the one with the most action and tournaments offered it seemed an obvious choice. I feel like I have a good grasp on the game now (when in the zone I feel I have a good understanding of how my opponents are playing, their ranges etc.)

    However, over the past year I have begun playing more and more Omaha. It is tremendous fun and the action can be crazy on the 888 tables. When I first begun playing it the variance had me close to breaking a few laptop screens. It is a great gambling game and I hope to play more in the future.

    In the future I would like to play some live tournaments and maybe one day get lucky and win an online package to a big event. For now poker is a hobby but one which I thoroughly enjoy.