Poker, Personalities and Perfection.

    Sunday, July 26, 2015, 12:34 PM [General]

    What does my poker game say about me?

    Well my poker game says a lot about me even though I'm not a professional player now and then I play a little poker, for myself I think I'm an aggressive player I really like to go all in and finish off my opponents. Certainly no one likes to lose, and on this point I am quite nervous when I lose.

     What games have you tried?

    I like to play all the poker games but I have to admit that I prefer the Omaha somehow fun has a lot to accompany you always have to know that you do not have the strongest hand and that  must be in your head. Hold Em will always be a game that I will playing but Omaha is much more fun to play, but not on high stakes.

     Which ones have you disliked and which style/pace is your favourite?

    I love Sit n Gos tournaments they have always been fun for a quick start and fast finish no easier money and no major role.
    Snap poker is one of the best types of poker games due to quick hands because you dont need to wait long to get a good hand.
    I do not like  rebuy tournaments because if you lose you do not deserve to play again.

     Do you play certain games depending on your mood or circumstances?

    I do not like to play when I'm nervous, but when I am good will I like to play heads-up

     Do you think certain personalities are drawn to or more suited to a particular type or form of the game?

    I think that professional players like to play game that will last for a certain period of time because at that time he can show you why is he the best while players like us love to  play sit n go tournaments where you need a luck.

     A poker game that would combine all the elements you enjoy?

    Snap Omaha NL Honestly it would be fun, but not look only 2 cards in your hand than all 4 that would be great.

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