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  • What a wonderful feeling it is to see progress in whatever goal you are reaching for . You want to tell others and maybe even  strut a little . Yes , you are getting there making small ... more
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  • Once again I find myself down and out , so I turned to an old friend trusty guitar .. and wrote a song in the way of Wierd Al Yankovic to the tune of Dear Abby by John Prine .      ... more
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  • I have rambled on by times , and partook in the forum . Openly bared my weakness's without shame for all to see . Some have tried to help , some offered but were to busy with a full card ... more
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  • I know I said I would not post because of my lack of knowledge about this wonderful game of Texas Hold'em . But , I was reminded these are my blogs my views and my ramblings and if even ... more
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  • I started posting blogs on this forum because I felt welcome , comfortable and at home within this community . I wish I could post good blogs about the game I love to play but alas this ... more
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