The Blog of the month renovation idea

    Friday, September 2, 2016, 2:16 PM [General]

    The Blog of the month renovation idea

    888 poker offers in its forum a nice little format  for users that want to get their bankroll boostet.
    Its the "Blog of the month".
    users have, in conformation to the terms and conditions, to write a blog  to changing topix every month.
    The blog will be judged  by a group of people and the winners will get one out of three prices
    worth alltogether 400 $ and all participants get entry to a freeroll with 300 $ in pricemoney.
    That sounds very profitable in the first view.
    But if you follow the "blog of the month" history you will figure out that even if 888 is an international
    operating company the winners of this contest are usully motherspeaking english and only 2 of them
    have won 12 out of 39 regular prices , that is almost 1/3 of all price money.
    That can`t be in the interest of 888 and the 888 forum.
    exspecally foreigners that are not capable to write proper english, have no chance to be in the winners list.
    Maybe one or two of them have won a price. Looks  but as an alibi.
    it has become a contest of a small group of users. A closed group.  New bloggers are very soon encouraged
    and they never come back.
    For a vital contest , for a vital 888 forum, its nesassary to bring 888 users from all player countries together.
    they all need the real chance to win prices, offered by 888poker, for their blogging.  They deserve not only the
    possible poker win in a tournament. ( where the winning amount is much lower than one of the
    offered prices for the blogging)

    So what is to do :
    I see two cenario
    no 1 is:
    If a blogger wins a price in the contest , he can still blog the next two month, but he can not get
    a money price, even if his blog is voted best blog. He will win the contest on a ideal basis.
    The money will go to the next placed in the juging list.
    no 2 is
    all blogs that fullfill the terms and conditions are judged. The winner gets a trophy on a ideal basis.
    All names of the participants will put in randomizer and the prices will be given out to three of them.

    Both ideas for a renovation of the "blog of the month" format will bring, imo, more users to blog and
    more users to the 888 forum. Exspecally non english motherspeaking.
    Please share your thoughts in this forum thread ( ) instead of the blog comment here.

    gl on and off the felts

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    Next try :Probably...the best online poker site.. ever

    Monday, July 4, 2016, 1:58 PM [General]

    To the mod who is in charge here
    My 888 poker-id is psychotie!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is not a real existing pokersite!!!
    It`s my blog entry for blog of the month!!!!
    We are asked to give an expression about our idea of the world best pokersite
    I do it in the style of an advertise ( did not expect that it was so good, that people fall on it)
    Here It is again, hope you will not delete it again

    Welcome to the brandnew pokersite


    We provide you the most impressive game in the world of online poker
    All kinds of games are available.
    Holdem, omaha or stud.
    Tournaments , cashgames or SnG  
    from 1 cent to 1000$
    we do have them all
    24 hours a day all around the year.
    Want to create a own tournament ?  In the lobby  you will find our new tournamentcreator.
    Want to get informed about the start of your favorite tournaments ?  We  mail you before the beginning.
    Looking for a player ? Our playersearch gives you the info where to find him.

    You are tired of lots of river suckouts with A  or with miricale cards ?
    Our randomizer is like reality.
    You can chose from more then 20 table disigns and 100dreds of personal avatars or just upload your own photo.
    In the chat window you will get all the info you need.
    From statistics , to infos about upcomming tournaments of your own buy in level and all info about the running
    tournament ,like your position in the field and  how many player have to be eliminated to reach ITM  
    In the playerschat you can talk to players on the tables or send them your emoticons.
    By clicking on the avatar of a player u can make notices, so u have  the info if you meet him again in a tournament.
    And  if you dislike his chattalk you may even push "ignore".
    Your hand- and gamehistory is avalible in your profile in the lobby and you can  download the data.

    Your Bankroll is small ?   No problem
    We offer satellites for all tournaments. For a small buyin you can qualify for the tournament of your choise.
    All over the year there are satellites for the big realgame tournaments.
    Cash games starts from 1 cent.  SnG starts from 10 cent

    Check out our bonussystem.
    Every time you play you get points that you can exchange for gadgets or realmoney or tournamenttickets.
    For every deposit you get a bonus of 10 % of the deposit amount.
    And to your birthday you get 3 tournament tickets for your average buyin
    If you are a depositing player you will find  freerolls every day  where you can start to build a bankroll.

    You can chose from all common Deposit and withdrawlmethods.
    The deposit will be instant ready to use.
    As soon you are a approved player ( by uploading personal info ) you can withdraw immediate
    and the withdrawlmoney is instant on your acc depending the withdrawlmethod.
    You can even send/receive money from a friendplayer. So you can stake him and receive the winnings  to your pokeraccount.

    Our software is easy to install and uses only small space on your PC. We use HTML 5 so it needs less RAM on your PC
    and its safe.
    And with the mobile app for android-and windows-phone you are free to play where ever you like

    You need help?
    We like to provide you the best service.
    Our tollfree  telephoneservice is ready for you 24 hours. Its either available by english- ,
    german- spanish- or russian-speaking operators.
    or you can chat with our service by clicking the chatwindow in the lobby.

    So download now and start to experiance PSYCHOTIE POKER
    Gl on and off the felts

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    Monday, May 9, 2016, 1:46 PM [General]


    My personal Las Vegas experience lies  in 1995.
    I came in at McCarran airport and went to Ballys Hotel where I stayed 3 days.
    I played almost the whole time on slotmachines. From Vegas itself I saw only the
    Las Vegasstrip with the  wonderfull hotels. Which were all brandnew at that time .
    Like the New Yorker or the Pyramid. There were even spots without hotels on the way.
    The Freemontstreet experience also was new.
    Then after losing about 5k $  on the machines  we took a rental car for a 3 week trip around the West.
    So  that it was my Las Vegas in in 1995 .
    If I could go there again I would go in one of the splendid hotels like the Belaggio
    and take a suite with view to the strip. I would not play on slots. I like to play poker nowadays.
     I learned every day there are tournaments  for example in the Aria Resort with a buy in of around  100-200 $.
    To win one would be my goal.
    I deffinitly would go into a show , what I missed in 1995. Like "Elvis" or the "Michael Jackson show".
    Or a show of the Cirque de Solei.
    I would visit one of the fine restaurants  and have  a nice dinner.
    even if I already saw some of the spots . I would take a rental car and drive to Death Valley,
    the Hoover Damp and Lake Meade.  for sure I would take a Helicopterflight to Grand Canyon. I have been to North
    and South Rim in 1995  but I  always wanted to see  the GC  from the air.
    As I m a great fan of Nascar  I would go for a day to Las Vegas Speedway. If there` s
    a race going on I would view it .If not, I would take  a ride on my own with a rental car  on the speedway.
    They are offering even Ferrari there  for it.
    And poker
    If I got the Ticket for the 888 WSOP side event , it would be the tournament with  the highest buy in I ever played.
    If I would be trieted like an 888 ambassador with Vip service . I would behave like a ambassador of 888
    Like wearing there Caps and shirts with the 888 badges. On the felts I would do my very best to reach "In the Money" .
    I don`t think that I`m able to win it, but hey, you never know.
    I would, even with the high buy in, not adjust my game to more loseness or more tightness. I  think its not
     good to change the style just for one special tournament. If you are successfull, in your own opinion, keep  it.
    If  I really would reach in the money  I would go and  spend it on nice clothing or other stuff in one
    of the fantastic Malls in Las Vegas. And if I win it ( unexpected) I would go and buy in for the Main  event of WSOP.
    It`s a personal dream of mine to play this once in my life.
    So gl all on and off the felts
    may ur dreams come true  :-)

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    Thursday, February 4, 2016, 1:04 AM [General]

    2015 I made  only one resolution:" to get  rid of some weight " . I didnt make it. I m still at 95 kg by 181 cm.  So that didn t work out fine. For me it was unattainable. I saw it coming  already in August 2015.
    But every year is the same thing: "Next year I make everything better! I'm fit, eat healthy, and, and, and,.....
    "I learned: Most of the motivation,  to be more productive in all life in the new year , gone already at the end of January.  The problem is that I sit down to aim high. It is important to think about  what you could do better, but if the resolutions seem unattainable, the motivation disappears before  you have disposed the Christmas tree.  :-)

    I cant decide for myself which resolutions I shall  go for.. That is why I have  listed resolutions that I can challange  this year.
    Yes, that may be some goals, perhaps, but they are small goals that I can reach. And if I even reached a goal, the motivation to keep on the other resolutions rises.

    1. reply to emails within 24 hours
    I always feel so bad when I do not respond to emails within a few days. The excuses "I had lately much to do" and " I might have overlooked your e-mail" I cant excuse like this no more. (which is slowly becoming noticeable).
    That's why I want to quickly respond to emails in 2016.

    2. While eating & talking put away the smartphone
    It should be good habit ,without saying, that you put the smartphone aside during dinner andespecially in conversations.
    But I find myself increasingly saying "Speak quietly, I'll listen anyway!" To say, while I deepened stare in my phone. That is so rude and I want to give it up.

    3. make the apartment comfortable, cozy and beautiful
    I love my apartment about everything! I never thought that I will feel so comfortable after I retired and stay at home most of the time. I have to fill my apartment necessarily  with some additional furniture and decorationpieces. What's missing? a shelf, some pictures, a rockingchair, a carpet and a few small things that make the apartment even more special.

    4.Spend more time with my family
    Even if I spent time with my parents in 2015, I was often not there to 100%.  I have to plan my visits better and dont put them in between sports activities  and activities with friends.

    Be Grateful: For people in my life, for experiences that I can make, and for the life I live
    Right now a lot of refugees are coming to germany and they have lost everything. I have a home, friends, parents and all I need for a good life. So I may give a little to people that suffer from a hard fate.

    Now that I overread this , I think ,there could be a lot more on the "to-do list".
    My goals are reachable with not much effort and only little diciplin. Its now february and I still stick to them.

    gl on and off the felts


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    My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition

    Monday, November 23, 2015, 1:41 PM [General]

    From smoker to "vaper" : Foreword
    Smoking is shit. For over 40 years I was  depending on the fags and never
    got away from it. This blog is to actually documenting the path
    of smoker to the "vaper" to   pure enjoyment vaper with less nicotine or without nicotine in future.

    I'm sitting here in my "new" livingroom .. a little over a year ago  completely renovated. The walls yellowish discolored again, the tar sticks to everything: the monitor, keyboard, the walls, furniture, windows. Even inside the PC and all other devices its full of the dust and the inevitable tar is covering it with nasty stuffy slime.
    That will sooner or later at least kill the fans and ultimately the electronics
    The completely overfilled ashtrays from last night is grinning at me. It was again longer. Because I played poker in a longer session  . The ashtry is still on my table  and stinks pathetic. Couple butts are rolled on the table, both on and off the keyboard small are ash heaps. Man, what ne mess again.
    Yes, smoking has become insanely expensive. Yes, it annoys me somewhat.
    It makes you sick,  I always pushed this away from me. It will happen to someone else, not contra me. Why do my lungs from the last hole whistle ? No idea, must be a allergy or something. The permanent cough with chunks greetings from the lungs has become a habit for many years.
    I scratch a bit of tar-dust-fitting of the rare use scroll lockof the mouse. Pretty, who has indeed  illuminated times. I'll get quickly whisk broom and wipes,  time to clean.
    It pisses me off that way. I don t like it any more . First a cigarette.. or two,  stress again.

    The idea with the eCigs ..
    Electric Cigarettes, actually more portable inhalers with built evaporators, I stumbled over it for the first time while I was in the USA  in 1995 .Then in America they  really went crazy going on with the smoking nannying, uh pardon, but the non smoking protection .. that's another topic.  The anti-smoking campaign has Germany now under control. As a smoker, you are now often a antisocial ass.
    Such a e-cigarette is a rather simple part ..
    Pair of metal pipes, a plastic tank with a mouthpiece, an "evaporator", a battery and a a bit of electronics.  Evaporator sounds highly technical, but it is not: a filament, powered by the battery pack, brings the liquid to vaporize, the vapor can then be inhaled. Such evaporators (only much larger and more stationary) is also known in other fields,  in fog machine in the disco for example or also for aromatherapy, partially also in medicine.

    Give it a go
    I went into town to a vapershop. Exiting.. In front of the shop, looking through the shopwindows, I needed a cigarette first. Than I went in. I had to wait cause the shop was filled with  customers.  AND they "vaped". A friendly looking guy said hallo to me and asked me what I want. I murmered that I like to test e-cigarettes. He smiled and then took half an hour to explain all technic and stuffto me. He let me test different liquids and different vapegear. At least I left the shop 150€ poorer.
    But with a bag full of goodies :-)
    It was the 8th of april 2014 2.00 pm  that I smoked my last cigarette.

    2 Month later I managed for the first time to bike up the hill from the river Isar to my house and I do not cough again in the morning.  And the people around me noticed that I m not smelling like an ashtray any more. And I myself noticed too that my sense of taste and smell was coming back. What a experiance.
    I bought color and painted my apartment completely new. So it was kind of livechanging that I stopped smoking cigarettes. I still get my nicotine. Its in the liquid. But I don`t get tar and the other 8000 chemical engredients
    of a cigarette any more.

    But I got a new problem now.
    I save a lot money now every month because I mix the liquid myself  and vaping has become a hobby of mine . But there is a virus in my head now. The "WantToHaveVirus". Everytime I see new vaping gear I go to buy it. I already
    have a drawer full of it and its becoming more and more. So the safed money is going this way now. But I don `t care .

    I love to vape. And I hope of many many years my head covered in the vapesteam.

    gl on and off the felts

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    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist.

    Saturday, October 17, 2015, 10:19 AM [General]

    One  fundamental rule of poker is:
    "every hand can win and will win if the right cards come out."
    But there are some special hole cards that are really difficult to play and most of the time u will lose with them . Even if they look like winner cards. Only with little percentage  u will win with them.
     For me  this is JJ .
    One of the best poker players of the world - Daniel Negreanu -  made a vid about this.
    Really funny
    You can find it  if you google "How to play JJ"
    ( I edit it because on point 20. its said :no links to other sites , that may  include embedded youtube videos , and I don t want to offence the terms of the Blog of the month :-(  )

    As for me this happens once.
    I was in a private poker game . A cash game a you can find it  in every city .
    I was a little bit in the red  before I won  some small pots and made it just over break even.
    Than JJ was dealt to me.
    A guy right opposite of my seat  had won the whole evening against me  , either with better Hands or by raising me out of the hand.
    This time I wanted to catch him.
    I bet 20 €  and he  ( like usual) raised to 60 € .  All other players folded.
    The flop came and showed  A J  5  . good for me I thought.
    To trap him I checked  and he fired up a  160 € bet.
    Did he have an Ax  or AA  ?  Better fold this thing ?-  
    I called.
    Now a bit scared I checked again. 
    He leaned back for a while and took his time. Than he fired a all in.  About 1000 € .  I was shocked.
    Did he have again  the better hand ?  He must have it. Or is he just pushing me out of the hand ?.
    I wanted to know and that meant "call ". 
    I showed my set of  J   and he  grinned all over the face , Turning his set  of A . I must be beaten .
    All money gone.  I was down.
    The dealer went to work. The turn came
    YESSSSSS    it was my one outer .
    Another J  came made me 4 of a kind  jacks
    the river brought him no help.
    I won this hugh pot.
    The pokergod was with me.
    All players at the table were  shouting wow and such things.
     I tipped the dealer and  stood up.  Still a bit shacky in my legs.
    I left the table and my opponenet shook his head. He also couldn t belive what has happend .
     So always if I get JJ   I remember this.
    I never got so lucky again with this hole cards 
    but you never  know
    "every hand can win and will win if the right cards come out."

    gl on and off the felts

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    The Poker Hand/s That Haunt Me

    Friday, September 11, 2015, 10:59 AM [General]

    In the beginning of my  poker, 6 years ago , I used to play higher stakes  even with no experience and no background of poker skills .
    And so this happend in a 3/6 $ cash game session.
    I got A 5 os in the small blind.    and I called a 12 $ bet of  the 1 seat. so did the BB.
    The flop came and showed 234 os . The 1 seat checked and so did I  and the BB  bet  out 12 $. The first seat called so did I.
    turn showed  K   and   I bet  30 $  and the BB  called so did the fist seat.
    River showed A   and  I bet  another 60 $  and the BB called $ and the   first seat reraised to 300$  which I called and the BB raised again to 750 $  when the first seat went all in for 1100 $  which I called  and so did the BB.
    The showdown came and the first seat showed a set of K  and I happly turned  my staight and then the BB showed 56  and won the pot with a better straigt.
    This was the turningpoint in my "poker carreer"  .
     I not even mentioned for a second that the BB could have a better straight.  That happend because I had no idea of poker. Every hand can win and will win if the right cards come out.
     Since than , I play only low stakes  , mostly multitabeltournaments and I worked a lot on my skills. By reading poker books like  "the mental game of poker"  and learning by checking handhistorys.
    If I didn t lose this particular hand  , I would have lost a lot of money in the following years.
    So even if it hurts to lose , there can be a positive momentum in it.
    For me poker is still my favorite hobby , online and offline.
    some say i spend too much time on the tables , but I learn so much about me  playing poker that its worth it.
    If I would play  the hand different nowadays ?   sure I would , cause with the knowledge now  I would have the bigger straight in mind and would played more defensive with my hand.
    Hope to have lots of winnings in future.Wink
    Gl on and off the felts

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    Paranoid poker

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 10:36 AM [General]

    Is there someone behind me?
    I love to play tournament poker.
    I useully check the nationality of the players and noticed that players exspecally out of east european countries always win against me in all in situations.
    Even if I have  AA and get A on flop , they suck me out with flush or straight.Cry
    It s really  frustrating.
    But I figered out that  If I don t check  nationality before the all in , I m going to win more often.Cool
    So whats happening?
    Seems that my karma switches immideatly from win to lose , if I check .
    So please 888 , give the opportunity to hide nationality info  in the menue.
    Best regards
    Gl on and off the felts
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