Probably...the best online poker site.. ever

    Saturday, July 30, 2016, 11:16 PM [General]

    As a guy who plays primarily fun I would like to incorporate fun and light-hearted feel into my poker client but without being too gimmicky, with emphasis on player interactivity.

    In terms of layout my site will be a very bright and colourful client and tables, both with plenty of customisation options. In terms of player avatars, I will look to create a relationship with software like goanimate or cartoonify which will enable all users of the site to upload pictures of themselves and create fun cartoon avatars of themselves. I believe such a move would make the tables a fun place to be no matter what beats are coming your way. I will of course keep the 888 option for a fun bit of needling with the snowball and tomato throwing ;)

    I will look to have as many different game types as possible. I will look to engage in dialogue with players and keep striving to develop new and fun formats of games, in line with games like the spin and gos and the 888 blast games on 888.

    I would like in general to see poker games that go beyond traditional poker and even offer different ways to win or lose:

    An idea I have myself is a sit and go where the winner is the 1st person to get a certain amount of bluffs through and show to the table.

    I also like the idea of having tournaments that encourage bluffing. Perhaps a timeout in a tournament if you are bluffed :D

    In terms of cash games and tournament selection I will cater to as many people as there is a demand for. I feel most games on my site will cater to mid stakes action. I will also look to keep the fun 888 style webcam games and encourage players to play on these with various promos like the 888 genie.

    Server downtime annoys me bigtime, let’s keep everything up and running all the time, customer service connected through social media or forums, something 888 seem to have down! :)

    The social media side of the site will be very fun and offbeat. There will be various giveaways each week and competitions run on Facebook and Twitter. Content will be published regularly on the youtube channel and sponsored players will play each week on twitch to show how fun the site is to play on.

    My site is all about having fun and perhaps chasing a big score. So on my site there will be a sports and casino section where you can get lucky and win big. There will be incentives for using all aspects of the site and you can use one account to access all the different areas, be it sports, poker, casino etc.

    My site will accept players from all over the world in as much is possible. It will be great to interact with players from all over the world and see how different countries and styles match up.


    I welcome you all to come play on my site someday if I win big ;)

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    Strange Poker, Extremes and Confessions

    Monday, August 31, 2015, 9:06 PM [General]

    This one wasn’t difficult for me at all, the vast majority of my poker has been online, which has never really caused me to need to do anything drastic… But one story does come to mind and fits the bill here much more than any other I have.

    It’s not exactly extreme but just a little strange maybe, surreal certainly.

    Some background on where I was and how I got there:

    I've worked over the past few years, in stints off and on for a company who supply and set up festival tents... yeah, the really really big ones. Amazing job to have but for the most part, depending on my location I would have no access to the internet. I’m Irish and all this work would take place around Europe so the phone was never connected, wouldn’t bother paying the mad roaming charges.

    We would camp on site near our tent, and only venture into town where we might find internet access on nights we were planning to go out. Most other evenings we'd just hang around drinking, playing games (poker naturally) just passing the time (having the craic).

    I'd go a whole summer without internet access and it wouldn’t bother me too much. Recently however working at the V-festival in England we found out that virgin media would be supplying Wi-Fi and mobile device charging stations to the festival goers (Thanks Richard Branson).

    Not totally uncommon for music festivals these days to try and keep people connected, however in the week leading up to an event the equipment wouldn’t usually be switched on. But yeah you guessed it, this time it was.

    Having close by Wi-Fi access was a novelty.

    So we were due to be doing five days on the set up in this job, and it was great to be able to catch up with people back home in the evenings, and one evening I also decided to play a little poker before heading back to our campsite.
    Not a particularly important tournament or anything, it was just that I had decided I'd play and I bought into a tournament, nothing major, and I wanted to see it through and I certainly had the time.

    A little surreal, the scene now:

    I played through the full tournament from late twilight into pitch darkness, sitting in the middle of a wide open field in Chelmsford, England, with my back up against this temporary Virgin Media radio tower/Wi-Fi station/power outlet, not another soul for a mile at least... except the other eight guys on the tent crew (as we were the only ones who actually camped on site). I was wearing my steel toed boots and was wrapped up in not a jacket but a duvet I had helped myself to from a ferry trip the week before. (You know they expect you to take a few things, complimentary mini shampoo bottle, complimentary mini duvet etc. Innocent)


    In summary:

    Playing poker in the middle of a field on a brisk August night wrapped up in a duvet, an empty V-festival main stage about 400m in front of me. Playing on my laptop so essentially just hoping it didn’t start raining. It didn’t.


    I thoroughly enjoyed it. The toughest part was not being able to run and make a quick cup of tea during the breaks, as an Irishman that was particularly difficult.

    And no… I didn’t cash Cry.

    Thanks for reading guys, I really liked writing this one.

    Peace out!

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    Poker, Personalities and Perfection.

    Friday, July 24, 2015, 6:25 PM [General]

    What does my poker game say about me?

    This is a tough question to grasp and I hope to come to a better understanding of what my poker game says about me when I have finished this blog. I think certain characteristics of my game are reflective of my personality. I have patience both on and off the felt and I feel I think things in a methodical and calculated manner.


    What games have you tried?

    A relative novice to the game I began in Hold Em and have also played Omaha on occasion. Hold Em was and is the most popular game when I began and it has the most material to learn and improve so it seemed a no brainer to start here!

    I find Omaha a far more crazy game and I would not be comfortable playing more than tiny stakes!


    Which ones have you disliked and which style/pace is your favourite?

    I enjoy playing Sit n Gos. I feel I have a good understanding of what I need to do in these games for me to be profitable. I also feel my bankroll is less at risk playing these types of games.

    I dislike Snap poker as I am very much a feel player. Constantly changing tables removes the table dynamics and the reads you can pick up on players. I feel there is far more guess work in this kind of format!


    Do you play certain games depending on your mood or circumstances?

    If I’m in a super tilted or gambling mood I will load up some PLO, heads up ideally. I do enjoy the swings on occasions.


    Do you think certain personalities are drawn to or more suited to a particular type or form of the game?

    I believe a true poker player will enjoy playing any game, especially the big bet games. I believe more reckless and degenerate people would probably be more attracted to games like Omaha as the swings are just crazy.


    A poker game that would combine all the elements you enjoy

    I would enjoy a NLHE Omaha mix game. As these are the only games I know right now I would enjoy honing my skills in a MTT like this

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    Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 5:24 PM [General]

    The game of poker has changed my life. While still a casual player I have devoted considerable time to it. I began playing during college after being introduced to the game by a couple of friends. I was eventually introduced to the online world and came across 888 which is my favorite site to play on.

    I read a couple of books (Phil Gordon’s little green book was a major help) and began to understand how to play the game. Poker has changed my life as I was studying it allowed me to earn some extra money while busy with my studies and not having the time to work. I managed to go deep in some big MTT and this money was a great help to me.

    As I became more interested in the game I was interested in meeting like minded individuals and I helped set up a poker club at college. Being in charge of this club has helped me become a more organized person (which is something I could not say before :p)Through the poker club I have made some great friends. I have also made some great friends from playing in the casino.

    I have also got great entertainment value out of poker. I devoured all the big tv cash shows I could find. Shows like High Stakes Poker and Poker After dark were very entertaining as well as being educational.

    It would be remiss of me to say everything related to poker has been positive. There are times when I have neglected my studies when grinding away. The long hours grinding can also become a strain and it can be stressful dealing with the swings and losses.

    I must say overall the pros outweigh the cons. Whatever way I look at it the game has changed my life in many ways.

    Thanks for reading

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