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    Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 3:47 PM [General]

    Hello Together.

    This is my first Blog Post ever and i hope i make it good:-) Im from Switzerland and i love to play at 888poker. Best site ever.so now to my favourite Hand. My favourite Hand is Q9 of the same colour, of course i like the pocket Pairs, the most the AA :-). but Q9 is my lucky hand. in 80% of the Hands i won with it. its near to a Street and i like the Q`s like every one else:-) Along time ago when i begann to play poker i had my favourite Hand, but to this time i dont know it will be my favourite Hand:-) while playing the tournament i had this Hand 4 Times and every Hand i won.the last one in the heads up all in.had Q9 spades and won it with a full house Q`s over 9`s.The feeling i had as i won, i will never forget it. and won 500 SFr. now i have to look at my poker face, because every time i have my favourite Hand, my eyes sparkles a little bit:-) and i hope the other players dont see it. For the other 20% i dont won with my Favourite Hand i have a other story: we were playing for maybe 2.5 hours, had not much of chips on my site and became my Favourite Hand, as i looking at my Hand and see it. hope came up my body.thats my Chance to came back in The Tournament, i was thinking in my head. the only thing what i have to do: Going All In. so i did it. with the hope to my lucky Hand:-) in the Flop a Q and a 9 cames plus a 10 and i was shure that i win this Hand. But my luck left my at this Time. in the Turn another Q came.thats it i thought. last Card: River: a K came. now Showdown.i was so shure i won this Hand and wont to grab the pot.but i was shure i won that i dont look at the colours.short end the other one win with a Straigt flush :-(. my worst memory to my Favourite Hand. but i think 80% are much enough to stay by my favourite Hand :-)so the last thing i want to say is: at the end it doesnt matter if you win or lose.Favourite Hands give hope to everybody. and all in one we wanna have fun by playing poker and have a good time with our friends we play.

    thanks for your Time and good luck for all.

    p.s. sorry my englisch:-) :-)

    Your Raysunny4
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