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  • Playing poker as a hobby Vs playing poker professionally (as a full-time job) Hey guys, I think there is a bit of misconfusion about these 2 types of poker players, and i want ... more
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  • Hi guys,So i was playing a tournament last night and something really bothered me.It was a qualifier into the whale, and we were down to 5handed, there was one huuuge donkey (we'll call ... more
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  • Honesty Welcome back guys, today I want to talk about another thing that I think is hugely underrated and is what keeps a lot of players from improving their game.It’s Honesty. Honesty ... more
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  • Variance Hey everyone, welcome back. The first topic I want to talk about is variance. I think it’s one of the most misunderstood aspects of poker and I’ll tell you all why. But first, ... more
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  • Introduction Hey guys. I’ve decided to start a blog, which you guys already know because what else is it you’re reading at the moment, great start Robert! Awkward? Yes expect more of ... more
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