nearing level 41 bank roll good

    Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 9:40 AM [General]

    nothing else to add 
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    Pretty much a month away, back refreshed :-) level 39 #Bitcoin

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 10:13 AM [General]

    My quest was to get to Level 40, we start that quest today at level 39 - 600 pts between me and a 3.10pm after $2000 game :-) 

    I dotted between $3 and $1 tables but lately, I've enjoyed the 6 man super turbo games. fast action and plenty of poor hands and 2 get paid makes people play rubbish. I see low limit poker a bit like #BitcoinTrading people just throw money at something and wonder why it fails. you get lucky once maybe twice but doing the same thing over and over again isn't going to PAY!! So invest wisely take care of the $1 and the $1's will build and build. 

    I'm 100% not fussed about the big bucks, dreaming is great building is better. I was watching on the tube and a great saying that has stuck with me 

    PROCESS V EMOTION - one hand that springs to mind I'm H2H and sit with ACE 8 ( I don't care if you hit it last November f'ing fold) it has no place in the hand whatever the situ :-) 

    If I see somebody play the hand and go AI they have the automatic label DONKEY!! 

    Suns out today, spring is on its way SLOWLY. sadly that means more fresh air and less keyboard warrior action. 

    Hope everyone is building there bankroll nicely???

    For the love of the game #CaribbeanStudPoker LiveCards

    Saturday, February 10, 2018, 9:38 AM [General]

    Not been overly active on the BLOG front for a while, but after steady bankroll building and the nice calm game that is Caribbean stud poker. It's nice not to be raised all in with rags and get binned by a Russian :-) 

    The up's and Down's still exist but honestly, I prefer seeing LIVE cards whatever the outcome, sadly I have no time to visit the casino even tho I live 10 mins walk away from the Ricoh Arean Coventry. 

    I'm amazed at how easy it is to bet $1 then $2 hand on hand yet entering a $5 £10 lottery these days is hard. 

    I played over $250 worth off live casino and finally made a full house and got paid, dealer hit #ThankGod #Finally

    I'll also add I'm not moving from $1 anti and $2 bets mainly to avoid big stack removal. 

    Random number generator, playing more live casino !!

    Monday, January 29, 2018, 5:41 PM [General]

    The more I play the more suck outs and I just don't trust it's random. The random number generator doesn't fill me with confidence. 

    I'm swaying to LIVE casino which a month ago, I'd have given you the simple answer would I every play it #NO 

    But seeing the live cards and excepting the outcome is a lot easier than, back to back hands QQ v KQ rivered and JJ v QJ same oppo river back to back. 

    AK I raise 160 called flop ak10 I fired large raise call 8 turn straight for j9 chase even hit 7 on river just incase it's 6 cards that count on 888. 

    Then AJ fires i RR 2.5k he calls and hits jack on turn. strong to weak in one move. 

    Live casino it is level 34 kinda lost interest as the level up and + games are a lottery if you get past 20 mins. 

    Level 21 on the 4k fortune, I've played zero game that I don't normally play for 10 days. 

    how you all going ??

    No idea why you want to play BLAST?

    Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 6:03 PM [General]

    What part of poker is fun when you're stacked with 4.5k and the guy has 1.5k and you lost in 3 hands (hands you can do nothing about) 

    I won a little money on the forum freeroll and blast fortune challenge popped up so dabbled and boy it's just full on tilt gaming. 

    Anyway never to be done again, whatever the value, offerings temp me. I've had a little more success on spin n go #Stars which is a little more like poker all be it 500 chips one bad move and your in trouble. 

    Didn't learn from the other day snap, 5k pot and next hand bailed out again trip 5s under the radar with me high card and with no slow play from big stack I guessed he was bluffing yes with the nuts #GoodBluff why do I always hit a piece. #HelpMe #PleaseMiss 

    keep on grinding it's all fun 

    Getting over excited :-)

    Monday, January 22, 2018, 8:24 AM [General]

    Calm down calm down 

    I'd crashed out the $3 snap the day before after trip jacks v river trips kings. the money was in ahead so felt like a victory #TrapFail 

    It's OK to get excited and push hands but one thing you need to do quickly is viewing the stack size your playing against before you do something stupid. 

    7.3k just took a 3.7k pot 30 mins in all, then villain raises 280 flop is 263 he fires and I know if you play a lot on snap. you have 2 types of players. people who can't lay down a miss and people who bet big hands strong whatever there flop and just gamble that the pocket pair is good enough. 

    I RR and he RR again Russ it's time to fold and start again. no the idiot #Me smashes over the top and with him KK I'm hoping for 888 poker luck. it doesn't come I get KJs NH and move in 835 chips a5O collects and I've gone from a steady strong position to OUT. 

    I went back and watched in horror the way I played the hand, what a fool  I hope he has hud and notes for next time he calls i'll not be playing rag ace in any position of strength.  the guy had 6.3k not the person to take on. 

    I took 2nd in the CardsChat forum 6pm Sunday $100 game and collected $20 for this weeks attack on the tables 

    level 33 progressing slowly :-) not that I've ever cashed in a level up or 20/30+ game 

    Enjoy your week all, go well collect some tokens :-) 

    Playing with no focus #Pointless your just wasting your time

    Friday, January 19, 2018, 12:57 PM [General]

    Are you like me, I enter a game and then start faffing about? making a cup of tea, eating lunch, watching live sports etc. 

    I'm not fully focused and it shows in your bankroll 100% like most stuff we share on here it's about winning in the end or at least progressing to a solid bankroll. 

    I've moved away from 888 last week after 1 game a day, mainly due to getting the money in right but never coming out intact. 4th place finishes daily have killed my spirit so I moved back STARS just to make sure it's not my game. And it wasn't I've been collecting most games playing the same way. 

    My poker season is coming to an end as I said before, GOLF takes over soon and evening smash and grabs will be my only events. 

    Keep smiling and grinding it out. They can't keep getting lucky 

    Blast trial welcome to the lottery :-) & Level 30

    Saturday, January 13, 2018, 5:42 AM [General]

    Part of the moving up levels is to keep active and with so much suck out lately I'd given up bothering so invested in one game of blast per day for 6 days to get 250pts by being active. 

    Total investment is $21 and winnings $22 lol (a few free tickets along the way not many I'll add) 

    Another game to stay away from if your a serious poker player, just lost another game right call wrong outcome. the game value $2 and BoZo smashes in first-hand Q8 I sit with K10, pretty certain he has rubbish so I call and bingo flops a Q. I've noticed Q are a common hit on 888 and offer quite a bit of value. 

    Anyway another lost, have a great weekend all. 

    Game to look forward to over the weekend, Saturday 20+ level up snap #Lottery casino 1k at 5 pm, another go at the XL smash and grab. Sunday CardsChat forum $100 freeroll see if I can cash again :-) 

    A weekend letting the table bully pay me for good hands :-) 

    Meditation and new system #Works

    Thursday, January 11, 2018, 4:07 PM [General]

    Amazing how things change, a few days back I was totally frustrated with how DONKS were slamming in and getting lucky. 

    But a simple change of attitude and a little less frequency of play has turned my mood and game around 100% 

    Last week I said I'd rather quit than move down to $1 games again but with a new idea on how to improve my game. I slipped down and on 888 and JokerStars I've started winning more consistently. 

    And it's all down to not investing too much through the games, OK you get a massive hand AA and some idiot smashes in preflop your going to call and J5 can't win every time. 

    But those great looking hands Ak, AQs, AJs they often don't get paid, in fact, they normally get you burned a lot. raising pockets is another no no these days. you have zero info on where you stand in the hand!! So pushing with pocket pairs when your behind is no longer in my game plan. 

    use the trap door fully and let those calling stations eat there own dust by thinking their ahead when your cashing the chips in and there reregistering 

    A CardsChat neme was the catalyst for success, just shows some value wording makes the difference. 

    Back to real life and less poker.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 9:18 AM [General]

    Right time to get back to real life, fitness and golf. the winter break #Holiday is over so less poker. 

    Like most things I do I get a bit involved and hit it hard, luckily with the 4k challenge issue, I stepped back in protest OK it's not going to affect 888 my $80 account even tho it's about $60+ winnings so #Profit :-) 

    With a new fitness regime in place and golf tournaments to win or at least finish in the prizes, I need to get out and practice so late night freerolls mainly with CardsChat forum will be the games for a while with the odd dabble at S&G's 

    Best go ride the bike with project #YNB is on also ongoing 3 months in, 2.5 beers only. new rule no drinking in the house full stop but if you want you can have a drink with a meal for Crimbo or a birthday. I've not missed it mainly due to not stopping just placing a house ban. it feels different this time. 

    and being 6ft2" I'm hoping to get back under 13 stone :-) plan to make the seniors tour in 5 years time is on !!!!!!!!!!

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