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Posted by: on Jan 11, 2018 at 04:07:01 PM
Amazing how things change, a few days back I was totally frustrated with how DONKS were slamming in and getting lucky. 

But a simple change of attitude and a little less frequency of play has turned my mood and game around 100% 

Last week I said I'd rather quit than move down to $1 games again but with a new idea on how to improve my game. I slipped down and on 888 and JokerStars I've started winning more consistently. 

And it's all down to not investing too much through the games, OK you get a massive hand AA and some idiot smashes in preflop your going to call and J5 can't win every time. 

But those great looking hands Ak, AQs, AJs they often don't get paid, in fact, they normally get you burned a lot. raising pockets is another no no these days. you have zero info...
Posted by: on Dec 17, 2017 at 07:53:56 AM
Your out your depth well your not your in readjustment mode. And let's be honest your getting called down by idiots most of the time. Hitting bottom pair yet still calling your MOVE. 

Isn't great play, did you really know where you stood? I guess you winning makes you think you can read everyone. 

Calling with king 2 off and hitting a flush with your 2 isn't a solid plan for the future!!!! 

Switching up and down has been good, regain confidence and money