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Posted by: on Jan 10, 2018 at 09:18:57 AM
Right time to get back to real life, fitness and golf. the winter break #Holiday is over so less poker. 

Like most things I do I get a bit involved and hit it hard, luckily with the 4k challenge issue, I stepped back in protest OK it's not going to affect 888 my $80 account even tho it's about $60+ winnings so #Profit :-) 

With a new fitness regime in place and golf tournaments to win or at least finish in the prizes, I need to get out and practice so late night freerolls mainly with CardsChat forum will be the games for a while with the odd dabble at S&G's 

Best go ride the bike with project #YNB is on also ongoing 3 months in, 2.5 beers only. new rule no drinking in the house full stop but if you want you can have a drink with a meal for Crimbo or a birthday. I've not missed...
Posted by: on Dec 14, 2017 at 07:08:44 PM
How can you read somebody's play when they just go all in with any rubbish? 

They never end up winning but always manage to change the game for you, A9 off is never a good hand. How the hell can you tell where you are? you can't your just throwing it in and praying for a result. 

That's not for me sadly. 

I guess 888 wants these, people on the site as they generate action, FAST PLAY. 

hope my last $20 left can hold for a few more days or even tonight. the rest is on route to my bank. SAVE ME THROWING IT AWAY with good calls