SuperPoker Event Dublin Feb 2012

    Saturday, March 3, 2012, 10:16 PM [General]

    Like Steve (Caus3way) my weekend began Friday afternoon. Arrived at hotel no problems (straight run Steve from Dublin airport to Citywest, dopey northerner lol). Had a nice relaxing afternoon before going down to the bar to meet up with Sean & whoever else had arrived. One drink turned into a few but finally moved off to the Lemongrass Restaurant for dinner (scrumptious). Dinner over & back to the bar & gave in to the evils of the dirty drink again (someone’s got to do it). Finally got our bums to bed ready for the action to begin on Saturday

    Saturday I woke with the birds but couldn’t get back to sleep (oh the excitement of it). Up I got, showered & onto laptop & into a game at 7am (think I may have a problem, what do you think??). Was waiting for the others to get up to go have breakfast but sure I was still in my game so the laptop came for brekkie too hehe. This was my way of relaxing & not think about the day ahead. Bellies satisfied we all headed over to the poker room to find our tables, with just under 900 players, it was divided over 2 floors.47189322e4cf4beec1eb41822f69dc00.jpg?v=231000
    (poker room 1)

    I was drawn at Table 60, Seat 1 and play began. Seat 6 was a very aggressive player as was Seat 10. Hate sitting in seat 1 or 10 caz I can’t see the action with the dealer in the way. One good thing is that you can have the odd laugh with the dealers, if they are of the friendly variety. Got the odd hand here and there & hit a good one against the aggressive player in seat 6 when I had pocket 4’s and flat called his raise. Flop was AK4, he bet out I flat called, turn was ? (Sean blogged about this hand lol), aggressor bet out 2400 I raised to 5100, he called. River was ? I went all in 7k plus, he tanked for a long time, passed a comment about my previous hands & not raising so now I must have a powerful hand, then folded. I delighted in showing him my pocket 4’s. Now he knew not to mess with the BiAtch in seat 1 lol. 10’s were very good to me all day, hitting several times with them. One set of 10’s I do remember clearly was my 1010 v QQ and I hit my set on the flop taking out player in Seat 5, whom I might add was a lovely gentleman from
    (The French gentleman whom I took out with my 1010 v his QQ)

    As players dropped out I was shifted from pillar to post till I ended up on Table 8 Seat 9 where my stack was depleting fairly quickly with the blinds & antes. Hate this moving malarkey as gotta assess the players over and over again, which is hard in a short period. This table was extremely aggressive as we were nearing the money and of course the big stacks were hitting on all the shorter stacks. I sat and sat, robbed the odd one here and there but the blinds were so high I needed a double up to hang on in. Eventually I looked down to see K9 diamonds in my BB, player in seat 7 raised and I said **** it, here goes and I shoved all in. He had a huge stack so my ‘all in’ wasn’t too much more for him to call & of course he did. Can’t even remember what he had but my K9 hit 2 pair and woohoo I’d got that double up I wanted. This brought me up to over 200k and knew I should be able to sit it out till the money as at that stage there was 7 to go. We were down to 91 players & in hand for hand play (90 being paid), it was agreed that the player who went out in 91st was to get €380 buy in, which was taken off 1st place prize money. Of course no-one was against this & I was happy as my stack was down now to 130k but had players on my table with a lot less so knew I was safe for a €515 take home, which was the payout for 71st to 90th place. We lost the bubble and play stopped for the night around 1am. I was now going to start Day 2 with 124k which was below average but not too bad.
    (end of Day 1) (Black chips 5k, Blue chips 1k & Green chips 500)

    Where did we go now???? Yep you’ve guessed it, straight to the bar to partake of a few alcoholic beverages. I’d been drinking water all day, had wolfed me dinner down in 5 minutes flat, so was ready to get a vodka down me throat. Steve said he was going to his room and would be back but he never surfaced again, bloody lightweight nordie. Me on the other hand went hell for leather and started on double vodkas which continued until around 5am when my body said enough was enough (no I was ****in pissed out of my tree so couldn‘t drink anymore), fell up to my room, giving Steve’s room a wee knock on the way by to verbally abuse him through his door, and ended up on the floor, yes on the floor of my room, didn’t even make the bed I was that drunk.
    (Bar after play Day 1 - approx 3am and my fancyman lol) 

    Sunday arrived and I woke to the sound of my alarm at 9.30am but I was still bloody drunk. OMG I was in bits & had to be back at the poker table at Noon. I couldn’t hold my head up. The room was spinning and my God I felt so ill. Made it to the shower and thought it would bring me round, but noooooooo, that didn’t work. Couldn’t lift my head up so whatever I was pulling from the wardrobe 1st was what I was wearing. Went to dry me hair & nothing was working, looked like a fuse had been blown, but it wasn’t me I swear, I didn’t do it (or so Bart Simpson says) lol. Got hold of reception & they sent up the maintenance man to sort out my room. I then rang everyone to see where they were but no-one had surfaced. Finally got Steve who was out walking with his son & mate John. Told him to get his bum back to front of hotel to mind me as I was in a delicate state and needed someone to walk me to the poker room as I would never make it under my own steam.

    I began Day 2 on Table 9 Seat 9. I was in such a heap I don’t actually know what went on for most of the time while I was on that table. I did get KK and shoved all in. I was prepared to go out to be honest caz I wasn’t in any fit state to play, however I got a caller and a double up so now I was on about 300k and could sit again. Got moved to table 4 and there was darling Steve with his fresh face & clear head, having got a decent nights sleep. I was still suffering badly and a nice gentleman beside me got up and comes back with some health food bar for me, which when I opened was green in colour (where‘s the bucket). He just told me to eat the bloody thing and I’d feel better. I picked at it, taking finger tip pieces each time to try chew and swallow. Eventually I started to come round. Now I could concentrate a bit on the cards. Was up and down like a yoyo but managed to hold me head above water and sure before I knew it we were down to 27 players. It all passed in a blur I swear.

    As we were down to 3 tables, seats were redrawn. I prayed I wouldn’t get the feature table as I still looked like death warmed up so was a happy bunny when I drew Table 2 seat 9. I managed to get my stack up over 600k with A9 v 99 when I took out player in Seat 1. Tiptoed around winning one, losing one until we were down to 18 players, 2 tables. Bloody hell how did I get this far in the state I was in, couldn’t believe it. Lost an enormous pot with KJ hearts v 1010 with a flop of Qh10c6h. I had plenty of outs with the flush & straight draws, well that was until the turn came with another 10 so player in seat 3 hits his quads and I’m back down to 200k. Eventually my luck came to an end when chippo (overall winner as it turned out) raised my BB. I looked down to see AQ. I only had over 300k so I decided to shove all in. Play went back around to him & he thought for ages then decided to called me. He turned over 88. Board played out KKJ64 so no help for me and I made my exit.
    (Final Hand)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Was a fabulous experience to go so deep in a live tournament. Ooh did I mention I was the last woman standing, which I am very proud of and of course I’m €2,675 richer for my troubles (and hangover).
    (Still smiling after my exit) 

    I had a bloody marvellous weekend. I met up with old friends like Vinnie, Steve, Daryl and Sean of course among others. I made some great new friends, especially me fancy man Jas/Jos from Holland or was his name Stevie Wonder, can’t quite remember I was drunk lol. We had some great craic, good food & plenty of drink but more so, we had so many laughs.
    (some new friends) 

    How, what, when & where are we going to beat it, I just do not know but I‘ll definitely look forward to it wherever it is.

    Hope I haven’t bored ya to death but it was a long weekend hehe


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