My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition.

    Friday, December 18, 2015, 9:32 AM [General]

       Hello Again, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy".
       In today's blog I want to talk about what was the winter in my childhood and what it is now! It's no secret that since that time, much has changed. In the courtyard age of high technology and modern children are not interested in those hobbies that were previously)
       This is not so common to see children playing in the yard or in the snow clinging snowmen, as most children prefer their main entertainment a computer!
       So I want to tell you how rich in adventure and variety was my childhood.
       Despite what was the time of year we always found something to occupy. each of the guys knew hundreds of games with the ball, and football field is does not need!It was also very popular table tennis and basketball. In the summer, we often went to the river or went fishing. cycling and so on.
       In my childhood we had not  computers and mobile phones but we always knew where to find our friends!!!!
       But, special attention deserves the winter. Winter is a time of year when the streets of the low temperature, frost, a lot of snow and drifts, the roofs of houses, roads, trees covered with snow, when to wake up early in the morning and look at the street it seems that everything is covered with a white blanket, and all the people like more on penguins or bears, because they are getting too many clothes. I would like to talk about what the winter was snowy 10 years ago.
       Winter is the time when would you expect vacations to often play outside!One of the main interests to do anything out of the snow, sometimes it was just a snowman and sometimes the whole castle! And then all of us were divided into two teams and playing the snow fight! We also loved to ride on the ice, we often fell, and a lot of clothes were torn during such winter activities. But torn jeans and broken knees could not spoil the mood!  
       But the most important was waiting for the magic of the new year, when all the houses were decorated with garlands and Christmas tree decked. When would wait for New Year's Eve to open presents and eat a festive meal, And then after the battle chimes run to the window and observed as outside shooting fireworks.
       I want to tell you that I am very happy that my childhood was spent without a computer! but it is a pity that there was no camera, I would be able to capture a lot of photos from my childhood!
    Now I also love winter fun, but at the moment my favorite is snowboarding.
    I like to relax somewhere in the mountains and snowboarding.

    January 19 there is a tradition to bathe in the hole, to dive into the icy water!Me and my friends every year go to the river and dipped.

    After this procedure, we usually go to the sauna or bath!
    Here are my winter fun, I hope you enjoyed!!
    Especially it must be interesting to read for those who live in warmer climates))
    So winter in Ukraine is very cool !
    All readers thank you for your attention and happy holidays
    See you in the tournament !!
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    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 8:40 PM [General]

    Hello Again, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy" ,Today I want to talk about the starting hands that I love most to play.
    I am already tired of listening to stories about pocket aces and kings, my favorite hand is "88"!!!
     Since I started playing at 888 Poker, pocket eights became my favorite hand, and as I wrote earlier I called them "Invincible Snowmen", sometimes nice to see how the 88 winning aces or AK like this
     But the story of this hand in my life began when a pocket pair 88 on the river turned into a set of eights and won two pairs of aces and queen's! Then I won my first major prize, $ 100)

    I also want to tell you about 22 that overcomes all it, I also love to play, but only in the Sit n Go with buy ins of $ 1 or less, playing an all in with 22 often fall on a very strong hand that is not seldom loses, as in this screen

    But one of the coolest events happening with aces, which is second in the list of my favorite hand, I won with aces against aces!

    The odds of winning in these situations, only two percent,

    but that's what happened!
    when I saw on the turn the third of diamonds, I prayed to see the fourth !!
    In the end I won with aces against aces)

    I also like playing with ak, but sometimes it's hard mark if the flop is nothing. But just a week ago, something happened that I've been waiting, I finally collected my first royal flush on 888poker. It is a pity though that is not at the table with the jack pot(

    But completing this hit parade the situations that happened to me twice in one day!
    I twice a day was in hand against two players with aces and once even won!
    so that the connector 10 9 also refer to the list of my favorite hand.

    Thank you for your attention, see you in the tournament)

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    The Poker Hand/s That Haunt Me

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 12:16 AM [General]

    Hello Again, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy" , today I want to talk about the hands that haunt me!
    I have a lot of them but I will try to tell about the favorite situations!
    Most often it is a pair of eights, as we all play on the 888poker I love to play that hand more than any other! I call them invincible snowmen Cool
    I usually carry with eights and I win!
    As I wrote earlier, I really like live poker, and often I play at home with my girlfriend, she pursues by hand "K4", with which she beats any of my hand, I do not know magic it's or not  but it's a fact! If I collect two pairs she have a set of fours, but when I have a pair of aces she have two pairs of four and kings! It looks like a mystic but it is really happening !!! So this is the hand what hunt us.
    Last week I was playing poker at home with friends, and then there was a situation that haunts me!
    I always wondered how it was possible that the players at the table gave the same pocket hand, it happened that I and Yuri were given the same hand "10J" eventually we both make a straight, and we both went to an all in, and then we sat still laughing with the fact that we have the same pocket hands)

    But more often I was hunt by pocket hands like AK, who lose A5 A7 or something like that.
    Just recently, there was one very sad situation! It happened in the tournament blog a month, which was on August! The tournament had 9 players remaining and as you know tournament has 8 paid places and my bank was a little more than two big blinds, i decided to go all in with AK, i was called by the player with A7, and happened what I'm most afraid, on the turn we will see seven! 

    On this hand the tournament blog a month is ended for me!
    Most offensive is that I lose on nines place!
    Here is the AK what haunts me constantly!

    It was very sad lose on the bubble (
    It is only the game , and we should be able to win and lose!
    So all my readers good luck and have a good day)
    I will be glad to see you at the tournament )
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    Strange Poker, Extremes and Confessions.

    Thursday, August 27, 2015, 10:26 AM [General]

    Hello Again, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy" , today I want to tell about the situations associated with poker that happend in my life!!!

    Some of the participants said that it would be very interesting to write a blog and apply the fictitious name for his character, I decided to do the same!

    So keep my story. As my favorite actor is Jason Statham I call my character Jason in this blog.

    let's start from the very small when Jason was still small, his uncle loved to play with his friends in poker and they get together once a week and play. Usually it was a Friday night when all his friends were going after a hard work week to relax and play poker! Jason was only seven years old and it was the first situation when he was faced with this game! He could not play but his uncle took him in his arms and started explains the rules and show him different tricks of the game, At that moment he did not understand anything! But it showed a little later somewhere in the age of 15 he decided try to play himself! That's where all the fun began!

    He started the game with regular applications that you can only play for virtual money. And he began to develop his skills! When his mother learned that he was playing, she scolded him very much, and said that he is still very small and that he should forget about poker until he was 18 years old!

    Then began the first attempts to hide from his mother what he plays. He tried to play only at the time when he was alone at home to avoid another scandal!

    But in the end the mother still catching it on hot and eventually reconciled with the enthusiasm of his son.

    When he was 18 years, he began playing poker at the sites and by a few even began to win, this time Jason has studied at the University!

    There were situations when the tournament starts at a time when he was at the university and he had to play it during the lesson!

    Even had a very funny situation on one of the lessons he had a hard won one of the hands, he shouted "YEEEEEES" right during the lesson, and the entire audience looked at him strangely, it was a very embarrassing moment.

    Sometimes he had to write an explanatory note saying that he could not come to the university because of the fact that he was not feeling well in the morning, but in reality it just does not get enough sleep because he played a serious MTT to six o'clock in the morning!

    And more recently, when Jason and his girlfriend went to the sea, there was another interesting situation.

    They came to the sea on July 22, that they had come to rest five days, and on July 26 was a tournament blog of months for players who wrote a blog in June!

    it happened that the recreation center where they settled was no Internet, there have beaten the problem with communication!

    So Jason had to go to the next base in order to catch wi-fi and play, he did not even have a computer and had to play through the phone (

    But despite all the difficulties, he was able to enter this tournament and even won a prize! He lost to the seventh, I think a very good result in such conditions)

    September 12 Jason's birthday! him 22 this year and if that day is any tournament I think he will find time for him: D

    On September 19 the family of Jason important event, the wedding of his older sister. It will be marked as accepted to celebrate a wedding in the Ukraine! It will be the first and second day of the wedding!

    As of September 20, crouches next tournament blog the month of August.

    So maybe he will have to hide during the wedding for playing poker ahaha

    Now his family is well refer to this hobby and nobody blames for it! Sometimes he is going with his friends to play poker like his uncle 15 years ago))

    That's all, I hope you enjoyed it, even in your family will always be understanding)

    All a good day and good luck at the poker tables !!

    Poker, Personalities and Perfection.

    Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 1:53 PM [General]

    Hello Again, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy" , today I want to tell you what my poker game can tell about me !

    There are many types of poker games and different limits but I chose the No Limit Hold'em!

    Mostly I play in Hold'em! But there are also other forms of poker in which I play but I will write about this later! The last three years I have tried many different poker rooms but I chosen 888poker, and despite the problems with the connection, my opinion has not changed, it is only temporary difficulties and we need them to survive!

    So back to the game, the second game type is No Limit Omaha, it was always interesting to play in four card poker! Over the rest is nothing special to say, I rarely had to play in a stud or razz because freerolls for this type of poker is not so much, and to play paid tournaments I have no experience!

    But in Hold'em I am much more developed and there is even a good progress in multi-table tournaments, Sit n Go and the game for cash tables!

    About tactics the more I playing tight, but i also use aggressive style of play! I like to play at the tables with a camera and possibly tight a strong hand to see the opponent's face when he was trapped trying to bluff me! Aggressive tactics is very comfortable when the game is on the bubble and each player tries to save his stack and get the money without any risk!

    I do not like Snap tournaments, I love to study opponents,  and I do not like to play every hand with new players.

    My mood never affects the choice of game and style of play. I try not to give vent to emotions, and always stay cold-blooded like a Shark to fight fishes!!!
    You should be able to cope with your feelings, because they can destroy you!

    About my character, I can only say that in everyday life it is one, but on the poker table completely different!

    About the perfect game for me, I can say only that it has already been established by 888poker, there is all that I need. And I do not want to change anything .
    888poker + no-limit Hold'em that's perfect game for me !!

    In conclusion I want to say: "For me, every new poker tournament is like a test that must be overcome, wich i must reach to the end , and not give up half way"! As the saying: "Money- it's just a side effect of right decisions at the poker table."

    I wish all the readers of my blog's success and good game, and of course good cash prizes !! thanks for listen,if you liked this please press the thumbs up button.Cool

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    The game of poker has changed my life…..

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 12:18 PM [General]

    Hello Again, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy" , today I want to talk about how poker has changed my life, as I wrote earlier, I started playing about five years ago, and during that time my life changed a lot. My life is very much associated with the sport, and most of the time I spend in training, but as night clubs and alcohol did not interest me, I was looking for a more interesting activity at the time when I do not exercise, this occupation became poker. I think that it can be easily called a sport, as in poker as in any other sport, there are winners and losers, and you should always fight for the first place!

    In my life from poker much it has changed, and not to a bad side , it has brought into my life a lot of experience and the desire to get better. Take for example a multi-table tournaments, they help improve themselves, to stay cold blooded until the last! there is a lovely phrase, "if you're not fighting for first place, you cant win the hundredth "! poker taught me to always fight to the last! I gradually moved from freerolls to pay tournaments, and then, poker has become even more interesting!

    Because when you play in the tournament with a big prizes it motivates much more! but without defeats not happen wins! and you must be able to win and lose! and if you can control your emotions and play poker until recently it will bring you more and good wins!

    Some times i win money, but it is not important, poker gave me a hobby, a favorite game in which I can play not both online, but at home with my friends!

    I even bought a set of poker to play with them! 

    All readers of my blog I want to give one piece of advice, "Poker should not be only a way for you to make money," he should bring you pleasure when you playing it.

    Good day for all and thank you for your attention!)
    Wait for your votes Wink 

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    If I was a poker mentor…

    Sunday, May 17, 2015, 3:53 PM [General]

    Hello, my nickname on 888poker "S.Stavitskiy" I would like to tell you about my poker coaching.
    I started playing poker five years ago, while I was playing on tables with conventional chips! My friend showed me this game, but the rules are not explained it to me, and I wanted to learn myself. A month later, I started to play better than him, and he began to ask my advice. a few years later I decided to try to play for real money. I first played with friends and acquaintances but I always lose.
    And I started to read a lot about poker to improve my skills. A little later, I registered my account at 888poker, and since then I started to on all freerolls, I had a lot of practice in multi-table tournaments and tournaments sitngo. Then I made a first deposit and it gave me the opportunity to play "$ 500 First Deposit Freeroll" and in the third tournament I won second place and received $ 65, participants were about 1,000.
    My neighbor hear about it and asked me to teach her to play, and I felt like a real coach! I have a poker set, and first of all I taught her the heads-up game, at first she played very badly but after a few lessons, she began to win, and we went to the tournament sitngo, and she gradually began to win prizes. In the end we have reached multi-table tournaments. there was much more complicated, I taught her how to control her emotions and stay cold-blooded in any situation. A little later, she registered in the poker room, she also started with freerolls and gradually moved to Credit tournaments.
    At this momment her best result is 3rd place in the tournament with 800 people.
    She surely plays in tournaments with buy-ins $10 - $20 .
    I am proud that she is playing well, and I'd love to become someone else the coach.
    Thank you for your attention.

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