My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition.

    Friday, December 18, 2015, 12:39 PM [General]

    My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition.
    Well I supose this is about the day's that changed my way of life forever and the better.
    I was always one for working hard and playing hard, living a life of riely you may say earning it and spending it just as fast. Some would say I had a drink and gambling issues but only ever spent the money had, then waited for the next pay day. The manager of my local William Hills said to me one day there is another betting shop in town would you like to use that one in future, I just replied I all ready do lol and walked out. They hate winners.
    But on the whole I did very well with the gambling but this did mean I could drink more, as my Dad always said never enter a pub if you don't have a latch lifter (enough to buy a beer).
    But that all changed one evening after our local was taken over by a new couple.
    Was my watering hole on way home for work, had to pass the front door to get home and was always tempted for a quick one or two which quite often ended at closing time lol
    Anyways a new barmaid appeared and I thought well hot to trot, quite fancy you and got chatting and found out she was the new landlady's sister and was just helping out now and then as she worked fulltime for Jagger (posh lol). Over the next few months got to know her better and things just jogged along, but think me being 32 and her 9 years younger was flogging adead horse with the age difference. That Christmas was good and went out as a group with her and other friends but didn't have the guts to ask her out properly until I asked her out for dinner on valentines day expecting the anwser to be NO, but to my pleasant suprise she said yes. From that day on my life changed from being work pub gambling,
    Later in the year I asked her to marry me and she said yes,no date was fixed but we moved in together and it was later that year at Christmas that she said that I was to be a Daddy for the first time. That is the day that I went from a drinker and gambler to a vertual non drinker, non gambler. Well may be not quite completely.
    On July the 16th 1994 my beautiful daughter was born just after midnight at 12.24.

    In March 1996 we brought a Nursery to open to the grow and sell plants to the public, thats when I had to sell my motorbike. We worked the nursery together but I also did other work as well. When Claudia told me we where expecting our second child I was over joyed as Vikki was now 2 years old.
    But sadness was just around the corner just before Christmas was out working when I got a message to say Claudia had been taken in to Hospital 20 weeks pregnant, by the time I got there and met her parents they told me is was in surgery. Then the doctor came out and told us she had lost the baby. There are no words to discribe the feelings that went through us but life had to go on, but that little life will never be forgotten.
    In July 1998 Claudia said that she was expecting again and our second daughter Bekki was born 16thn of Feb, life was feeling good again.
    We worked hard at building our business living in a moblie home and in 2002 we were in a position to build our own house the way we wanted it, my daughters were over joyed after sharing a bedroom up until now and moving into there own bedrooms on Christmas eve 2002 and even still now they say that was then best Christmas pressie ever.
    Today as Christmas comes upon us once again and my eldest getting her degree from uni and the youngest started college what more could a chap want?
    Well he wants to wish all my forum friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPERUS NEW YEAR, you have all given me great memories and I thankyou for that.
    The moral is even a boozy gambler can make good, so go for your dreams as they can come true. Mine have

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    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist

    Sunday, October 18, 2015, 10:03 PM [General]

    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist, well this has to be a few years back now on a Friday night and having already had played a few mtt's and running deep in some decided to buy into the Friday challenge.
    Well the game for me started off very much like a yo yo and from memory I never got above 8K in chips in the first 3 hours before the hands started coming and began to accumalate chips and gather momentum. In the next few hours I built on this and got into the money.
    When getting down to the last 35/40 players and sitting with above average stack I took some real big hits and stack shrunk rapidly and was down to 1BB and and enough for a few anti's and not being able to get it in with large stacks raising and others shoving and getting no cards until it came to being under the gun with the anti and just shy of 1BB and get dealt KQ of hearts so just limp my 1BB into the pot think oh well was a good deep run and prepared myself for bed, well it was a full table and unbeliverble everyone called and the BB checked. Now I was so sure I couldn't win the hand with everybody in the hand OR could I?
    The flop came KQ rag and everyone checked it round, the turn anothe raggy card and everyone checks it around and the river was another raggy old card and everyone checked again and the pot slid over to me and giving me a 10BB stack was sort of back in the game just.
    In the very next hand I doubled up again when shoving them in with an acre rag to a min raise who called with something like KJos. From this point I didn't look back and with in that orbit had gone from 1 BB to 45/50 BB and just got to much respect from the table who were folding to any action I made. Over the next hour or so it came down to the final table and sitting pretty good 3rd or 4th and feeling really on a high. Table shorties went and after some real battles it came to heads up and I had a dominating chip stack and took it down for my best and biggest win on line at the time. SO as they say a chip'n'chair never give up!!
    So when I see KQ hearts my heart does go.
    The only other starting hand from history that is more a hand that haunts me rather than resist it is AJ of clubs which is the starting hand that destroyed my chance of winning the Sunday challenge. Was sitting as chip leader with 3 left but the stacks were quite close and I raised it from UTG and the second in chips shoved all in, now after some pondering and knowing that it was something he did all to often on the FT I called.
    ME AJc and he turns over 85 of clubs and I have him totally dominated until he hit a 5 on the river to take the hand down, but I can't complain as I did have some hands that went my way earlier on and it was another nice cash of $8.5. but the 1st place $21K would have been nicer.
    Hope you liked the read and I will be back at the tables, but just enjoying the break.

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