For whom the bell tolls

    Friday, September 30, 2016, 3:51 AM [General]

    Hi all
           as some of you know ..... i have been known to write the odd blogg in a vain attempt to keep you guys and gals entertained. Well i have been missing from the forum for the last few months as i have had more important things to do like moveing house.

    Well i know WKD runs this thing like a well oiled ship and i have been known to win one or two of thes blog comps.....i was once a good blogger, but as i say I've been bussy and not had time to look arround the forum. 

    Well i dont know what the topic is for this month this one probebly wont fit in but im going to write it anyway..... if it counts for the freeroll good as they are always good games, if not who cares. Well I'm going to write a blog anyway.... its not poker related it's just a little story of my life.... like it or dom't its up to you.

    Right .... lets get back to topic..... FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS..... well I'm not getting any younger ..... and am going through a big change in my life. I am moveing from one country back to my home country.... I cant say for legal reasons but I'm sure all will be well and all for the good in the long term.

     Right back to the BELL ...... Now that I'm moveing I have got into a reflective mood.... and there are many things I'm going to miss when I'm gone.... and one of those things is that dam BELL. When i first moved here 18 years ago it drove me nuts..... but over time I've lerned to know it it ....and embrace it. 

    Right to the story .... the village I live close too and is built into my home address..... about 10 mins walk to the village from my front door ..... everyone knows every one ..... and you get slowly used to that. in the center of the village is a fountain ....a mayres office ( in the old village school) and a church (15th centery) with that dam BELL. #this village is small if we could get every one together from the village we would fit on a london buss!

    Right when i first moved here 18 years ago this bell would drive me nuts ..... it would go off at all hours of the night .... and wake me up..... to the point i was thinking about putting in a formal complaint .... on EU rules of sleep depravation...... but slowly it grew on me .... it became part of me and part of my life it grew into my body rythems.

    Now for the boreing history part of this blog...... well the main reason that the village had a clock and a bell toll ....was all down to money. It was so the workers in the village would know when its time to get up for work .... when it's time to stop for lunch.... when lunch is finished and when the end of days work is done. And they neede to know this 24 hrs a day because where i live it gets hot in the summer and sometimes the workers will work in the cool of the night and sleep in the day. It was basicly one big clocking on/off system because the workers could not afford to own a watch! WoW times have changed they all have i phones now!

    Well to finish off my story..... the great thing about this clock and bell is that i never remember with English church clocks..... but in this country that has been my home for so long ..... the clock and it's bell toll will forever hold a place in my heart that not only does it ring on the hour and half hour...... and I meen 24 hours a day ! ..... but the strange thing is it also rings the hour at 5 min past the hour. So at 6 am it will ring 6 times at 6am then it will ring 6 times at 6:05 ...... and then once at 6:30..... well i guess it was the eqivelent of a village snozze button ...... or the workers heard the bell toll and say how many rings was that ..... "i lost coun't" they would just wait for the 5 min past reminder.

    Well that's the end of my story...sure it got nothing to do with poker.... but I'm just starting to say goodbuy to some things that I will never see or hear again. I will surely miss that bell ...... its 4 am here an i can hear it singing out now ..... give me five mins and it will be off again .... but i tell you it has nver woken me up in the last 10 years i guess it's something you grow into.


    Like or dislike if you have made it this far then something must have kept you here. Stay well and stay lucky .... as no poker player should ever turn their back on a bit of luck, we all need it.



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    Poker, Personalities and Perfection

    Friday, July 31, 2015, 9:17 PM [General]

    Hi All

    I like to blog but I have found this topic quite tricky …. and being the lazy guy I am ime leaving it to the last minute. Trust me this is not a tactic so my blog is late to be posted and is on the front page as long as possible …. I'm not part of a my888 Mafia. I have read most of the blogs this month and there have be some great ones. Mines not going to gK bacjet anywhare but thats ok with me, maybee next time for me.

    OK back to the blog ….. I was a card player from an early age … I played 3 card brag …. which is not a poker game but it is sort of poker baced. I was always interested in poker but all you ever saw was whats in the movies ….. and as a guy born in the 60s that was mostly westerns and they always played stud.... so that's what I thought what poker was all about. To be honest they were all about set ups in the films just to show a bit of action.

    Then came the NLHM games on late night time TV … and that's when I got hooked. I needed to get on the band waggon I started on a different site …. and they had free rolls for all sorts of games. I tried them all …. I liked No Limit Omaha both types 72 so I would say it open..... my eyes.

    I Have been to Vegas a few times but it realy is hard to play $100 in a$1/$2 game as you can get pushed off by someone with more money …. so that's where I learnt to play limit …. as your money lasts 10 X longer …. which means your drinking time lasts 10 X longer but it is a totally different game your starting hands are pps and hi conectors of the same suit..... but AA is ok to see a flop but if you miss then just bin them to a raise.

    Well thats about my story …. I play omaha hi/lo or not hi/lo, I like NLH but not turbo/rebuy/addon.

    I like slow deep stack …. if I could pick my own game it would be a deep stack and slow play …. I wou;d also like to see a strange game of 16 people sat on the same table... to let the the people who have will to hold out.

    Well no need to vote for me I have seen some great blogs …. but looking foward to playing in the blogging FR …. not a great blog from me but I will try better next month


    PS Final comment the main version of the game I hate and am no good at ….. it's Stud and thats the root of all my fave games.

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    My Bblog

    Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 7:32 PM [General]

    June blog …....

    The game of poker has changed my life..... Well it sure has, it all sarted on the 17th of June in 2005 when I first opened my first internet account. So much water has passed under the bridge from that date and this is such a tricky topic as to how to answer this as a lot of it is personel. Well my story is my story all I can do give my story and tell it as best as I can.

    Some people know me and some people don't. even I don't know myself that well. But I think I may have OCD though never been checked out. I have been lucky enough to have been brought up in a loveing and suportive family. I have always been indepentant and wanted to learn things for myself. When I was 15 I wanted a guitar …. I have watched Top of the Pops and seen how easy it is to play a guitar (wiszard slade shawadywady bowie I'm showing my age) ….. WRONG.... I got one for my 15th birthday and it took me about 3 months just to play amazing grace LOL but I stuck at it. Buy the time I was 17 I am in a band and playing live and in a recording studio.

    Next I wanted to learn to play the piano but no lessons (I hate being told what todo) but every friend who had a piano or key board I was there..... did I master it …. in the end yes …. no concert peirnist but I could bang out a tune. Next challenge photography trust me I was a good photogerpher. I learnt to develop my own film and print my own photographs mostly in back and white. Next came Golf I worked in the oil industry and worked 4 days on and 4 days off so had plenty of down time I must say I never fully mastered golf but I managed to get my handy cap down to about 15 so not that bad. Next came fishing I had done a bit of fishing when I was young but I realy wanted to master it when I moved to France I spent over 100 consecitive days fishing the same spot every day from 7 am to 4pm as I walked down to the river even the bin men got to know me and wish me luck. Fially came building I first started with a flower bed 1m by 60 cm then came the BBQ 2m by 60 cm next project swimming pool 6m by 10 m.....fully tiled and its still just about running but that was 10 years ago.

    What's this got to do with poker ….. a good question well I just wanted to show you the sort of person I am. I can put my mind to most things but when I do, I do it all the way. And only rest up when I think I have mastered it or got as far as I think I can get. That is the great thing about poker I started 10 years ago and to be fair I was rubbish for the first year but then I started getting the hang of it but 10 years on I see that I'm never going to master the game but every day I play, I feel as if I'm learning something new. I have played most days for those last 10 years 25 royal flushes later and millions of hands under my belt I can still find something new and something to enjoy in the game. Sure I have some good days and some bad but this game is just one big learning curve and I'm on for the ride.

    Right time to say how it's changed my life …... well in the end it comes down to live play ….. and trust me I'm not great live.... I have been with my 888 for quite a few years...... I finaly won a few tickets to the London Superstack games that 888 where promoting …. I turned up at the pub colse (with an 888 hoody on) to the casino ...and met quite a few of the my 888 players …. I think zoch/dennis/annie/sonney and a few others were there..... it was a pleasure.

    Then came the 2011 WSOP I got to vegas with Stegs and Spitvenom (John) it's a long story but basicly we all met up on line ….and then went to Vegas and it was great. These were people I had never met befor only on line but it was great thing.Trust me vagas is a lonely place when your on your own so to meet up with these guys every day was great we even met up with a few my888 members out there too.

    Then as some of you know I lived over seas for about 10 years. When I decided to come back too England. Most of my mates had moved out of the area.... got married and the pub seace was not what it was in my youth. How to meet new people …... well poker of couace ….. just a quick bit of reseach ….. I found there was a pub game on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday....

    all different pubs but all within walking distance.....

    I will finish my tale in the next 2 days so will have to edit after the event..... this may seem like cheating ..... and i understand if you feel like that. But i dont want anyone to vote for me but i do still want to tell my story ..... but i got too involved with other things .... the only thing i hope for is to play with fellow blogers next month.... If wkd think this is wrong then i will just delete and no hard feelings 


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    if i was a poker mentor

    Sunday, May 31, 2015, 6:13 PM [General]

    May Blog of the month.

    If I was a poker mentor

    Love the topic for this month as have just gone through this process for 6 months with a friend who had never played before . As a player of 10 years I would mentor someone on 9 seater NLHM based in internet play, I'm not an expert as you never stop learning in poker but I think I could help a novice improve his/her game. If your a novice reading this I have looked to break it down into sections you feel you have already mastered one then just skip that section and move on to the next. I hope some new players can get something from this blog

    The basics

    Obviously you need to know the basic rules of poker. How the dealer button moves round most hands. The four rounds of betting come when the hold cards are dealt. A round of betting after the flop, betting after the 4th card is dealt and final betting after the fifth card. Then you need to know the hand rankings i.e. what beats what etc. I'm sure you have all mastered this so is of little interest to 99% of you.

    Starting hands

    One if the first questions that new players ask me once they have mastered the basics is what hands to play. I always set them the same task. Take a real pack of cards give them a good shuffle now tell them they are on a new table with players they have never played before. Tell them the only people to have put money into the pot are the blinds now deal them 2 cards ask them not to show you them to you. Now ask them to neatly pile the hands they would call or raise the big blind in one pile on their left and if they would fold to make pile on their right. Then deal the next 2 cards and ask the same question …..repeat this until all 52 cards (26 starting hands) have been sorted into 2 piles ….. then you as the instructor should look at the hands that they would have played. At this point give them no feed back just tell them your going to repeat the process 3 or so more times to get a more consistent average making note each time of how many hands played and how many the pupil folded. When ever I have done this with a new player I have found the average to be anywhere between 8 to 14 out of the 26 hands dealt. It's the most common mistake of new players is to play too many hands. Now repeat the process one more time..... This time when all 26 hands have been dealt this time place all his hands he would have played face up on the table and select the ones you would have played. I'm sure you can eliminate between half to two thirds of them but point out why you would not play them i.e. that A3os and A2os are just trouble etc.. Final exercise is ask him to deal a new 26 hands to you and you do the same exercise they have just done. Select super tight just to make the point clear so only 10s up only hi suited connectors and painted cards must be connected no gappers …. hopefully your play pile is more like 3 to 5 Max hands

    Reading the table.

    I don’t want this blog to be 10 pages long ….. but learning to read the table is important ….. this can be done live at a cost on line or it can be done for free ….tight git as I am ...i say do it for free ….. open up a 10 cent sit and go and ask the pupil to spot the lose players give them 3 rounds of the button..... at a 10cent table I would be shocked if they didn't pick 4 or five players. Repeat the process at a $1 table and I hope that they could spot at least 2 or 3 players. Finally repeat at a $5 game and I hope they could spot at least 1 or 2. As the saying goes if you cant spot the fish at the table in the first 5 to 10 mins ….. then the fish is you!

    The power of position

    To do this repeat the starting hand exercise with a full deck of cards but this time take a piece of paper draw a poker table with 9 seats a button a small blind and big blind and 6 other seats. This time put a pound coin on the bb and say that's were your sat and tell your pupil that one player has raised 3 bb pre flop and and deal out all 52 cards in pairs and ask which hands they would call a 3 x raise with from early position... repeat 2 more times to get an average. In my opinion the average should be 2 to 4 …... repeat for a mid position I would say 4 to 6 and repeat for late position and I would say 5 to 8 hands. You can also use the above exersise and bring in some loose and aggressive players that may alter your/their choice.

    The 4 2 rule

    We're not all super mathematical geniuses and I'm not going to explain this rule but it's a simple rule just google it …. but it makes it so easy for you to know if you priced out for your flush or up and down draw and also teaches you how to price people out of their draws.

    Know the Software Basics.

    Make sure you know the basics of the software. So if a player calls you to the end and does not show, use the history button to see what they were calling with. Always make notes on players but only use them as a guide. a player may be drunk one night and as tight as a rock the following morning. Wiggy has written a great guide in the tips section on taking notes and I could not better that, so read it. If you can't be bothered to do your research then I'm not the mentor for you.

    Bankroll management

    There are some great notes in the tip section on how to manage your bankroll and how not to over stretch yourself. I have known quite a few players who are great poker players 90% of the time and would say may be twice as good as me ….. but their downfall is bank roll management and just end up being loosing players. As for me my bank roll is kept off site in a $ account and I never have more than 5% on my 888 account and I would spread that 5% in further 5% block so in effect im only playing 0.5% of my bank roll at any one time..... many will say that's too tight. They are probably right but im a tight git and I also like to spend some of my bank roll on trips to Vegas where i may spend 10 to 15% of my bankroll as a treat for my efforts.

    Books Mags TV and forums

    As I said if a pupil really wanted to learn, they need to have a hunger and want to learn on their own. If they just want it handing to them on a plate then there not a pupil for me unless they are paying me a fortune. I can point them in the right direction if it was books I would say Skylanky or Harrington. Mags just read what you can get hold of (loads of free mags in casinos) ….TV watch a much as you can ( but remember they only show the good bits so not a blue print). Forums if you have not read all the tips on this forum your missing out on such a lot.

    Tournaments, sit and goes and cash. It's time to find your own style and game.

    All of the above I think within a month or two gets you to be a reasonable ABC Poker player as long as you put the time and effort in. But poker is not a place for an ABC poker players it's just a good foundation. Poker is ever evolving and you can't stand still. It is now time to let your pupil find there own style and favoured format of the game. This they have to do for them selfs and it has to be done buy trial and error. I'm generally a tight aggressive player who like to be a bit trappy. Others like to be loose aggressive but to be a master of this you really have to have good reads on players and know were you are in the hand. Some like Tournaments but its a hard slog others sit and goes and others are better at cash. All I can say is find your own level and style my only 2 tips in this area if you want to play tournament …. I would say as a beginner avoid free rolls as they teach you so many bad habits they can ruin your game for years. Finally for a tournament player make sure you have played a few 9 seater sit and goes ….you never want to get to a final table in a tournament and never been in the last 9 situation ….sit and goes are the training ground for final tables.

    I was going to do a live poker paying section but that may be better for an other blogg


    give us a thumbs up if you got something from it in the bottom line on the left.

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    My prize poker story ... Three men in a boat !

    Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 10:01 PM [General]

    For those that like my blogs please read on but for those that would rather have the shorter version scroll down to the section in BOLD in the middle section. It's up to you, if want the full story then just read on. The pictures I'm still working on but will be just the filling in the pie.

    Well in 2011 Stegs had won a WSOP package, free flights and free hotel WSOP ticket spending money all from 888…. so he was game set and match.... John and I where good players but just along for the ride. John and I met at Manchester airport caught our direct flight too Vegas and booked into our room at the MGM 12hrs hours later.... wow welcome to Vegas. Both John and Martin (Stegs) had never been to Vegas before but this was my 3rd trip we all agreed to meet up once a day even if it was just for an hour. No one wanted to restrict each others options and not be tied at the hip.

    Well our main meeting place was the bar at Bills Gambeling Hall opposite the Billagio and its fountains. Bills is not the best casino but it was mid strip and we could all walk or bus ourselfs there from our hotels. It also had a great offer on a pitcher of coorslight lager and we had a few drinks, watch "Big" Elvis  and then it was up to each other what they wanted to do for the day. John wanted the whole Vegas experience … Shows/Tours/Grand Cannon etc. and also liked his Black Jack too. With Martin having his biggest game of poker life and never played live we hit the poker tables most days he settled into live play OK. Bills Gambling Hall was also great as you could get the free bus across the road to the Rio which is way off the strip... (trust me John and I walked it once and in July 40c heat you don't want to do it !).

    All 3 of us had been down to the Rio a few times to get the lay of the land and to make sure Martin knew where he was supposed to go. If you look at my forum picture you will see that’s me in the main room for the WSOP, there must have been hundreds of poker tables in there (ever ligjt is a table) and that was just one room of three! While there, we met Annie and Sonny both 888 regulars. Sonny (SonnyOMG) was playing a $750 side event at the WSOP. Well it was the night before the Main Event I think. At our lunch time meeting at Bill's Martin and I agreed to play to play a $50 game at Treasure Island that we had played a few days before. We met up at about 6pm ready for the game. There were about 50 runners and the top 5 paid. It was a great game, but this is the point of my blog.

    The power of Advertising

    I sat down to this $50 tournament and just wanted to have a bit of fun... With approx 50 runners I knew it was going to be no walkover in WSOP Month (too many sharks about). My normal style is tight but I wanted to have fun …. I'm on a table with Martin (also a tight player), After about 40 mins of play, I had a good stack as the all the pots I won I had the goods. I look down at the cards dealt to me 72os, I'm out of position but have only been playing few hands trying to show I was a tight player and not fishing. An American raises in late position he raises 5X BB the rest of the table folds so I re raise to 10X BB ….he flat calls. The flop comes A rag rag. I knew he had hit and now had AA I could see it in his eyes. I checked, he bet half the pot I instantly went all in knowing I had him covered and even if I lost would still have more than 10 BB to play with. He went in the tank for what seemed like an age finally he declared fold to the dealer but showed one card an ace.....I then turned over my 72os ….. he was not a happy bunny and neither were a few other players as I raked in the pot.

    Then I just went back to playing tight. If I missed the flop just folded unless I could see an other card for free. When the flop hit, I played hard and the callers came thick and fast. We reached the one hour mark. It was smoke time, Martin and I stood outside the poker room so we could have a cig he said Wow you had some halls to play that hand. We got talking to two Spanish players who also needed a cig. We found out one of the Spanish players was going to play with Martin in the WSOP main event the following morning. We were down to 2 tables as we were called back in for the next hour. Most players had put the donkey sticker on my head (and that was my point of advertising my72os). Well Martin, the Spanish player and I got to the final table. We finally got to the cash then Martin crashed out 5th but made the money well done sir. Hit the two hour smoke break Martin said he wanted to stay and rail me but he had a chat with the Spanish WSOP player which I think helped him for his day ahead.

    Well back to the table, it was not long before we got down to the last three I offered a 3 three way split (as I didn't want Martin hanging around ) and all agreed. It turned out the other players were playing the main event so that was great for my ego. Well with most of my poker story's I want tell a tale but also like too pass on a lesson. If your going to show your cards do it sparingly but do it to tell the wrong story after my 72os show I never showed a hand again that night. I had a last cig with Martin and wished him well in the main event and said both John and I would pop down and rail him for a rail but not for too long as we didn't want to add to his pressure.

    Final bit as part of Martin's package he got an invite to the 888 VIP Party with all the stars Padraig Parkinson, Shane Warne, Elizabeth Hurley and many 888 bracelet winners. He tried to get me on the guest list but it didn't pan out. I met him the following day for a drink at Bills He said he almost didn't make it to the party as the bouncers would not let him in on a dress code issue... Thank god Sonny spotted him and sorted it out. He said it was a great party he said he had never drunk so mush vodka in one night. He also said he met a very dry witted German called Udo (Zockgott) who we both knew from the forum. Alas Udo an my paths didn't cross while we were out there but I have since met him a few times at the London Super Stack, great guy.

    Well I hope you enjoyed the story and can take something away from it. I also hope it brought a few memories back for others that were there. I can't take credit for all the photos (when they come) some are Martins, John's, Annie's and Sonny's. It was just Three Men In A Boat. Just Andy, John and Martin. It also shows what can happen through a poker forum. Do you want to be the next Three Men In A Boat at the WSOP. For those that read it all WELL DONE now go and get yourself a glass of wine. Thanks for My888 and WKD for running these blog comps.


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    I Fell In Love With NL Holdem , when....... it was 2005

    Monday, March 23, 2015, 7:53 PM [General]

    I Fell In Love With NL Holdem , when....... it was 2005

    Well it all started early in 2005 I have never been an early morning person but have always been a night owl …. back then there was not the 2000 channels or catch up TV...... and I came across on late night TV showing poker. My family have always played card games from when I was about 3 …. first it was snap … then … rummy …. 3 card brag (close to poker) … then cribbage ….and many others. Well I just love watching late night poker on TV ….. it explained the basic rules but to see all the players hands was great, to see devilfish buffing with his j 4 os and taking down the pot I thought this game looks great I want a part of it.

    Well then came the start and what a start it was. It was time I started plying this game... I joined an internet poker site (not 888 but we will bypass that one). The date was June 17th 2005 and being the tight git I am I could see you could learn the game with play money …... great I thought …. learn and practice the game for free and learn how to interact with the software. Well you could get $2000 in play chips and if you lost them just get another $2000 in play chips at a click of a button….so I hit the tables. What a big mistake....... it was bingo poker nothing like on TV …. how can I learn poker from this? Every one was all in every hand. Finally I worked it out you had to play bingo once you got lucky and won one of the all in battles….. then you have to move to the $10000 play money sit an goes ...that's where you learn the game. I then got the hang off it …. once I had enough play money I moved up to $20000 and $30000 etc. sit and goes, the standard of play was quite good and I was starting to learn …. and evolve, finally when I got to the $500,000 mark in play chips it was time to put my money were my mouth was, what a fool!

    The next big date was September 14th 2005 This was when my poker journey really started and I put my real money on the line and made my first ever deposit. Look if I can win $500,000 in play money I must be good ….WRONG. I Deposited $50 and hit the 1c/2c tables …... I was a donk (though I didn't know it) every time I got a good hand I would over raise ….. and get no callers then I would chase straights and flush draws even though I was priced out (not that I understood what being priced out meant 3rd major lesson of poker). Well $50 lasted less than a week …. so re deposited another $50....... same again gone in a week. OK as I said I'm a tight git …. I thought I knew what I was doing but that’s $100 down the pan ….time for research …. discovered some forums ( Wass and UKPPL both gone now) found a few poker mags and ordered some books and my bible of poker was found The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky if you only ever buy one book this is the one for me, you may not understand it all to start of with but read it and play for a year then reread it , that is what I have done for the last 10 years

    Well next step on my journey I started playing forum free-rolls … I worked out then they were lower numbers than just open free-rolls. I know free-rolls are a bit of a donk fest but forum games limit the numbers and once you start making notes on players you get to know who the fools are …... at last I started making money but I was disciplined with my bankroll (which is the 1st major lesson of poker) I reached $2000 I knew I could make money at this. Once I got to $5000 I knew I was reasonable poker player. After making some money with Wass forum then came UKPPL and they were linked to 888 (in the end it ended in tears those that know, know but it was a bad partnership) but that's when I met many of the 888 players I know and now call friends, the money on offer was to good too be true ...(as it turned out it was) but I made money and made friends …... an learnt so much and made 888 my home.

    Then came the dark times....... for all the good poker players out there I'm sure you have hit that wall …... you know how to play poker …. you know what a good starting hand is …... you have learnt to spot the fools …... you know what hands to play and from what position (power of position which is the 2nd major lesson of poker). As I said I'm a tight git and a bit of a drinker not always a great mix. It was the few months of losses and I started getting angry. I knew I was a good poker player … I was playing well but just one bad beat after another. In poker you will always get bad beats and those like me who play low stakes and free-rolls your going to get even more bad beats because of the lower value of the chips. Well I started getting frustrated with the game and I'm ashamed to say for a while I was one of those poker players you don't what to meet on the table …. calling players donks, effin and blinding, picking fights etc ..... after a few months of this I started to realise something. What the hell was I doing, I'm starting to hate the game and myself!

    Should I just give up on poker... not my way. So what changed me It was a poker player his name Stegs63 (Martin) some of you will know him. Martin was a great poker player as good as me if not better and I played against 2 or 3 times a week …. and got to know him on a forum with emails and pm's we became good friends. How did he turn me around? Just by watching him. He was just a friendly giant.... family man ….and pleasure at the table. He was good but when ever he was knocked out to a bad beat i.e. AA v J4os …. he would take it in his stride wish all at the table GL and say gg see you next time ….( No rants and raves) ….. to start with I thought he was a fool, he just had a bad beat and he gets KO'd and he's wishing the donk gl …... but then I realised he just enjoyed poker and accepted the odd bad beat as part of the game. I wasn't enjoying poker and he was so I went the Stegs way and sudenly it was fun again. (if you can't take a bad beat then don't play poker 4th major lesson). If anything you should enjoy your bad beats ….. play them back in your history …. if you played the hand right then what more can you do? (poker is one of the strangest games you can still play perfect and still loose 5th major lesson).

    Now comes the next the milestone on my poker journey ….. Playing poker live …. It was 2010 …. so 5 years of playing on the internet under my belt. It was time to treat myself from my bank roll for a trip to Vegas! If you have never been you have got to go. Well I had 10 days out there but when I arrived I was scared to death having never played live..... and wow it's big. Well for the first 2 days I just didn't have the nerve to sit at a table I just went from poker room to poker room picking up the leaflets, what to do? how can a player and jump from 5cent/10cent tables on the internet and now play $1/$2 tables live. Having a limited poker budget of $1000 I set my limit to $100 a day to start with and once lost that was the end of my pokerer day. Well haveing spent 2 days observing the tables $100 could be gone 10 to 60 mins on the HNLP tables. But saw most rooms did $2/$4 limit games so the blinds open up at $1/$2 so I thought I would give that a try in the hope that the money may last a bit longer.

    I have played Limit poker before but not that much and only in mix free-rolls so was on a steep learning curve …. your starting hands have to be adjusted quite a lot from NLH and position is king and you need to connect with the flop straight way. I soon worked out that AX suited, pocket pairs or suited connectors from late position were the best hands as long you connect the with the flop you hold your own. I found that $100 could last 5 to 6 hours when loosing and all day when winning and with drinks free at the table (+ a $1 tip) …. I was in heaven. Well that 8 days play I only lost $500 of my $1000 budget but I sure than more got $500 in free drinks! The following year I went back to Vegas with Stegs and Spitvenom..... meet Annie and Sonney and a few others …. sorry I missed Zock but he was there all great fun (but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! ( 6th Major lesson in poker).

    Well last chapter and sorry its been a long Blog. I Just want to say 888 is now my home and My888 is a great community that's got me. I'm not saying it's not got it faults.... but 888 do a pretty good job giving us some great value games, special offers and have met so many friends here alas some are no longer with us RIP... so many I don't want to list them as I'm sure I would miss a few but you know who you all are. I have played most My888 games but I have got to say the morning league (now called Intentional M&E league) is still my favourite. Ken runs it like a Swiss watch (TY) always great banter, friendly players and top level of play …. it's the game that keeps my poker heart going. If you have never played it pop in one morning when your free. I have played NLHP for a long time now I have over 25 royal flushes under my belt in fact stopped counting now so hope you can work out my hand count. Well that's me.... hope you made it this far if you did well done!

    If you enjoyed reading my blog please 'like' by clicking the thumbs up at the end of the blog but in the end I'm not that bothered I just wanted to tell my tale, thank you' 

    Andy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    My Top Poker Table Players Are……

    Sunday, February 8, 2015, 4:33 PM [General]

    My Top Poker Table Players Are……well we will get to that 

    Poker Invitational Blog.

    Been thinking about this for a few days ….. so here goes......

    First we have to set the scene...... First we need somewhere to play, now I think that's easy it's got to be in Las Vegas but where to play? I have been there a few times and played most of the main casinos, do we go old town, Binions where the WSOP started ?….. or do we go to the modern Strip? The MGM have just done up their Card room that could be the choice as I love playing at the MGM....... but no if I'm inviting some vips we need somewhere private. It has to be the Bellagio and it's got to be Bobby's room. When ever in Vegas I always check it out …. it's like a fish tank in the middle of the card room glass room sealed off from us cheep stakes players …. only open to vips and high rollers.... spotted many a star in there.

    Right where to stay …. as I'm a cheep skate and were playing in Bobby's room at the Bellagio. Well it's got to be  Bills Gambling Hall as its just across the road ….. but alas it's gone ….. done up after and new $185 Mil. make over and renamed as “Gansevoort Las Vegas” if the price is right I will stay there. Right who to take/invite …..Well as I'm a cheep skate and want to win it. Would be great to invite all my poker friends on 888 ….. all too many to mention ….most of the morning leaguers …. Ken, Dave. Martin, Linda, Sammy, Terry, Jon and many more even some of the 888 old school like Stegs73 or Spitvenome Swanriver….. but why would you want to play with players that are good or even better than you. No I want a table of fish that I hope I can beat and use the money to pay my room and board. So lets start the list.

    1. Mr James Dean.

    James Dean an actor I have always loved … he only did 3 films but he would add so much to the table with a his charm and wit and you can't have a poker table without a cowboy hat …... and if you could find a better looking guy and edgier player then I think your will struggle. He was the coolest man I could think off (Steve Mc Queen) was close but hard to beat 3 films only (sorry Steve),

    2. Mrs Marilyn Monroe.

    What can I say ..... she was just the best ..... if your looking for looks she is the best ..... but I know she had her problems. I have some of the same but I don't think she ever tried to rip off the USA public. Her end may well be strange . Something was going on .... but lets forget that ... I just wanted to see how she would react with James Dean they could be a hit .... and give me more of an edge on the table or she may just prefer my next player.

    3. Mr John F Kennedy.

    Well what can ya say ... I suspect he may well be a good poker player.... he was put to the test in the Cuban Missile Crisis when it was raise reraise and then reraise again thank god no one when all in. It would be great to talk to him and ask what changes he was planning had he lived ... America lost someone special there. It would also be interesting to see who got the most attention from Marilyn .... James or John ....especiall if it was his birthday the day of the game!

    4. Mr Oscar Wilde.

    A good poker table should always have some wit at the table and who better? I'm sure Oscar would have something witty to say to anyone who reraiesed him and would know how to put anyone down after they had given him a bad beat. Some of my faveret quotes “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” or “I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies” last quote is quite true at this poker table. I sure he would have some great banter with my next player.

    5. Mr Winston Churchill.

    A great man and served the UK well in it's darkest hour ....a great oritor and speach writer, I'm sure he would add some words of wisdom to the table. Maybe he could open the game with an addaptaion of his speach and say “Never in the field of poker was so much owed by so many to so few”. I'm sure as a Ex navey man he would have a good chat with JFK. As a smoker and a fellow drinker myself I still think my faverate quote is “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly” One that Wilde would be proud I'm sure.

    6. Mr Adolf Hitler.

    I know this may seem a strange and controversial choice. I have picked him for 2 reasons the first is that Churchill and Hitler never met in person so I would love to see that first conversation and I'm sure JFK would have some input too. I have nothing good to say about the man but the 2nd reason I have invited him as I think he would be the easiest player to put on tilt which would be good. I hope he is the first to go out.

    7. Mr John W Lennon.

    I have always been a Beatles fan I never seen them live but would love to have a dad that worked in an office in Seville Row and took me too work with him on that 30 January 1969 day (I was only 5) we could have climbed onto the roof and watched the final Beatles concert. John was the true word smith and the wit of the Beatles I'm sure he could add to the conversations of my fellow invitees and I'm sure he would put his opinion into the mix even if it caused offence.

    8. Mr William Whalley.

    Never heard of him you say that's because you will not have. This one is a personal choice he's known to me as “Uncle Bill” he was not in fact my uncle but my dads so he was my great uncle. He was an engineer but was a great influence on my life I spent a lot of time with him he taught me so much about life, manners, art, music, how things work and finally card games. He was a great man, he retired at the age of 65 but suffered a fatal heart attack 6 months later a sad loss to all who knew him. It would be great to see him again to show him how I turned out and to have one last chat. One final reason he would always let me beat him at cards (too nice an Uncle).

    9. Mr Damian Graham.

    All of the above players I think I could beat ….. but this final choice is a tricky one as I say I want to win this game. For some that are new here you may not know Damian but his table name was daley1970 and was a long standing member of this forum. Alas he was taken away from us late last year much too young. I never met him live but we got on well and when 888 brought out the private games 2 years ago me and daley got together and set some games up …. we would pester our forum friends to come and play. Many of you joined us and we always had a good turnout. Well as me and Damian … have a good relationship we cut a deal to sell 40% of each other. So lets hope it finishes up as a heads up between us two it would be great to have one last game with Damian.

    Well that’s my table and venue ….. lets tip the waitress get the drinks in (mines a Corona no lemon, no chap lips for me!)… tip the dealer and lets shuffle up and deal, good luck and enjoy the company.

    Andy (Sitout747)

    For those that got this far thank you …... as I say I'm a tight git … so click on the thumbs up and give me a vote I'm sure I will need them. Sorry some are the same as Jons but im sure some of you may pick some of mine but i made my list as soon as this was open. Looking forward to seeing yours

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    How to post a hand history video on the my888 forum.

    Saturday, July 27, 2013, 1:55 PM [General]

    How to post a hand history video on the my888 forum.

    Hi There

    I have seen many players try to post their hand on the forum …. weather its to show a bad beat or just to ask for there hand to be analysed. I have learnt that you cant really see what happened unless you see the full action pre flop and the betting pattern on all the streets. Without this info it is impossible to give true and good advice. It is no good just posting the 5th st. Now you can post 4 screen shots of every street or you can post the written breakdown but they do take a bit of reading and rereading.

    What would be better to replay the hand history in video form …. well this is how to do it. First you need to down load a a free software app. to your computer …..I recommend CamStudio because its free and I'm a tight git. Once installed you need to set it up as follows …...

    First open up the programme and and click on options make sure the “do not record audio” is ticked (see picture 1)


    Next click under options and open up video options and look at the video quality you need to use the slider bar to reduce the the file size as my888 restricts the file size you an upload Use the slider bar and bring down the quality to about 35% (see picture 2) once set at 35% click OK. The 35% should be clear enough to see everyone's starting stack. You can record at a higher level but the file sizes just get too big and take an age to upload.


    Next we need to click on Region that we want to capture ….. well we just want to capture the hand replay window …. so make sure you have clicked on window capture …. (see picture 3) 


    Now open up our Game history from MyProfile in the 888 lobby …..then find the hand you want to show. Find the hand but don't click on play as yet ….. you need to resize it so its approx the same size as the CamStudio box also adjust your replay hand speed to High (see picture 4) to keep the file size down.


     The rest is simple like a video recorder … on the red button to record it will then ask you to click on the window you want to record …... do this by clicking on the play button in the hand replay...... (see picture 5)


    Then move your pointer back to the CamStudio section and have it ready over the stop button (the blue square) ….. and wait for the hand replay to finish and as soon finished press stop to keep the file size down. (see picture 6) …...


    A window will pop up for you to replay what you have captured …..replay your video and make sure your happy then save it to your computer in the form of an .avi file. If your not happy with what you have got go through the capture again.

    Now to upload the video to the My888 Forum ….. First click on My Hub section ( top right from main page ) then select the video section on the left (see pictures 7 and 8)



     Now click on Add from My Computer …..a window should pop up listing your videos mine are stored under Libraries/videos …..... find the video you want to upload then double click on it … will then be listed for upload then click on the Start Upload button (see pictures 9 and 10).



    Finally you need name the file so click on the section Gallery Video and put in the name you want in that section and finally click on the Fished button (see picture 11). Once you click on the fished button …..a new window will open showing all your videos but the one you have just uploaded will be greyed out and marked This Video is being Processed ….this may take a few minutes so if you want to add a video to your post uploaded the video first then write your post and it should be ready to add to you post once written.


    Finally once your post has been written you will want to add your video to the bottom of the post it's quite simple make sure you courser is in the right section of the post were you want the video to go then click the upload video button ….... (see picture 12)..... A new window will pop up showing all your videos …... the one in to top left hand corner will be the most resent upload (see picture 13).... if its still greyed just close and try again in a minute or so later ….. it seams to take a few minutes to be approved.



    I hope you find this of help. I hope to post this as a blog and in the How do I section of the forum … I hope the mods don't think I am spamming … and if a mod could put a sticky on this in the how do I section that would be nice ….. trust me to post your first video may take you 5 to 10 minutes but once you get the hang of it it takes less 1 to 2 minutes. Hope you made it this far ….. so get posting some hand history's.



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    How would you improve the forum and get post up?

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 2:17 PM [General]

    14 May 13 05:40 AM , cryptic3(888mod) wrote:

    OK so where were we?

    Oh yes ways to make the forum members more active seemed to be the real reason behind this post.

    Any ideas anyone?


    I think most of the fault is what the mods cant do on this platform and also the home option.

    Just my thoughts ..... the blog section ..... should be for blogs ...... not for how do I get the the password for this .... blogs should be blogs and should be 100 words or greater .... but I have written some blogs and read some great blogs i.e. like RR and Padraig .... but they often only last 24 hrs to be replaced by some newbie asking a one liner "where is my ticket?" mods should be able to delete or move one liners from the blog section which as far as I know they cant

    next problem is the home page .... most forum members use the home page button which takes you to 5 blogs (most of which are not blogs) and the last 8 forum posts .... so most of those are the only ones talked about ....... if they are not there then they often get over looked .... it would be much better if the home section just took you to the forum index .... and that would make member work harder to look for something of interest.

    I know there is a forum button at the top menu but I think home should take you forum index. and the forum button should be replaced with today’s posts..... that list every thing posted in the last 24 hours.

    Next the forum index .... is utter rubbish logic to it what so ever ..... should be a clean 8 or 10 opening titles ..... followed by 5 or 6 sub threads under each of those main titles ..... this structure would make it so much better for new members .... as they don’t know were to post ..... so what do they do they post in the blog section. Just look at the Daily Community Tornies ...... no logic .... we still have a whole section on Challenge champ of the week ..... when was that last run ..... 8 months ago?   I have complained about this before.... I know WKD said a spring clean was coming ..... are we at may?? This is not a dig a wkd or other mods just don’t know who is controlling the forum layout.

    Finally ..... it is time that My888 gave some rewards for posting .... I know Awf runs post of the month and post of the Quarter .... and I know you (Chris) and others have run games with a post restriction i.e. no prize if less that 50 posts .... and both are good steps ...... but nothing works better than money and My888 don’t do enough to promote posts .... why not run a monthly freeroll of say $50 open to all with 50 posts and above then have a monthly $100 fr open to all with 100 posts and above and have a monthly $200 to anyone with 500 post or more... im sure if you did that you would soon have  loads of posts. I know some don’t like to post .... be it for language reasons or they just like to read that’s fine ... but I bet if my888 ran the above post count would be up.

    Last word ..... I think my888 need a Aussie mod .... they do seem under valued and under rep'ed ..... if one was advertised ... I would apply ...... I know I don’t have the diplomatic skills  im too head on .... having said that most Aussie players I have met like to call a spade a spade.... but My888 need someone  to sort out the forum layout ..... that’s 2 post that want sorting.


    as I have prattled on long enough .... I will post this as a blog too .... lets see how long that stays in the top 5......

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    Bar Humbug..... or am I just getting old....

    Monday, December 17, 2012, 7:50 PM [General]

    Just a question..... nice to see 888 got the Best poker Operator at the EGR Awards though I'm not sure how ….I do feel they have some issues that have been in the list of things to do for well over a year …. well this is not a bash against 888 it has its faults but it also has is plus points …. well back to my point.

    I have been playing poker for over 5 years and have finally got the hang of it …. I would never say I'm the best but on a good day I can give the best a run for their money. Speaking as an old I'm a traditionalist …. I have learnt that poker was a game of skill, hand selection, position, reading players and patience ….. and patience was a skill in it self. Alas D till D took that point to a British Court and lost … the judge found it was a game of chance not skill.

    Well I disagree ….but that was based on my time playing full tables of 9 or 10 players at a table where hand selection, position, reading players and their opening ranges and patience were the skills needed. Then 90% of games were freeze outs and 90% of cash tables were 9 or 10 seats. Well first came 6 seater’s …. then turbo s ….. then re-buys ….. then re-buys and add-ons ….. when I started you played a tourney top 30% got paid …. then came 20% ….. then came 15% ….. now 10% … were are we going? And who is asking for this ….

    Well poker seemed to settle down after Black Friday to 9/10 seater’s …... 6 seater’s …... and HU … I understand the all have their own skill set …. but I have always stuck to 9 seater’s …. with 6 seater’s are much harder as the opening has got to be wider and HU is a specialist game. The average random hand on a 6 seater is Q9os …. so how can you put a player on a range of hands … a hand of Q10 s is well above average on a 6 seater …. so not for me …. I can change gears having spent a year playing SNG where you have to change gears as the numbers reduce …. but I would rather play 9 seater’s...... and play solid starting hands. Now what does 888 introduce but 4 seater games …. I'm sure there is a skill to playing them ….but to me we are just getting closer and closer to Bingo ….. wish we could keep some poker skill in the game ….. god only knows what the average hand on a 4 seater table is … based on the 6 seater average (Q6os) …. any picture card with a rag kicker must be a monster on these tables.

    We have all played large number free rolls and yes at the start they are just bingo games …. well ate the start ….. you go all in with AA and get called buy 4 players 22 J4os A3os JQs … but that’s part of the game … but in such freerolls once the dons have gone and the chip-stacks are a bit higher normal poker brakes out …. what I don’t understand why 888 wants to try and drive poker skill out of the site and bring more bingo play into the game …. why don’t the just set up a 36player SNGs each with $1 and just auto go all in every hand.... no skill just bingo.

    I list below a few examples of were poker is going ...and to be honest I don't like it........


    first a 99c $5000k guarantee re-buy and add-on..... look at how many players had so far registered.... 103 but only the top 10% paid ….?

    look at the pay out structure ….. if 490 players play only 5% get get paid??? what’s that all about


    look at the previous game the day before (1) then look at (2) you will still see it is showing as running for over a day … I do hope these players got paid as the game was over.... (3) you will see its on a break …. looks like 888 software not working again…. finally see there was 1091 players …. but with 2230 re-buys …. and then 1085 add ons … what’s the point I ask? Sure there ended up with a slight overlay but where is the skill in playing this sort of game.


    Then there is the new roller coaster …. 1000 starting chips … unlimited re-buys … 269 players …. 337 re-buys … then 94 add ons …. to me its madness.


    Finally the 4 seater’s …. who are the players asking for these game I know its only 44c but I guess these are as mad as the game above but is this just not bingo?

    Well I may just be getting old and being behind the times …. would be interested in your views are poker sites knocking the skill out of the game.

    I'm not getting anyone that plays these ….. or at 888 I know rebuys make more money just asking were are we all headed. Will be posting this in 2 threads and blog if I can post the pics there but feel free to disagree.

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