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    Friday, August 18, 2017, 11:18 PM [General]

    Well its good to be back playing online. Its been a tough few months with all the Ops ive had and meds i been taking.
    So i decided to get back to playing online a couple of days ago as now i am on less meds i can concentrate on my game.
    As most know i like playing cash tables online and the odd tournament now and again.
    As its been a while since ive played at any great length i have just stuck to low buyin games $12 Tournies being my biggest buyin and mainly the $5 and $10 ring games.
    What i have noticed is the games seem to be playing like they were a few years ago, everyone seems to be playing super loose and gambling a lot more. The problem with it is it can test your patience when they start hitting there miracle cards and busting you. Now this is ok on cash tables (as long as they dont hit and run). As we know we will get it back from them in the long run. But in tournaments it can test your patience i have bubbled a couple in the last few days to crazy suckouts and to players who just cant read the board and call no matter what. I am hoping i get to meet these players again in other tournaments as now know a lot more on how to aproach them.
    I have played a few forum games and noticed a few more new names which is good but also noticed the games that i have played a lot of the regs were not there.
    I must say it does seem very quiet in this forum and not much has happened since i had my 1st Op in March.
    Anyhow hopefully see a few of you on the cash tables or Omaha tournaments in near future. I know there are many in here who are better at Tournaments than me so hit the O8 games as they are very weak what i have played last few days, just need the cards to hold up LOL.
    Played about 3k cash table hands and again the play is not great so there is $s to be made there as well. I know its only a small sample of games ive played but what i have seen is more gamblers than when i was last playing.

    Few FT places in the omaha tournaments and i managed to T1D earlier, so im hoping to get a few more this month, am after the $12 buy in $500 1. Have not had much luck  with the 1s i have played last few days but know if i can get my hands to hold up i can go on a deep run.

    There are quite a few low buyin games to enter and know many of our forum regs can go on and win these, just watch a few of the games to see what hands turn up, you will be quite shocked. If i can win i know many in here can.

     Good luck on the tables all, and see you soon.
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    Monday, November 7, 2016, 8:43 PM [General]

    Its that time of year again where i get to look like an extra in a porn film or village people.
    I am hoping to raise a few quid, i will be donating 25% of any tournament or sngs from this month, so hopefully i make a few deep runs.
    If anyone would like to make any donations they can by sending to me via my page on face book there is a link there or by in 888 where i will put it in.
    I know lots of others are doing this so i dont want people to donate if they are already donating to other causes etc i dont want this to appear to be a begging blog.
    If you get a chance take time to read the movember page and you will see how it was created and how it has grown.
    Good luck in your games all.
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    Sunday, July 31, 2016, 8:23 PM [General]

    The first thing we would want to do is stand out and make players want to play on our site.
    What do us players want from a site? Well we want our games to run smooth and we also like to be rewarded when we play on the site that we choose.

    1. Have a good rake back for the loyal players from the micros to the high rollers.

    2. Have more game choice, not everyone wants to play turbo crap shoots.
        So with sngs have 3 structures to keep everyone happy. So from whatever buyin you get 3  differnt blind levels. Hyper turbo where blinds go up every 2 minutes. The standard turbo where its 5 minute blinds. Then a regular game like the old days after every 10 hands blinds go up. Also would change the payout structure for 6 max tables to how it was where top 3 got paid, the sngs use to be so much more traffic years ago. Also have find a player option so we can jump in and join in or rail them.

    3. Tournaments i would run as above like the sngs but only have 2 of them 1 at a faster pace and the other a deeper and slower blind levels.
    This would also show what games the players want to play. I would only have late reg run for a maxium of an hour, we dont need any longer.

    4. Have more poker variants, lets try to bring them all to this site. The more games the more players you will attract. Lets have stud tournaments running.

    5. We have cam games already so why cant we have live dealers for the games we play. Would have to be worth the sites time so would have to be minimum amount buyins prob $1-$2 cash games and above.  Tournaments and sngs above $20.

    6. Promote the forum more, lets get an active vibrant place going. Encourage posters have a reward system in the forum where they can win tournament tickets.

    7. Lets bring back the league again. Have prizes to live events or bigger buy in tournaments. Its always good to rail fellow forum players and see how they are running in live events.

    8. I would also reward any Royal flush that a player gets whether it in a tournament or cash table. Even if its just a branded T-Shirt or a tournament ticket or a % thats been collected like in our jackpot tables. If everyone knows that they have to pay an extra amount for a jackpot before the game i am sure the prizepool will grow in all games.

    9. In all it would be a site that caters for all types, from the grinders to the gamblers.

    10. Have a chance to meet up and play our fellow forum members from all over the world, have a game where the forum members can satelite there way up to win a package to a big live event like the WSOP. Can you imagine the buzz it would bring in here if we saw one of our own going deep in the main event.  
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    Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 10:16 PM [General]

    It has been a dream of mine that one day i will get to this great place and play in the World Series.

    Its good to have targets in poker and in life and its good to dream about the things that could one day maybe happen if we are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.
    Now if i was lucky enough to ever get to Vegas, what would i do?
    There is so much on my bucket list to do if i get there i dont think there would be enough hours in the day to do it all in a week.
    For starters i would have to get my photo taken under the sign to prove that i had actually made it there.

    I would have to walk down the strip to experience the wild and wacky place, i would have to find a steak house that does realy big cuts as i have heard there steaks are mouthwatering.
    After my feed i would have to go and see one of the great shows out there and it would probably be cirque du soleil as i have seen this 3 times in England and loved every show, if you have never seen it you most go at least once it is mindblowing.
    I would then have to do the Grand Canyon tour in a helicopter as have seen pictures and again its something that i think has to be done if i was there.

    Now the main reason for going is to play in the casinos and venues that we see on the tv and it would be great to experience it first hand.
    I would have to go to the Bellagio just to see Bobbys room and hopefully see some of my poker heroes. Then i would go to the Wynn as hear this is good for recrational players and is a good place to make some dollars from the fun drunk players. There are several others that i would also have to try out.

    Now what would i do different to play in the  Crazy 8s game? Well if i have to do something different i would still try play my best that i can, but i would play it differently as i would either get 888 shaved into my head or dye my hair blue the colour of the 888 emblem i think that is crazy enough for me.

    Well if i am lucky enough to win such a great package and even get out there i feel it would only be fitting to give something back to the forum and hopefully give lots of members the same sort of chance. So if i was lucky enough to cash in the event i would give a nice percentage to the forum regulars.
    If you scroll to the top picture. I have a dream. I do and its quite a funny one as i often dream of making a final table with  the big names at the WSOP and there are all our forum regs on the rail cheering me on.
    We can all dream, but maybe one day my dream will come true.
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    Monday, February 29, 2016, 10:49 PM [General]

    Setting myself new year resoloutions or targets.
    I try and set myself a target every year in poker since i started to take it more seriously probably about 9-10 years ago, around the time my son was born.
    In the past i would set myself an amount that i would hopefully reach every month to add to my wages and help pay the bills etc. Now as you all know you can go on some hot runs or some very cold runs so you could have a couple of good months followed by a couple of bad, so now i set myself a more realistic target and that is for the whole year to account for the swings that we go through.
    Now my present target this year is to hit the tournaments live and online i have set aside a set amount for the year for live games and online games.
    Now i was hoping to play 3-4 live games a month and as many online games as i could online. Well not everything works out or goes to plan as work or my health gets in the way. So far only played 3 small live games and 151 online which is a realy small amount compared to the amount of hours i use to put in on cash tables.
    My live games i am in profit and online at a small loss.

    Now by the end of the year i will have hopefully played 30-40 live tournaments with buyins varying greatly from £20 to £300 hopefully cashing in the smaller buyins to fund the bigger buyins.
    And am hoping by the end of year to hit a 800-1000 tournaments played online and will be playing sats to live games.
    My goal would be to make a final table in a big live tournament and final table one of the challenge games online.
    Now i have done both of these above in the past coming 2nd in a super stack event and winning a high roller event online and this is when i havent foccused on tournaments which i am trying to do this year.
    I have found in only my short amount of games played so far this year the variance is a lot higher than cash tables and i am adjusting my game against these new player types that i have come across in tournaments.

    What you hope to achieve in the future if you are successful?

    It would  be nice to show some profit when i get to the end of the year, and i know if i get a bit of luck and do manage to go deep in a bigger buyin game i could win some nice money.
    Now i dont think i will make what can be made on the cash tables in a year playing tournaments but playing cash tables you dont get the buzz you get from going deep in a tournament.
    I have also decided to play fewer tables whilst playing tournaments so i can focus on the players and whats going on betting styles etc.
    I have hopefully had my last operation last week so i can now get back on track to playing more and make a real go of this.
    My next steps are going to be get my graph going the right way hopefully my cards hold up and i win my fair share of my coin flip situations.
    I am also writing a journal so you can follow my story through out the year in there and it does help getting the odd comment in there as makes it worthwhile updating it.
    Heres hoping for some more photos like this one.

    And to those that havent played in a forum birthday bash game make it your new years resoloution to play one as its a great weekend where you get to meet up with your online poker mates...."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('body').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" />
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