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    Birthday Poker in London

    Saturday, March 5, 2016, 1:02 PM [General]

    Thanks to all my friends for the wonderful birthday greetings! I’m in London now for 888Live local, London Aspers, hanging out celebrating my birthday and playing poker with 888poker friends.

    I played the Turbo side event with media people and fotboll legends like Andy Cole and Danny Mills. Binked it and won a couple of GoPro 4 cameras… a very nice birthday gift!

    Video Day 1 888 Live:

    I decided to try my birthday luck at the poker table yesterday in the 888Live Main Event and I hit straight flushes and rivered quads, just as expected on your birthday… ”Ja må jag leva… Ja må jag leva uti hundrade år”…” Now ready for Day 2 on Sunday with a healthy stack of 210k (average is 180k)

    With 147 entrants Day 1A, 187 entrants Day 1B and Day 1C still to be played today, the value and prices will be great.


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    New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 7:59 PM [General]

    1. Are you one for making New Year Resolutions? Why or why not?

    Some years ago I was asked if I believed in setting goals and I will refer to these answers before sharing my resolutions for next year.

    There is often a lot of discussion within the poker community about whether you should set goals or not, and that tough goals only create negative pressure. I agree that it’s difficult to find relevant poker goals that are based around results because a lot of this is down to short term variance. If you only set the goal to win the WSOP Main Event it’s probably not going to help you. On the other hand I believe that not setting any goals at all is sometimes only a bad excuse to keep maximum freedom and flexibility (also known as laziness!).

    The total freedom of a professional poker player’s day is the biggest upside but also the biggest threat. I don’t know many poker players who honestly claim they’re very organised and efficient but most of them agree they often have periods of laziness. I suspect a lack of goals is one of the reasons for this.

    In poker it’s always possible to find quantitative goals like hands played, average hours per day of grinding etc. I also think it’s important to define improvement areas in your poker game to focus on. By having these kind of targets you could always follow up when you are on the right track and feel good about your month even without big winnings, knowing that long term the effort will be rewarded. More importantly, you could also be more realistic about a winning period where you were lazy but just lucky.

    2. What will your resolution(s) be for 2016? Any specific personal or poker goals?

    The overall ambition is to be more productive! That’s my resolution for next year!
    I was a little lazy last year so I will do more of everything in 2016

    Some goals:
    - Play a lot online on 888poker both cash games and tournaments
    - Around 20 live tournaments including the WSOP
    - Make two trips to Las Vegas for live cash games
    - Play live poker in Macau for the first time.
    - Participate and promote poker in the new Reality TV Poker Show Girl Got Game, – not to forget I want to win it
    - A big live tournament win
    - Keep up with gym/ crossfit /dance
    - Another double up of ”followers” on different social media
    - Get more daily and weekly routines and stick to them
    - Associate with people who are focused and supportive

    3. Looking back on 2015, what was the best part about it for you poker-wise?
    Playing live cash games was by far the best poker-wise for me this year. I never spent a lot of time doing that before because of the few hands you can play compared to online poker. This year I found some poker gold mines that I didn’t know existed before! The value of the games you can find in some casinos is amazing.

    4. Did you meet your goals for 2015? Why or why not?
    This year I missed some of my poker goals. 2015 was not a good live tournament year for me. I ran bad in some live tournaments and could have played better. I also played less hands online than planned due to a little lack of discipline every now and then. I was too easily distracted and found so much other funny things to do..! Good thing I made new very good friends from different parts of the world.

    5. Where do you see the game of poker going in 2016? What sort of things would you like to see happen in the industry?
    We have seen a positive development of live poker lately. In 2015 many live events have shown record numbers and every sign is that we will see even more records in 2016. It’s a positive circle, when one event is successful even more players want to attend next year.

    888poker continue to expand and I really like the new online tournaments like Crocodile and Volcano and the increased guarantees.

    It would be nice to see a shot clock in more live events. We will have this in our live cash game in Macau, Girl Got Game. I also would like to see more deregulations of poker in the US and a big online poker boom really taking off in China!

    I wish you all a happy and successful new poker year!

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    Poker trip - Vegas, Borgata and Miami

    Saturday, October 3, 2015, 5:49 PM [General]

    I have been in US the whole of September and it has been a crazy month. The first three weeks I spent in Las Vegas, playing live cash games and hanging out with friends. Cash games in Vegas during Labour day weekend was awesome and I left the town with a nice profit.


    I was sitting in a really soft live cash game in Vegas. My flight to Borgata was in two hours and I was seriously considering to skip the flight. I finally decided to leave the juicy table putting a positive pressure on myself that I really had to do great in the tournament now…

    World Poker Tour Borgata, $3.500 Buy-in, had a huge field of 1027 players and a price to the winner of $700K. It was the first WPT for me in the US and I was really motivated. I was off to a promising start and was the big chipleader going into day 2 with 275k in chips 1/480/1027. (Avg 80k). Also Day 2 I had a great start running over my table, increased my lead and was sitting with a stack of 650k which was six times the 110K avg in the late afternoon. Then everything turned… I couldn’t win a pot in 4 levels and lost 8 preflop all ins in a row to double up other players. How is that even possible? I guess it’s called poker.

    I went into day 3 with 20bb’s, quite close to the money. I actually found a double up after some time but coiuldn’t spin it up more and after losing a final flip I eventually busted with a min cash of $6.500. I was very disappointed… I felt I was up to something big in my first WPT in USA. One thing is sure, I will come back to play more WPT’s. 

    Then I headed over to Miami and played cash games at Coconut Creek, Isle Raising Park and Seminole Hard Rock, the latter being my favourite. The Miami leg was most profitable of my little USA tour so as soon as I came home I booked another flight back to Miami the 19th-30th of November for Hard Rock Poker Series.

    This weekend I have spent some quality time with my family, visiting them in Gothenburg and celebrating my big brother’s 30 year and my big sister's 40 years birthday

    Tomorrow I will increase my jetlag even further and fly to Singapore and Bali for two weeks of vacation and a little poker with some friends. Laughing

    Hej and good luck at the tables!

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    #SofiasHomeGame tonight – Win $160 satelllite tickets to $500k Super Whale

    Friday, March 27, 2015, 2:13 PM [General]

    Hey guys!

    I will run #SofiasHomeGame on 888poker tonight!
    This time it’s a special one before the $500 000 Super Whale which runs this Sunday 20:00 on 888poker.

    If you win my Home Game or bust me you’ll win a $160 satellite ticket to The $500 000 Super Whale Qualifier (Mar 29th, 16:30)

    The registration is open and you all are invited to play! Join for some fun poker and chats!!

    Hope to see you guys there!:)

    Game name: Sofias Home Game
    Password: whale500k
    Buy in: $10
    Time: Tonight, Friday Mar 27th 7PM GMT


     See pic how to register:

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    One of the biggest poker festivals in Europe – EPT Malta

    Sunday, March 22, 2015, 12:02 PM [General]

    This week one of the biggest poker festivals ever in Europe started here in Malta. European Poker Tour finally made it to this little beautiful Island in the southern Europe for the first time.

    The €1.100 IPT Main Event made 1 300 entrants but unfortunately I busted on Day 1. Instead I played the IPT €330 Malta Cup. The tournament had three starting days and a single re entry, which made the price pool pretty juicy even though the buy in was low. I made day 2 with 283/1191 players left with almost average stack but in the end I lost a flip with AQcc>55 aipf to when we were like 250 left.
    There are som very nice cash games running here this week. €2/5 up to €50/€100. I regged €5/€10 but gave up when I saw the waiting list of 45 players…

    Instead we went to one of the best night clubs in Malta “Club Twenty Two’ on the top floor of the Portomaso Tower. It was a great night with drinks, dancing and friends. Felt like a good way to recharge the batteries for the next and biggest tournament this festival, EPT Main Event on Sunday.

    Follow my updates on my Facebook and Twitter here:

    It’s not high season here in Malta a bit chilly in the wind, but thanks to the sun it’s still very nice and quite perfect imo! That’s even better for the poker tournaments as players will play more events rather chilling by the pool. Malta is a beautiful island with a lot of history. I have lived here since one and a half year now and really love it here. If you’re here for the first time and have a day off poker I would advise you to take a day looking around on this rather small but very interesting island!

    Here are some places to explore:

    1. Upper barakka Gardens – Valletta. A nice panoramic view of the Grand Harbour and one of Valettas most beautiful parks.


    2. Mdina – 
    beautiful medieval town situated on a hill in the centre of the island.


    3. Masaxlokk 
    – Very charmy fishing village on eastern Malta with a food and clothes market.


    4. Dingli cliffs -
     Beautiful landscape with a breathtaking view over the sea of western Malta and very nice local food restaurant. (I would advice you to go there half a day, having lunch in ‘The cliffs’ restaurant.

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