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    I fell In love with NLHE poker when…(888 forum - blog of the month competition)

    Thursday, March 19, 2015, 2:04 PM [General]

    I fell in love with NLHE poker when I was in high school. I started to play after my brother showed me online poker. It looked fun and when I understood it was possible to win money in free roll tournaments, I loved it and played nearly every day after school.

    After winning one of the first freerolls I played I loved the excitement of going deep in a poker tournament. I won several 30-cent prizes in free-roll tournaments. When I had $2.00, I started to play the lowest micro-level cash games and built a bankroll from that. After a year and a half, I had $4,000 in my bankroll and played NL$50 constantly winning. Then one black day in 2008 this site closed down after a cheating scandal, and I lost everything but $50 that I had on another site. I remember clearly how frustrated I was. The knowledge was my biggest gold mine though and I learnt to be very patient while building a BR.

    Then I transferred my last $50 to PKR and started all over again, this time with two buy-ins on NL$25. I played full ring, the game was very soft and I continued winning more than 20 to 100 big blinds after climbing up the stakes.

    I used strict bankroll management, put in a lot of hours and after another year, I had $60,000 in my bankroll. This was encouraging and I decided to try playing poker full time after finishing high school in 2009. I After another year grinding mid-stake cash games, PKR contacted me and I was given the opportunity to be a Team Pro in 2010. It was also the same year as I started to play live poker. After four fantastic years with PKR I took a new step in my poker carrier signing with 888poker April 2014, the fastest growing poker site in the world. I've been an ambassador for 888poker for nearly a year now and really enjoy it.

    I play around 25 live tournaments per year including the WSOP but so far I've seen my live cashes as an extra bonus. Online cash games has always been my bread and butter in poker. Today I mainly play online tournaments on weekends and multi table 6-max at the mid-stakes cash game tables on 888poker which still are my bread and butter in poker.

    I've also played some home games with my brothers and friends at home. There is no soft play or mercy in my family. We are very competitve and always try to bust each other! Tongue Out


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    Birthday Home Game tonight!

    Thursday, March 5, 2015, 3:32 PM [General]

    Hey friends! After wonderful birthday celebrations here in Malta yesterday I will run a Birthday Home Game on 888poker tonight 7PM GMT, (20.00 swe time). Join for some fun poker and chats.

    Bust me and you'll have to buy me a birthday gift... Joking aside you'll win an $88 price.

    The registration is open and you all are invited to play!


    Game name: Sofias birthday home game
    Password: party
    Buy in: $10
    Time: tonight 7PM GMT (20.00 Swe time)

    See pic how to register:


    (Ps if you don’t have an account, you can download 888 and create an account quickly here:

    Hope to see you guys there! Laughing


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    Starting up online Home Games on 888poker this year

    Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 2:21 PM [General]

    Hey guys! Me and my mates in #Team888poker will start up some online Home Games STT’s at lower stakes on 888poker this year.

    Join me in a Home Game TONIGHT on 888poker for some fun poker and chats. Bust me to win a $88 cash prize. The registration is already open and you all are invited to play!


    Game name:
     sofias home game
    Time: Wed, 18th Feb – 7PM GMT (20.00 swe time)
    Password: sweden
    Buy in: $10

    See pic how to register. Press ‘Join a game’ Then enter: (Game name: sofias home game Pw: sweden)


    Vi ses där! Laughing 

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    My dream home game (888 forum - blog of the month competition)

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 11:31 PM [General]

    My top poker table players are invited to my NLHE €5/10 home game tonight!

    We are right now sitting around the table in the living room in my apartment in Portomaso, Malta. I took down the two first pots, to my big surprise without any big resistance. Maybe they are just polite in the beginning of this game. I’m quite certain it will be totally different within an hour.

    I was given total freedom to invite the players on top of my wish list for a game like this. I have now put together a table with players that will guarantee lots of laughter and entertainment. I also thought about having a mix of players that would allow me to make some profit at the same time.

    Let me introduce to you the players around the table and some thoughts about why I picked them:

    Seat 1 - Fredrik Lövgren, My little brother Fredrik is a surprisingly good player when he's not tilting, and very funny. He was crushing the 888live Main and had a big chip lead going into the final day before he was quite unlucky in a couple of pots.

    Seat 2 - Daniel Negreanu -  The most winning live player ever and always incredibly entertaining. Needs no further introduction, He will play a lot of pots but I know how to use my image and bluff him in some big pots.

    Seat  3 - Gus Hansen – This living legend is relaxed, super loose and seems very friendly and verbal. He has lost a lot of money online the last years but make no mistake, he knows how to play poker! He is the opposite of money scared which could be something to exploit if one pick up some good hands. Definitely planning to double up through him.

    Seat 4 - Guy Laliberté – The founder of Circle de Soleil is for sure a great entrepreneur and also seems like a fantastic personality. The “Big one for one drop” is a great tournament with a huge buy-in as well as big charity part going to fresh water in poor countries. That’s a great initiative from a rich businessman who loves poker. He is definitely not afraid to play big pots with marginal hands so here I think a nice trap would give me an opportunity to win a huge pot.

    Seat 5 – Sofia Lövgren – Smart to have position on seat 3 and 4.

    Seat 6 - Barack Obama – The most powerful man in the world will be extremely interesting to get to know. I have so many questions for him. I’d love to hear his visions about what the world will look like in 20 years, if he likes Vladimir Putin and much more. It doesn't look like he plays poker very well but he should be very intelligent and learn quickly. I have a feeling he will be a calling station so I'm going to make big bets on all streets for value against him.

    Seat 7 - Luca Moschitta – My boyfriend lives in our apartment and is of course here playing tonight! He is a very good poker player and I don’t expect to stack him. He is still an obvious choice for domestic peace.

    I also invited Alex Dreyfus. He is a very interesting personality and is doing a lot of great work for poker right now but he was busy attending some Global Poker Index award ceremony somewhere in Europe.

    Neither could Thierry Derks, Directeur du sport etude de Paris, come. He is the guy who luckboxed the EPT Ladies Event last week in Deauville. I had some questions for him but he just sent me a message that he had bought in for another Woman’s Event in Paris where he thought there was much better value.

    Oops, I’m just now looking down on a beautiful flop of A, J, 3. Gus leads out and I’m now thinking about how to play my JJ…

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    888Live Austria - Poker and Skiing

    Sunday, February 8, 2015, 5:28 PM [General]

    No better way to start the year than joining an 888live event! They are very different from ordinary live tournaments with loads of fun activites planned for the players like golf, sightseeing tours, player parties, water activities or like this time – fun downhill skiing.

    Check out the video I created together with my brothers below!

    After celebrating New Year with Luca in Sicily and a day skiing on the active vulcano Etna I was more than ready for 888live in Seefeld with all 888poker staff, players and qualifiers. This time I brought my whole “crew” including Luca, my two brothers and my brother’s girlfriend Therese.

    We had welcome drinks with 888poker already the first evening where we met some new nice players from different corners of the world. I also met up with my Team888 collegues, Nico and Bruno x 2, who had travelled all the way from Brazil.

    We had some awesome days in the ski slopes of Seefeld. I’ve been skiing since I was very young thanks to our family winter house in Geilo, Norway and it’s for sure one of the best things in life!

    The tournament started on the Friday with a €40 000 GTD price pool and a €440 buy in. While playing and chatting to players I kept my stack well above average most of day 1, but lost a couple pots in the end of the day to finish with an average stack. My brother Fredrik was playing as well and he was the big chip leader going into day 2 which was also the final day.

    The final day we were 30/113 players left and I was seated next to my brother. He busted me with A9>A6 when I shoved all in on sb vs his button raise. No mercy or soft play in our family… He lost a huge pot later on to bust in 11th place in a clash with the German player Thorsten Facius who finally got all his chips and later won the tournament and 888live Seefeld pokal.

    It was an awesome event and next 888live is already 8th-12th April in Marbella! If you want to play a soft field tournament and like golf – don’t hesitate one minute to join this event! You can qualify online on 888poker. I’ve already booked it in my calendar – I can’t wait!! Laughing

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