I Fell In Love With Texas Hold`em

    Monday, March 16, 2015, 6:10 PM [General]

    I Fell In Love With Texas Hold`em at a late age in life unforttnaly  i come from a family who are card lovers  my mum nan used to play  jim rummy my dad a  7 card stud player a bridge player  and i can rember as a child  how i would be told to go to bed while they had poker games my sister brother dad and friends  next day rember them  fighting over  who won lol so my turn came 11 years ago give or take when on family holiday in the algrave in our carvan   it was me brother mum dad and my daughter who was around 9 or 10 thenit was was raining and she was moaning so my mum says   come on ill show  you how to play  Texas Hold`em   so we all got some pennys  to play the game  me daughter brother  dad was busy doing jobs in garden  but my brother being   4 years old than me learned at young ages he knew how to  cut the deck wekk card triks  and taught my daughter so they could be dealt good hands lol  but it was fun learning they tryed hard to teach us the pot odds maths side off it i think if leaning at a early age  you pick it up well  any way we had few nice games  on holiday sadly was last ones with my mum as we lost her few months after she was always good on oker machinces in vegas wining small ammounts  later on i went to my frist live poker event which was then 888.com boot camp was a great event where we had a talk by pros for one whole day then we got to play a live games agaist the outher nevers players   enjoyed this much made nice friends  some off who where forum members but not seen them by 888 for a long time i think bootcamp should be bought back to 888poker for new players to attand its great  weekend  you can learn much and chance to meet the pros learn tips etc and aslo get to try your frist live game if only siting at home playing  online my frist site and only site i joined was 888   when frist started was just a normaily site then now its bought the poker cam tables this has made the site better its nice to see who you play agasit sometimes and is very fun and entertaining so all enjoy your games be luckyand hope you enjoyed reading my blog.
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    My Top Poker Table Players Are……

    Sunday, February 8, 2015, 8:19 PM [General]

    last month i decided to  host a poker home game    as this was my  frist time to host  a home game  i wanted this to be an enjoyable and   Memorable     night  one that  i can look back on   so  the frist step  to holding   this game was to  send out invites  to people  i  know who have a   passion  for poker i  decide   to  go for a  Challenge and invite  the  following

    1st matt damon


    this guy whom has inspiring acting skills whos has made many become professional poker players over the years, the flim rounders i think is one of the best and most cruccail moveie made about poker. please rember dont splash the pot.

    2nd tobey  meguine
    some people may not  recognice him at a table  as he only plays his  alter ego if he plays as good as is ego  he sure to win a few pots   he is one off the most recogniable for his blockbuster movie spiderman

    3rd michael greco
    some may say who is this   he was one off hearttrobs soap actor  best known as beppi di macro in eastenders  since he left  eastenders he has been a very succesful poker player and has won many tournments  i think  we may be up for some great banter  with him

    4th  Ben Affleck 
    well known   actor  famous for his good looks and appearances in some of the biggest movie titles out there today. its said said to be a regular high stakes cash player  this  could be  an nteresting Challenge  being up   agaist  a  high stakes cash player

    5th   Daniel Negreanu 

    well what can i say  a well  named as "Favorite Poker Player  he is one of my  Favorite  players    i find him very  entertaining. he likes to play  a   variety of games every game needs some entertaining it makes the game more enjoyable

    6th  Arnold  Schwarzenegger

    very well know actor one off my Favorite hes is a great one for talking so i think with him at the table they will be plenty of table talk may be not see easy to read

    7th Danny DeVito

    every one likes to hear a joke or 2 during their time at the table so we got to have a few
    Danny DeVito jokes if his jokes are as good as his poker tells he may win a few pots

    8th  Kevin Pollak
    its good to have a few good men  hes the star from   few good men  he  has a love for poker   and really trys to   play a soild game  which  could end up  with  tears rolling from my eyes

    9th Boris Becker
    one of my all time Favorite tennies players He is a former World number 1 professional tennis if his tennies skills are as good as his poker then he will hae the balls to call anyone at a table





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    5th july event 57

    Monday, July 5, 2010, 4:09 PM [General]

    at 12noon today my friend zockgott will be  playing will try to keep you all posted on how he goes

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