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  • just came across these tought i'd share them with my m888's :) If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the sucker at the table is, it's you.  ~David Levien and Brian ... more
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  • We are all familiar with the saying, you can learn how to play poker in 5 minutes but it will take a lifetime to master it.I've read tonnes of sites that all give you the information and ... more
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  • So i thought on my way home from super poker what would my blog be and here it is.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh well.................joking lol well it was my first big event and all i can do is put ... more
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  • ahhh yes gambling and poker, ever since i started playing poker 3 years ago i was told  by people that its gambling you'll lose your house etc etc. But I have come to the conclusion ... more
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  • hi all just tought i'd add a little blog feel free to have a read. I've been playing poker for two years now and when i started it was all live games 90% of the time i'd hit the money ... more
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