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    Sunday, July 31, 2016, 6:30 PM [General]

    OH!!! MY!!! my own poker site. can you believe it!!!

    here's some ideas regarding it...

    My site will have a very typical lobby like every other poker sites so that players find it easy to join which games they want and they can customize it by their own choice. There will be lots of avatars to choose from as well.

    The unique characteristics of my site would be tagging notifications. So whenever someone tags any other as a fish or a shark or whatever, the person got tagged receives an email so that the fish tries to improve himself and the shark can take advantage of his reputation.

    In my site there will be cash games, SnGs & tourneys of all games like hold'em, omaha, stud etc. starting limit from 1 cents to $1000. Apart from the regular tourneys (from micro to high roller), there will be some special tourneys like:

    # country special tournament: for players from each country
    # badbeat tournament: will be scheduled on a weekly basis; whenever u got 5 bad beats u will get a ticket
    # bounty tournament: will be scheduled on a mothly basis; buy-in $10, bounty of 3 pros $100 each
    # monster payout tournament: will be scheduled on a yearly basis; buy-in $1050, prize pool $1,000,000, there will be enough satellite tournaments organised for this tourney (to enter the final tourney with a smaller buy-in)
    # private tournament: this will be organized by players' own choice and convenience.
    # forum tournament: will be scheduled daily; only for the members of the forum regarding my site.there will also be a leader board regarding these tourneys; the top 3 players will be rewarded with attractive prizes which will be awarded on a monthly basis.
    # flip SnGs: only for recreational players; one winner from 8 players (everyone will be all-in as soon as the cards are dealt)

    I'll throw a very attractive promotions for the players. The rake-back policy would be the highest of any other site. There will be lots of freerolls for verified players to start with a moderate bankroll. there will be a leaderboard comprising of these tourneys; toppers of which will be rewarded with great prize which will be given on a basis of 3 months period. And there will be a special day bonus of both cash and tournament tickets on their birthday/anniversary (whichever he chooses).

    There would be a very interactive support division giving services 24/7, with an option of live chat in 6 languages (UN official languages). Anyone can play in my site by downloading the client, from web or from mobile.

    And last but not the least, my site will provide the players with coaching from a bunch of professional players weekly which is totally free. Any 3rd party software like holdem manager,poker tracker etc. will be prohibited to create an even level playing field.

    So the most important thing.. what will be the name of my site??? Well you know it. Its my dream to own a poker site. so you are right. the name will be

    SO WHEN YOU GUYS ARE JOINING ME? The fun's waiting.. man... come on...

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