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  • Well it's official! I am backYes after almost 18 months of just an occasional game I am back playing, but there's plenty of time to disscuss that later, to start with let's see where I am and how I got hereIf you read previous blogs from me you will know very well the struggles I ... more
  • Some insight into wiggy at Christmas Ah the Christmas period!  To be honest it’s one of the times of year I dread the most, and contains one of the days I look forward to the most as well, so I think to start with I’ll deal with the sadness, at least then I can end on ... more

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    I have been playing for about 10 years now so know all about bad runs lol.First year i made a loss then made 15k the following year,followed by 9k,7k,5k....winnings being less online due to playing live(I lived in holland at that time and games were almost constant).I moved back to NI shortly after and my games were few and far between.I got back into it about 8 months ago,although I kept playing forum games at another site.I usuallly do quite well in these and have a decent enough reputation.I now find i am a losing player and thats annoying lol.I joined 888 and downloaded PT on this laptop and couldnt get it synced for 888 so have lost my 2 month trial through my own negligence.I did have PT years ago,a lifetime membership but I cant remember the email account used nor any details other than i paid through neteller.As they have been taken over I cant seem to get that sorted either.I dont blame internet poker,too many live games have unbelievable turns,rivers,bad calls etc etc to think it shouldnt happen online would be foolish.I do get annoyed at some of the stuff i see but again,seen it all before so tilt is a thing of the past(hopefully).Hand histories here are also hard for me to get,not just with PT.My problem lies in the fact that I dont study the game anymore,havent for a few years,and there are less muppets about compared to when it all kicked off.The game is a lot more aggressive than before with people doing what i would have regarded as mental moves on a regular basis! I would need to increase my reading of poker to the level it had been at previously but I have 3 kids more than i did then so helping out is a necessity now lol,and we are expecting another in march so time is going to be even less available to do thje things i would like to do,but hey,thats life.Thanks for the offer of help but tbh was more annoyed at myself for getting into the situations than actually looking a way out of them.I guess i will just take the losses as the orice for my hobby although i still love the wins when i manage to get them.I am still in the majority of times getting the chips in ahead and thats all i can do,eventually one decent tourney will give me the rewards i feel due for making correct decisions....I did manage to win 3 of the 12 chipmas games so i must still have a certain level of ability considering the opposition! As far as players using software to know my game,well i cant do much about that....I do vary raises and even ranges over the course of a game taking into account the table and the players there but yeah,you are right,to improve i would need to invest in some software that I can use at 888. Thanks for taking the time to reply Nigel

    January 3, 2012
    1:49 AM
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    Gustav 888sport
    August 13, 2011
    3:48 AM
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