My Prize Poker story is.....

    Monday, April 13, 2015, 3:53 AM [General]

    .... about my experiences at Blackpool GUKPT from about 2008 -2014.

    This starts as a very sad story.

    Playing most of the events every November for all these 6 years (but 7 lots of events) and sometimes staying in Blackpool for the week meant it was costing around £2000 for the week and untypically my total number of cashes (not final tables, yeah, I wished) including other events I'd played there up til 2011 was zero out of 26. Talk about my bogey casino!

    At the end of October shortly after arriving on holiday in Turkey my mother became ill, had a short recovery of sorts before dying a month or so before the 2011 events and with the complications of going over and arranging her return for burial, poker took a backseat.

    By the time the main event came which was my 30th event at the G-casino in Blackpool, I had still not won so much as a mincash. But I always try to put a positive spin on anything, so I looked at it as even though it was costing £1000+fee, that I was due to cash even if just by the laws of averages.

    Anyway, I made it through day 1 with quite a low stack. In the seat to my left is a player with a big reputation, Jack Ellwood, although I doubt he'd heard of me as I'd kept a very low profile since my good year of 2009. Some of the other GUKPT regulars did know me though so I wasn't a surprise element for those. Early on day 2 I was utg with something like 88 so I flat called. Ellwood raised and got 1 caller but when it came round to me I shoved all-in which wasn't value to call without a good hand so both players fold. I'm up from 25k to about 33k. A couple of rounds later, I'm utg again and flat call with 4d 8d, Ellwood raises again and when it came round to me I went all-in again. He folded again and to get in his head I showed the bluff. About 3 rounds later and again utg I flat called with something like AK, Ellwood once again raised and as usual when it got round to me I shoved all-in. Yet again Ellwood folded and is now, understandably, starting to visibly show signs of annoyance. Blinds are starting to get quite high and we are getting closer to the bubble. A little later I have worked my chips up to 125k which is about the average and probaly puts me in about 10th of the 28 players left in (paying the top 25). And yet again utg I flat called and yet again Ellwood raised. Once more I reraised all-in and Ellwood went into the tank before eventually calling and turning over JJ. Now I'm at risk having slightly less chips and as was 'normal' at the time I turned over my cards QQ and stood up behind my seat. As I turned around I don't see where our cards are! So I ask the dealer. He says he mucked them as Ellwood folded. After Ellwood admits he called, the tournament director comes over and assesses the situation. He asks me what my cards were, I say the red queens. Then he asks me what Ellwoods cards were. Why is it up to me? Just because Ellwood decides not to declare what they were, like he would! I barely saw them except to appreciate I had him dominated on 1 suit. But because I could tell him Ellwoods exact cards, the hand was declared dead! We shared the blinds and antes and although I felt in a way cheated, again I looked at the positive side. Although I was 20% favourite to double up and have pretty much final table chips, there are no guarantees. I looked at it as though his JJ would have badbeat me and my mum was looking down and looked after me by making this situation occur. I did end up cashing for £2620, but what could have been!?

    Fast forward 2 years, main event again, I played well including some speech play (too long to explain in full sorry) and in this event I finished 3rd for £27,600 and lots of people who remembered the 2011 incident congratulated me saying I deserved that nice payout after what happened. (At last, I'm now actually ahead in money terms after 5 years)

    Finally, in 2014, the main event again, on the final day I went back fairly shortstacked (due to blinding down due to not having the right hand/situation to shove at the end of day 2). Early on I got all-in with AA v KK and doubled up. Skillfully hanging in and shoving at the right time against the right people I eventually made it to the bubble for the final table. With 10 players left the action was hand-for-hand and I look down to see AA. I raised and in the bb was the guy who I had doubled up with AAvKK earlier. He reraised and I went all-in. He called and play paused to see what happened on the other table, meanwhile my opponent is pestering me asking if I have aces again but I keep quiet. There was also an all-in and call on the other table which was played out first and incredibly some donk with 5h6s v KhQd makes a fullhouse and survives. So now to play out my AhAc v KcKd. After a flop of Qd 9s 7d, I breath a sigh of relief as the main danger is over. The turn comes 3d. Slightly concerning but I'm still 75% favourite. The river is 6d!!!!! I bubble the final table in quite a gut-wrenching fashion and Blackpool GUKPT continues to be quite Jekyll-n-Hyde for me.

    Still, it's not going to stop me spending a cold week every November on the Lancashire coast.

    I feel like there's still unfinished business......

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    My Favourite Poker game is now Omaha because...

    Monday, March 23, 2015, 2:50 AM [General] is a more exciting game than hold'em for many reasons.

    Firstly with being dealt 4 cards there are so many more permutations and as such unlike in hold'em you can't really be all-in preflop with only a 20% chance of winning like often happens with pair versus overpair in NLHE which means in some ways it can be a more level 'playing field' giving even the weakest players more of a chance.

    Secondly, with the above being the case it is quite important to choose the correct starting cards from the table position in which you are situated at that time. It is also important to take into consideration the omaha variant in which you are playing as starting hands differ in hi-lo from those of PLO. And again if the game is no-limit this also has to be taken into account.

    Thirdly, it is easy to tilt people who believe you are playing badly, not knowing that value and draws are very much different in omaha from those in NLHE.

    Fourthly, I really enjoy playing against the omaha players as I sense the fear the regulars have when at my table. Newbies can, sometimes, take a while to succumb (he says modestly).

    Fifthly, with omaha being quite new to the 888 platform, there is quite a high percentage of inexperienced players and even newbies to the game compared to other sites. Obviously in a more random game like omaha this can lead to very bad calls that end up winning, but if you're getting your chips in good, longterm you will profit from what are usually just cannon fodder Surprised

    Sixthly, learning and improving in these games isn't going to be as expensive for half decent players.

    And seventhly because when I cash, I disproportionately finish in first place. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

    And those are most of the reason omaha is now my fav game.

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