Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 2:56 PM [General]

    A first basic rule in poker is that you have to play every hand. Perhaps the biggest mistake made by novice poker players is to play too many hands. Wanting to be more active in poker, players tend to bet on almost every hand regardless of the first two books. Playing more hands does not guarantee that you will earn more, on the contrary, you'll lose more.

    If you tend to play the game with different hands, regardless of their value, based largely on're lucky, you make a huge mistake that must be corrected immediately. Statistical should not count on more than 50% of hands in a game of poker.

    Remember these tips does not guarantee success, but respecting their increase your chances of success and you diminish the losses, relying only on clever hands which statistically have the best chance of success.
     The most played map for me and I like QJ is 89 and black.
     With these two hands I won often and I entered the final table or at the final table prizes
     There are many variations to these two hands and then play them often and win them

     I do not remember when we went to the final table or in a tournament buble with AA and KK ugly
     Most times I am nervous to AA and KK as another hand..
    When playing with such hands often lost, but when playing with my favorite books often flop is for me totally.
    Usually these hands waved me turneuli game early and when I have a big stack.
    Hard to give up such a favorite hand regardless of your opponent's hand, often figure out what is in the hand as play cards
    Most game against Russia these hands, as most of them play very often hand with any card
    Ty and GL 

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    The poker hand's The haunt me

    Thursday, October 1, 2015, 10:11 AM [General]

    Hi everyone, my nickname 888 is Yoz93.We had a lot of hands out, hands that I was thinking for a long time how could such a thing, really, and I won with this hand but rarely what I noticed is that Russians do not know how to do but have a very lucky in such hands. I lost many times AA and 88, although lately I've been lost only favorite preflop hand, many hands are lost on the river.
     I came out very bad losing a big tournament on the river as I said above

    And another ugly hand as an event the tournament with 88 as usually happens when another has stack older than me

    Very bad we lost lately are hands that I did not like not to think and hands that annoys me most of my laptop fault break when she goes to see one at your reisurile with 34,57,58 .. and you AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT ... and i win :( i'd shoot the guys :)) i think if i do a tour would only get good players think only win the tournament website jab jump KK and AA every 2 player :))
    Sometimes I like to have players play the card so poor that they could grow because of this, it's an advantage for me

    And a beautiful hand NL 100:

    Texas Hold'em NL $ 100 - Thursday, July 20, 2006 10:02:50 ET
    97638 Table Table (Real Money)
    Seat 6 is the button
    Total number of players: 10
    Seat 4: Yoz93 ($ 288.98)
    Seat 7: m_hawk_1 ($ 110.10)
    Seat 3: ChoboTTa ($ 105.40)
    Seat 9: As2Coeur_fr ($ 71.25)
    Seat 10: susiblond ($ 77.24)
    Seat 2: steven61494 ($ 81.55)
    Seat 6: theadvizer ($ 97.50)
    Seat 1: ursschneider ($ 99.85)
    Seat 8: byron883 ($ 99)
    Seat 5: conrigo ($ 101.15)
    m_hawk_1 posts small blind [$ 0.50].
    byron883 posts big blind [$ 1].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to Yoz93 [Ks Kc]
    As2Coeur_fr folds.
    > You have options at Table 97 088 Table !.
    susiblond calls [$ 1].
    > You have options at Table 95355 Table !.
    ursschneider folds.
    steven61494 folds.
    ChoboTTa folds.
    Yoz93 raises [$ 2.50].
    conrigo raises [$ 5].
    theadvizer folds.
    m_hawk_1 folds.
    > You have options at Table 95355 Table !.
    byron883 folds.
    susiblond calls [$ 4].
    Yoz93 raises [$ 103.29].
    conrigo is all in [$ 96.15]
    > You have options at Table 97 088 Table !.
    > You have options at Table 95355 Table !.
    > You have options at Table 97 088 Table !.
    susiblond is all in [$ 72.24]
    ** Dealing Flop ** [9h 6c 3h]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [Jd]
    ** Dealing River ** [6s]
    Shows Yoz93 [Ks Kc] two pairs, kings and sixes.
    conrigo does not show [7c 7d] two pairs, sevens and sixes.
    susiblond does not show [Kh As] a pair of sixes.
    Yoz93 wins $ 4.64 from side pot with two pairs No. 2, kings and sixes.
    Yoz93 wins $ 47.82 from side pot # 1 with two pairs, kings and sixes.
    Yoz93 $ 230.22 wins from the hands can with two pairs, kings and sixes.
    > You have options at Table 97 088 Table !.

    Ty and gl all!!!
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    Strange Poker, Extremes and Confessions

    Friday, August 14, 2015, 10:02 AM [General]

    Hi everyone,my name is Stoica Ionut,I am 22 years old and I started playing poker for at least two years, fun, adrenaline, suspense and patience, this is my game.

    1. MONEY .. main motivation for some players might win .If n juca.sunt not the kind of players who do not play I have above than their level of understanding of the game, if I can not play in that are not dominate play.
    2.Strategi players are very intelligent, always concerned about the fine aspects of the game. They are fascinated by the game itself and that any new hand brings a new challenge for her. The style of play always adaptable to the super super aggro rock.
    3.Competitive .... like athletes, they like playing for competition ......
    4. Fishs:the long-term are losing big time players but from year to win a tournament and paste this supports the idea that they are good players (only in their minds). I'm not gamblers for they have a very passive game and live with the thought that they are good at the game.

     I started playing poker for fun, but after a period of fun we classified poker as a game and started to gain a momendat well, but I had a bad period and I have not played so often.

     The weirdest place I've played poker online this summer was even in backyard pool on the laptop.
    I played poker so crazy in the gondola, train, sea beach, the forest green grass where I was the craziest phone battery ran out and went home alone game, I ran to get as DPO I play because I had reached the final table in a big tournament and we were on 2 of 8, I arrived late we were 5, 5 shortstacks and I finally got out all 2.

     For some time not playing poker how to play before that work and do not have time, but with the coming winter and only will play only poker and in this I will maintain.
    Several times I played poker at work, I stay well away on comfortable chairs and play while others busily working, and the boss came to me, told me that this means that, if you keep so to do not come to work the next day, she forgave me and I have not played since then.

     I have submitted a salary entire poker and I remember that I lost money.
     But other times I won 3-4 wages once in a single tour.

    Ty and gl
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