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    • as i write this my sng has crashed for the nth time, what is wrong with this site.  reliability is paramount in poker as you well know and to be treated like this is disgraceful.  888 was blaming personal settings last night. but today admitted there were problems. am really ... more
      6 Views 0 Comments
    • w a joke gave me a ticket to the 5000 and it crashes  do i get a nother
      22 Views 0 Comments
    • thay just dubbald the 5000 hallowen terny
      46 Views 4 Comments
    • What a joke.After loosing games on sunday oct 20th, what a treat.I received five tickets, yes FIVE, for $5000 Freeroll Sunday.EXPIRY DATE: 2014-10-28 all five of them.HOW CAN I USE  FREEROLL TICKETS FOR SUNDAY GAMES WHEN THERE IS ONE SUNDAY LEFT IN OCTOBER???THANK YOU SO MUCH  888POKER ... more
      227 Views 6 Comments
    • wuts up with 888 it keeps booting me when im in ternys  i can see other players playing ?????????
      221 Views 7 Comments

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