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    • I would like to take a few minutes to apolagize. I had been trying to get many of you to start making posts here once again in an effort to try and create the hussle and bussle that used to be this coummity site, a few years back it may have been difficult at times to read all the ... more
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    • i am not a fan of the new softwear udpdate
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    • tft@@@@@@@@@fttfolalaal
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    • Hello ADMINI claim my bounty for two Knokouts in the 100$ turney at 10.03.19my Player Name :  Paulaner68knockoutplaya: dennis888 , sweetbatI hope they are mods and i make enough Post at the last month.p.s. i have many Technical issiues to log in my.888 Account and i have ... more
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    • Hello Badbeater HUBSSome Hands ARE really Bad on RIVER we__ALLIN__hell
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Forum Topics

    2018/2019 888Poker Community Fantasy Football League.

    Last Post By: Vaskar

    I am sure about the 20$ to be played on both poker and casino.I am not sure about the wagering amount, as that is from memory. But it was something like that. Okay. If I win this month's 20$ I will provide you the screenshot here. That would end up t... more

    ENGLAND & The Other HOME Nations (EURO 2020)

    Last Post By: Paul C

    I'll start with ENGLAND We came so close to winning last years WORLD CUP but it could be argued now (and should be) that we have an even better FIRST TEAM & SQUAD now!You know it's looking good when you look at the rest of the SQUAD & the players tha... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Todays Racing is atJUMPSHerefordHexamClonmelFLATWolvehampton... more

    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: denis888

    if have made the 5 posts this monthclaiming bounty of IEcstasyl if not hey howell done d and tucker was good game again all... more

    $200 GTD MY.888poker game

    Last Post By: Rhonda

    Well done Ken, I remeber you and I being on a previous final table and playing HU. Nice win xx... more


    Last Post By: Rhonda

    There have been many discussion threads regarding the late buy in period. I guess they do this as they need to make the money for the prizes, including several re buys. If you look at the majority of the bigger entrant tournaments the norm is 3 hour... more


    Last Post By: Paul C

    Oh & i have a strange funny feeling that young PHIL FODEN might have an important part to play in such a SEMI-FINAL vs AJAX (or perhaps JUVENTUS)And i think PEP would be willing to bring him on in a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL (even though he is still onl... more

    KAZAKHSTAN 3 - 0 SCOTLAND...Blimey!!! what has become of the SCOTS?

    Last Post By: Paul C

    No question about it i am a huge ENGLAND fan (i was born here & they will ALWAYS be my first supported country & i am DELIGHTED we have an ATTACKING, Fast, YOUTHFUL Team that could hopefully be a real force in World Football over the coming 5-10 year... more

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