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    • Alright, so I did not play a ton of different stuff, and all my cash game numbers are for the week.So, to start, I broke my Cash-less weekend streak by finishing 14th for $15.75 in "The TWO", a $2,000 gtd $2 buy in tournament on Monday or Tuesday, the first ... more
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    • Alright, so I want to talk about something that may be about some of you, or about players you've played with. Today's issue is about people who claim that trusted online sites are rigged. I want to mention that I know this happens at a lot of levels of the game, not just the level I ... more
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    • I reached final table at 24/7 free and finished 4 th place from 827 players . That s a good one . I need 1 st place. These 24/7 it s a good promo for online poker players.
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    • Well, finally put in a whole weekend. I want to re-iterate that I do NOT play for a living, and I grind micro and low stakes. I played some tournaments, which I went 0-for in $10 worth of buy ins. Took a nasty beat in a SNAP Tournament on Sunday, which by the way you can see ... more
      51 Views 1 Comments
    • Unbelievable....I played over 10 $ worth or tourney's and e-mail support  about them when I did not get them and Michelle replied ...i see you played only 3 and she listed the prices of 3 games one of them wrong buy-in at that I played 2 @ buy in's of 3.30 $ make a ... more
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