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    • Do bad beats annoy you? You aren't alone if you answered yes. While it is fine and in some cases even natural for bad beats to get under your skin, it is important to move past them as quickly as possible and not have them consume your time.
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    • I hear a lot of talk about Tilt and what one should do to avoid it. To walk away from the table either for awhile or for the day, depending on how much a certain loss bothered the person who may be on the verge or already has played a few hands while tilted and may be making some ... more
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    • The idea of becoming a pro player in poker is obviously in the minds of many who play here. Why not? A life that requires steady study of a very interesting game and some very colourful people. My problem with that is I would have to make some very serious amounts of $ and do it ... more
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    • Not sure if it is me playing a little to loose after I manage to win a few stacks or maybe the time of the day has me playing different Villains during the day. Two days in a row I have had incredible runs during the early morning and afternoon, the I seem to take some awful hits when ... more
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    • If possible enlarge my profile pic so you can read the words of what the dog is thinking, it should give you something to smile about. Not sure where I ran across this pic but I had a good laugh when I first read it. The other pic on my site is just an old 3/4 ton 4x4 that I use around ... more
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    Had a much better nights sleep but it feels like I might be catching June's cough as the back of my throat feels rough as old boots Going to have a quiet day chilling with the dogs while June is out with her friend for the day.Managed to get 3rd in t... more

    Dealer messages

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    xxroger1xx. Mine is the same and I have sent messages and get told to go to settings and check dealer chat. The only problem is there is no box for dealer chat to check.Not holding my breath that this will get relolved soon.Roger... more

    2018/2019 888Poker Community Fantasy Football League.

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    Great going Chris. Carry On. Btw.. Dont you think that the monthly prize is total waste of the good will as long as thats for casino?[/quote]I don't mind winning any prize and as its all for a bit of fun really then $20 for free is fine by me whateve... more

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    Todays Racing is atJUMPSLudlowMarket RasenWincantonFLATNewcastle... more


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    Not sure what your trying to say but keep playing the players who are moaning about you making a 2/3rds stab at a pot when its checked round to you.200 hands is to small of a sample, what are his stats PFR-VPIP over the 200 hands? Also how many are p... more

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    What pictures?... more

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    i can see your mind... more

    chat for chips

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    talking trash works... more

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