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    • Up late last night and totally bored I flicked the Tv over to where Joker stars was hosting their Monaco event.  I don't usually bother with this but as I now have played live, thought I would watch to get some tips.  I was staggered at some of the bad play on the ... more
      383 Views 2 Comments
    • Well its good to be back playing online. Its been a tough few months with all the Ops ive had and meds i been taking.So i decided to get back to playing online a couple of days ago as now i am on less meds i can concentrate on my game.As most know i like playing cash tables online and ... more
      731 Views 8 Comments
    • I found myself on a forum game table last night with the lovely Ken, otherwise known as Lambone, a really friendly nice guy, and aslo a MOD.  One of the players behaviour was appaling, and as the game progressed became really nasty.  The final straw came when he called Ken ... more
      5962 Views 32 Comments
    • Its that time of year again where i get to look like an extra in a porn film or village people.I am hoping to raise a few quid, i will be donating 25% of any tournament or sngs from this month, so hopefully i make a few deep runs.If anyone would like to make any donations they can by ... more
      3259 Views 1 Comments
    • For the past couple of years I have read the Birthday Bash forum posts, never daring to think I could possibly go.  This year I followed the posts and did not think I would be up to playing live.  I mean who wants to go out first?  Or to be caught making stupid calls, or ... more
      3733 Views 33 Comments

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    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: robertbh (888 Mod)

    donshorty$10 has been forwarded to your account for taking the bounty of lambone in Sunday nights mod hunt game.Congrats also on your 3rd place finish... more


    Last Post By: John

    Looks like a trial run for a scam they intend to pull off on real tables. No other logic for doing this on play money tables. Follow cryptics advice and e-mail support. They are excellent at dealing with this sort of stuff as long as you provide t... more

    Multitude of bugs in software

    Last Post By: gerry

    I have put up with glitches since I have been on 888 but it is getting ridiculous now.My software is so buggy now it is actually making me lose games! It was just annoying when,for example, I have old tickets saying 'in use' in my ticket box (for mo... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Todays Racing is atJUMPSWarwickHexam ChepstowFLATKempton... more

    Den 0-0 Ire. Irish Football punditry what a laughing stock.

    Last Post By: Paul C

    Yup when that draw takes place i'll be EXCITED (like a little kid) i LOVE the ACTUAL DRAW (not the guff before it) but also a little disappointed, as you say many of these teams had a chance to make it but were just lacking & clearly this was as far... more


    Last Post By: Rhonda

    Where has the time gone to? Less than 6 weeks to Christmas and I guess time to catch up since my last journal post. just like everyone else I guess, have been suffering from Flu for the past two weeks, and soldiering on. My grandson is 7 months old a... more

    start here

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Hi and welcome to the forum.Wish youy good luck at the tables!... more

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