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    • As promised in my last Blog Post 'A PLO Journey' I am publishing my progress with playing PLO so far. It has been about a year since I started playing the low stakes PLO at 888 so here is a record of how it has gone. All the games I've played have been full ring PLO. So here is the ... more
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    • This year I decided to concentrate on playing Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and I have to say I have become an avid fan. I much prefer it to No Limit Holdem, mainly because of the massive amount of action it creates. I started out at the micro stake cash games whilst learning the game. The ... more
      58 Views 1 Comments
    • Hi m888s, As we all enjoy a good game of poker and other forms of gaming and gambling, I just want to take this opportunity to remind you to play within your limits.At 888poker, we are serious about helping you play responsibly which is why we’re proud to support Responsible ... more
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    • Para mi ya es una pasion jugar poker, pero no soy exitoso, como lo logro
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    • Yeaah going to Vegas thanks 888 can't wait to meet Chris, play live pkr (for the first time) on Poker After Dark seven player sit and go top 2 getting paid, $50K up top,
      173 Views 4 Comments

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    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: robertbh (888 Mod)

    The 3 winners from the Mod Hunt game last week Sunday 2nd December 2018 were 1. matheusmr11 2. zzzr23 3. mikcavThere will be a $10 guest bounty on each of the those mentioned above in the game... more

    888poker LIVE London Festival

    Last Post By: cryptic3(888mod)

    A quick look back at the latest London Live where all the GTD prize pools were smashed!! 888pokerLIVE London Festival 2018 Is Huge Success!Our #BrosVsPros boys had an an epic weekend in London for ONLY $1! ... more

    Todays Racing

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    Todays Racing is atJUMPSAintreeChepstowWetherbySandownNavanFLATWolverhampton... more

    What you up to today then?

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    TY, as it happens today was a perfect day even though it's not my birthday, that was on the 4th.... more

    2018/2019 888Poker Community Fantasy Football League.

    Last Post By: Vaskar

    No m8 The $20 monthly bonus prize will not be added to the final prize. It is only there to encourage members to post on a monthly basis in the community.[/quote]So the final final prize remains the same? 150$, 100$ and 50$ free bets. Right?... more

    Pot Limit Omaha: Position, blockers and aggression wins

    Last Post By: Finent

    When you limp in with a speculative hand and miss the flop it is easy to just give the hand up. After all it didn't cost much to see the flop, the hand was speculative anyway, you've not made a big mistake, so just move on to the next hand.However, s... more

    (2) next to a players name

    Last Post By: Xrayeye

    I think it means its their 2nd buy-in i.e. they've bust out once... more

    Xbox games

    Last Post By: cryptic3(888mod)

    I played a small part in helping set a new world record on @SeaOfThieves the other dayCheck this loot out... more

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