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    • I dared to complain that the latest treasure chest Challenge, was encouraging  irresponsible gambling!   Today, I have received an email saying that they were closing my accoiunt!   JUST like that!!!!!I have been I'D, I have played here for 4 years, and been to ... more
      940 Views 18 Comments
    • Up late last night and totally bored I flicked the Tv over to where Joker stars was hosting their Monaco event.  I don't usually bother with this but as I now have played live, thought I would watch to get some tips.  I was staggered at some of the bad play on the ... more
      1218 Views 3 Comments
    • Well its good to be back playing online. Its been a tough few months with all the Ops ive had and meds i been taking.So i decided to get back to playing online a couple of days ago as now i am on less meds i can concentrate on my game.As most know i like playing cash tables online and ... more
      1231 Views 9 Comments
    • I found myself on a forum game table last night with the lovely Ken, otherwise known as Lambone, a really friendly nice guy, and aslo a MOD.  One of the players behaviour was appaling, and as the game progressed became really nasty.  The final straw came when he called Ken ... more
      6901 Views 32 Comments
    • Its that time of year again where i get to look like an extra in a porn film or village people.I am hoping to raise a few quid, i will be donating 25% of any tournament or sngs from this month, so hopefully i make a few deep runs.If anyone would like to make any donations they can by ... more
      3569 Views 2 Comments

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    $100 Moderators Melee

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    but i dont find the pass ...and looking by date...loool i found a post who are right by Matusalem ..shit... more

    Holland 0 - 1 England another ENCOURAGING Display

    Last Post By: Paul C

    Cheers John,Yup i am very encouraged as you can tell I had a few doubts about Southgate (perhaps still a little young? not got the experience?) but he's won me over already & he does indeed seem to be adventurous & attacking (whilst still getting it... more

    F Formula1

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    Not even 1 race down and the season is over already. I wont waste time getting up to see a procession and wont bother watching the rest of the season either. F2 is way better with better racing and far more entertainment. If anyone wants to watch r... more

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    Todays Racing is atJUMPSBangorNewburyThurlesFLATDoncasterLingfieldWolverhampton... more

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    Maureen!!!Don't ask, senior moment i guess.IZA of course (very funny taking on the role as manager for them)Not the CLASSIC episode i had hoped for but funny nevertheless.... more

    Whats needed to make this place more active?

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    its not only the chat,..., its much more going ****. long times ago 888 was much in front with camgames for example, where they went? instead of solving that problem it was posted on forum: blablabla lol. i believe that 888 is only interested in usin... more

    The road is not long if you know a good song

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    The last three years I live in a small town, and at the moment there is no way to play live. But earlier I lived in Kharkov, it's a big city in my country, and there were a few poker clubs that I visited quite regularly in 2013-2014. I played a cheap... more

    Slims Journal

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    Yes, I need a distance in these tournaments to see the average result. In general, I used to play quite a lot 6 handed at micro limits in other poker networks. But I look at 888 there is no game on the short tables, and on 9 handed game enough, so I... more

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