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    • Tell us how the game of poker has changed your life?!Well it has in lots of ways. Let me explain more, when i was younger i was always the black sheep in the family my brother was the clever one he was head boy at school got all top marks, and there was me who hated school and ... more
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    • June blog ….... The game of poker has changed my life..... Well it sure has, it all sarted on the 17th of June in 2005 when I first opened my first internet account. So much water has passed under the bridge from that date and this is such a tricky topic as to how to answer this as a ... more
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    • the game of poker has changed my life ... poker change my life in many ways , actually being a game, turned to  a style of life , and living , working, and many things more, poker changed my life because i met many people from all over the world and step of being a part of my social ... more
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    • The game of poker has changed my life…..Oh yeah it surely did in so many ways.It was the summer of 2012 when I had my first contact with poker...I was dating a very popular guy from my university and one evening he invited me to go out as we usually did but this evening he said he ... more
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    • The game of poker has changed my life, because this great game became my new hobby number one. In the year 2006 i read my first little book about the rules and all the hand rankings, after i randomly bought an espn dvd on eBay with the famous Moneymaker WSOP 2003 victory. This ... more
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