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    • Its that time of year again where i get to look like an extra in a porn film or village people.I am hoping to raise a few quid, i will be donating 25% of any tournament or sngs from this month, so hopefully i make a few deep runs.If anyone would like to make any donations they can by ... more
      577 Views 1 Comments
    • For the past couple of years I have read the Birthday Bash forum posts, never daring to think I could possibly go.  This year I followed the posts and did not think I would be up to playing live.  I mean who wants to go out first?  Or to be caught making stupid calls, or ... more
      672 Views 11 Comments
    • for anyone that doesn't know, my888 poker forum hold an anual event (for the last 3 years) in birmingham, england. if you read the forum and see posts about this event you probably think, not for me, i don't know anyone and my poker skills are not good enough. well for the first part i ... more
      509 Views 1 Comments
    • Hi all       as some of you know ..... i have been known to write the odd blogg in a vain attempt to keep you guys and gals entertained. Well i have been missing from the forum for the last few months as i have had more important things to do like moveing house.Well ... more
      606 Views 1 Comments
    • The Blog of the month renovation idea888 poker offers in its forum a nice little format  for users that want to get their bankroll boostet.Its the "Blog of the month".users have, in conformation to the terms and conditions, to write a blog  to changing topix every month.The ... more
      875 Views 1 Comments

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    Haha! Excellent point...the treasure is a mirage, it's just quest...quest all the way down!It is true that 888 has no shame and no respect, but above all - no support! Not trying to bash them, just stating facts - they do a lot of things well too, it... more

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    Todays Racing is atJUMPSAyrExeterFLATKempton... more

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    I tried to do some sports betting and find out that players from our country(Philippines) are not allowed to play anymore. Is it only the betting sports or we are not allowed to play 888poker as well??!!!Im aware of the latest issue that our governme... more

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    As long as money is transferred via the cashier option it should in no way reflect on your account and is very secure.It is not unusual for gambling sites to ask for ID verification, I joined one recently and had to send all types of things before I... more

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    I think it's just a reflection of life in general and new generations who use 4 letter words and insults every 2 seconds whatever they are doing.Certainly seems that way to me when I am out and about traveling.I am just grateful to have lived through... more

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