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    • Ive played over 15 hands till now and it still doesnt update my position what kinda crap is going on on this website ? why dont u bring it down and bring it back up when all the issues are cleared ? NOT HAPPY AT ALL 
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    • busy watching a great european darts championship on itv4 sponsored by 888 whilst pplaying a few tourneys and sit n goes happy days just need a win now o top my night off
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    • for the past weak and a have we bin disconeted i was in a lot of ternys and ended up with nothing and lost my hollowin tiket it crasded to and thay do nothing thay give me 5 tickets for sunday lol i mite beabbal to get in 1w a joke site
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    • Hi guys, I can assure you that our team is working very hard with our technology partners to rectify the recent disconnection issues that some of you have encountered. We understand your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience that you have experienced.  Due to this ... more
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    • So far, so good.Cmon tech team, Its about time you were ahead of the curve...... Now is the time to put forward ideas that will have practical benefits for all.Im hoping its fixed now. So WELL DONE..... xxx
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