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    • Four wise old men got together to eat, laugh, drink and discuss the deeper questions in life that challenge us all."what is the fastest thing in creation?"Wise1 said. "Thought is the fastest thing. You think and it pops into your head just like that."Wise2 said. "Blinking must be ... more
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    • since the maximum u can win with the $5 freeplay is only $5, it makes sense to lower stakes to the MINIMUM (even with 1c stake one time i had a $75 win but only collected $5). once the $5 freeplay is used up then raise stakes to watever u want.u gotta play winnings lota time before its ... more
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    • ok im getting sike of getting beat on the river  how can i take piks of the hands you tell me to show i will if you tell me how thats 8 times in a row just after i win in a cash game i think they there rigged to get the most take ass thay can i wood gladly show all the hands  if i know how
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    • I thought I would drop a few tips down for newer players each week on MTTs till I forget. So week 1 preperation. One of the biggest problems players have in poker is not preparing properly or in fact at all. So here are a few simple rules to follow there are many more and any added ... more
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    • came 3rd last nite iin pokercam tourney for $120 not bad my ak suiited vs a9 off he flopped 9 turned ace oh well cant be to disapppointed had chances to take him out but overall im pretty happy hopefully i can keep good run going all the best to players and have a great xmas everyone ... more
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