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    • I feel as if trying to get a group of us to leave a short note here every couple of days is just about a lost cause, the Moderators here are only used when someone needs something. I know that is part of what they do but it should not be the only thing they do. It brings to mind those ... more
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    • I guess to start things off I have to admit that in my narrow vision I have missed many things that are posted here as I was busy putting up my own views. The one thing I did notice this last time was it asks us to please make sure to have our playing name entered along with whatever ... more
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    • I'm still waiting on recieving my rewards for upgrading. QWTF!
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    •  Will some one please take some time out there busy day to answer me please?
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    • I have played at the cash tables mostly today, tried one tournament because the ticket was about to expire but didn't really want to get into a long session as I had to be in and out a lot. I guess just by having this attitude about not wanting to play it helped with the result. I ... more
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