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    • I would like to take a few minutes to apolagize. I had been trying to get many of you to start making posts here once again in an effort to try and create the hussle and bussle that used to be this coummity site, a few years back it may have been difficult at times to read all the ... more
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    • i am not a fan of the new softwear udpdate
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    • tft@@@@@@@@@fttfolalaal
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    • Hello ADMINI claim my bounty for two Knokouts in the 100$ turney at 10.03.19my Player Name :  Paulaner68knockoutplaya: dennis888 , sweetbatI hope they are mods and i make enough Post at the last month.p.s. i have many Technical issiues to log in my.888 Account and i have ... more
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    • Hello Badbeater HUBSSome Hands ARE really Bad on RIVER we__ALLIN__hell
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