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    • i go to the support and try for on line help and i get the store  y is that
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    • At first we called him Des. But within a few weeks he’d become Doomsday. Des due to his rather pessimistic oulook on life in general and poker in particular. He was the kind of guy whose last thought at night was that he was no better than an even money shot to wake up alive in ... more
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    • theres something up in cash games how can i get beat in every cash game i play in .i have won over 10 ternys and lost every sent in cash games .it dident matter w i have  i eaven be beat with AAAA that 1 did it for me i just won a 200$ terny and lost it all when i had AAAA i bet ... more
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    • For those wishing to add extra evidence to their complaints:Save an image of your screen (PC based) using this these easy steps.1) while having an issue and showing exactly what your issue is on screen, press the "PrtSc" buttong located abover the "backspace" (erase) button. Nothing ... more
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    • Dear All ,I have a question I would like to ask , and would be interested in your replies .During a $15,000 Halo Tournament , what is the possibility of  a  player siting at your table with $1000 exactly , this is after 34 Hands have been played and we are on 100/200 blinds . Bearing ... more
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    An invitation to all our new members to play in the new Morning League

    Last Post By: lambone-(888Mod)

    The november Gitaristus UK morning and Aussie evening League.This is an invitation for any of the my888 forum members to play this new league, That lasts for the hole month of November with a $200 price pool shared between the top 5.The game starts... more

    The 3rd essexdave50 UK morning and Aussie evening league

    Last Post By: lambone-(888Mod)

    Top 10VWD to Gitaristus our new Champion who won a very impressive 8 games VWP Siralso well done to essexdave who made a gallent attempt to hold on to his crown coming 2nd.and well done to  hdjjessel/Middla/lambone/ who all cashed ... more

    The November Gitaristus UK morning and Aussie evening league

    Last Post By: lambone-(888Mod)

    As is the tradition of the league this months league has been named after the last winner Gitaristus and he invites you all to play in his league which starts tomorrow 1st/Nov/2014 at 10-00 GMT .UK morning and aussie evening league rules... more

    Wanted to sell Superstack Portugal (Casino Estoril, Lisbon) seat

    Last Post By: MOOCH

    888 Portugal seat for sale, Friday 21st November – 23rd November Face value of $225. Looking for £100 ( $160)Feel free to make an offer Work commitments mean I cannot now attend Cash transfer only via 888 site... more

    Can t see lobby

    Last Post By: Dan-Catalin

    Thanks... more

    2014 My.888poker Birthday Bash is on!

    Last Post By: wiggy

    I can understand people being upset, the original post saying the bash was on was posted on the 14th of september saying it would probably be in November, and nothing has been said sinceThe disconnection issues are what's causing the bad feeling, and... more

    Meet up

    Last Post By: Ryan

    Flying from Manc at 21:10 on Wed 19th I arrive just after midnight on the Thursday.Staying at the Roma hotel at the airport that night before checking in at the SANA Estoril Hotel for the remainer of my trip.My plan on the Thursday is to wake up late... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Todays Racing is atFLATNewmarketWolverhampton DundalkJUMPSWetherbyUttoxeterDown Royal... more

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