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    • This one wasn’t difficult for me at all, the vast majority of my poker has been online, which has never really caused me to need to do anything drastic… But one story does come to mind and fits the bill here much more than any other I have. It’s not exactly extreme but just a little ... more
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    • Just a short post this month, because I struggle to think of anything from my own experiences that fit the bill for this August's prompt. I almost did not post at all, but decided that talking some more about a particular problem lots of us experiences is worth something. What's the ... more
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    • ****WARNING , Before reading my blog of the month, I advise you strongly not to reproduce my extreme behavior which I had adopted during this period of my life. Poker is a great game but not enough to risk our life like i've done. WARNING*** The events that I will described, happened ... more
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    •  We have all gone to some lengths in order to play in a poker game, whether live or on line, but to varying degrees of extremity.  I browsed the web, to find  extreme places that have been used in order to play a game of poker.  These  included playing a full game whilst  hanging over ... more
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    • I have definitely been in many crazy circumstances when it comes to playing poker. Most of which were in my late teens/early 20's as I prefer to play poker online now as it is much more relaxing and I don't have to worry about becoming too intoxicated and wondering if I am banned from ... more
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