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    • Hello 888 fellows, I won a 888live package to Cyprus for next month. The tournament takes place in kyrenia, turkish republic in the north of cyprus. Some information i read about the place on internet concerns me a little. First, the Cypriot government does not allow tourists to spend ... more
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    • Can u post from hand history onto my site, Id love to share 2 hands from today but i dont know how.
      12 Views 1 Comments
    • Okay so as promised. I will be posting daily updates about my bankroll.I started with the free tickets on the 6 handed super turbo $1 SnGs and now im on $5.29I plan to continue grinding these tables to increase my bankroll since I am comfortable with the format and I find it easier to ... more
      122 Views 4 Comments
    • Всем привет! Играл на разных онлайн покер клиент но этот 888poker что то - в хорошем смысле.Спасибо разработчикам за чудо 888poker.Сколько знаю себя мечтаю поиграть в покер в живую  но увы  в России под запретом такие игры.Буду радоваться 888poker  Всем удачи ... more
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    • Hiya grinders,Hello. I'm new to the community and would just like to introduce myself and say hi.I am John Edgar Ragasa, I prefered to be called Jed. I'm a 20 year old amateur from the Philippines. I have been playing online poker for 3 months now and has bounced on different poker ... more
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