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    Last Post By: Rhonda

    5 days on and 888 have still not replied to my request to reactivate my account... more

    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: huy

    I have just now seen new rules , but just in case I will leave a post. My nickname of lukyhuy, I have KO lukyhuy today.... more

    Blast Your Way to $2,000,000 with 888poker Blast SNGs!

    Last Post By: cryptic3(888mod)

    Chad Holloway August 12 2018On Sunday, August 12 we’re giving players the opportunity to become millionaires simply by playing BLAST Sit & Go’s, which are turbo Texas hold’em sit and goes played four-handed.For a limited time only,... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Todays Racing is atFLATBeverleyKemptonSalisburyGowran ParkJUMPSWorcesterNewton Abbot... more

    PREMIERSHIP Season 2018-19 Thoughts & Predictions

    Last Post By: Paul C

    Not a bad 1st Leg result Grumpy but damn NO AWAY GOAL....Arghhh.Good performance by JOE HART to be fair.They should be ok but your right it's not useful for Burnley to be playing these kind of games so early in the season.Wish them well qualifying fo... more

    is there a bash this year?

    Last Post By: cryptic3(888mod)

    Is that the Kings with the premier inn close by?... more

    2018/2019 888Poker Community Fantasy Football League.

    Last Post By: Paul C

    Welcome Back Vas.It is most certainly ONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well my little JOKE above was aimed at Chris (would like to meet the Fantasy League Player that didn't have SALAH in their Squad / let's be honest Team) but it can double up for you Vaskar.The... more

    Slims Journal

    Last Post By: slim

    Just had a very ugly session where every game i lost the flip or i walked my big hands into bigger KK into AA and QQ into KK all when down to short handed. And the usual having to call of the blind battles allin when holding A* to hold against there... more

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