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    • Research from the Walk Free Foundation based on its Global Slavery Index 2016 estimated that there were about 45.8 million slaves around the world in 2016, with 58% of them living in the top five countries—India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan.We had slaves ... more
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    • GuestToGuest is the largest home exchange network. It has 270,000 residences listed in 187 countries. It is an example of the barter economy; there is generally no money exchanged between the host and the guest.Recently we had 2 guest from France,Agnes was a retired Family Doc and Paul ... more
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    • People love to live near the water and water front property is expensive  here and that is where people build the big expensive homes.Sometimes it's not a good idea.Today many people in New Brunswick have their homes flooded ,the power companies have shut off their power because ... more
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    • I don't belive in ghosts but my wife is very familiar with them.That reminds me of a line by Bob Dylan "Hell's my wife's hometown " ... ,.Anne worked for many years in intensive care units and they had regulars there,one was a little girl ,they ... more
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    • I dared to complain that the latest treasure chest Challenge, was encouraging  irresponsible gambling!   Today, I have received an email saying that they were closing my accoiunt!   JUST like that!!!!!I have been I'D, I have played here for 4 years, and been to ... more
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Forum Topics

    ENGLAND 4 - 1 TUNISIA...that's how i'm calling it anyway (Cheers VAR)

    Last Post By: Paul C

    Damn Jenny,Why didn't i think of that!!! old memory you see That's a brilliant point...of course your right, had we been awarded that first one they wouldn't have done it again.I really don't know what those three VAR folks were seeing but it's not w... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Todays Racing is atFLATAscotBeverleyBrightonThirskSligoJUMPSStratford... more

    World Cup 2018 Daily Bet PREDICTIONS

    Last Post By: Paul C

    No wins in 4 days & now 2 wins in one day Got the Belgium 3-0 + Lukaku right but this didn't win too much (simply reduced my losses from the first 4 days)But then that late HARRY KANE goal has gone & put me into a GOOD PROFIT but not with 888 but rat... more


    Last Post By: Rhonda

    Went out with the girls last week, and was persuaded to try a raspberry Gin cocktail. It was amazing, so much so that I have decided to make my own today. Really easy and the Gin is now sat in a dark cupboard for the next couple of weeks. It shoul... more

    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: robertbh (888 Mod)

    The 3 winners from our Mod Hunt game on Sunday 10th June 2018 were 1. psion87 2. Gitaristus 3. winsontThere will be a $10 guest bounty on each of the those mentioned above in the game on Sunday... more

    Sports betting

    Last Post By: wiggy

    I've been away for a couple of weeks so haven't had time to update thisToday I'm going to show you an excel sheet I use to score certain information, this is just a very basic model but will give an idea of what's possible, all will be explained late... more

    SPAIN sack their MANAGER...just 2 days before 1st GAME!!!

    Last Post By: Paul C

    Good points John (as always)Rules & how people conduct themselves in football seem to have changed a lot thesedays, of course a lot of it concerns politics & money unfortunately.Was he wise in not informing the Spainish FA? of course not, silly reall... more

    Portugal 3 - 3 Spain...EPIC World Cup Game...MORE PLEASE!

    Last Post By: Paul C

    GOOD on Ya Slim...Honestly, if i thought ENGLAND had no chance or little chance then i wouldn't be shouting it from the rooftops (ok on here 888) that i think they have every chance of progressing to the QF's, hopefully Semi's? (i have a big bet on t... more

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