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    • The WSOP wouldn’t be the same without a bit of controversy as lots of people don’t have a real life or the propensity to entertain themselves. In the old days, you could take an educated guess as to where it was going to come from. Like Phil going off on one, or Scotty ... more
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    • Getting together with your friends periodically or on a regular basis for a night of Texas Holdem poker can be an enjoyable experience. This experience can be even more enjoyable if you have a home poker room where you and your friends can easily get together to play. In fact, maybe ... more
      26 Views 2 Comments
    • Playing poker as a hobby Vs playing poker professionally (as a full-time job) Hey guys, I think there is a bit of misconfusion about these 2 types of poker players, and i want people to know that there is a big difference between them. The reason I wanted to write this blog is ... more
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    • I know this is supposed to be a weekend round-up, but it's going to be more of a Sunday round up, as I did not keep track of anything Friday and Saturday, but I'm pretty sure I broke even, give or take $0.25. As my previous blog post states, I am a micro/low stakes ... more
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Forum Topics

    Final Table Places

    Last Post By: denis888

    following up from last nights freeroll win tonight i won the uk 100 dollar 1 dollar buy in game not so many runners but still nice little earner thanks again to me mate slim for poking his head in to rail must be a lucky little bugger for me playing... more

    How do I see how much bonus is left so I can cashout?

    Last Post By: reid

    Hello.I am newish to 888 poker.I recently received a $16 bonus for casino games only. I was about to cashout earlier today, and played some before realizing I had this bonus.Now according to their rules I have to continue playing to unlock that bonus... more

    My888poker Tipping Challenge.

    Last Post By: woody

    whats eves races and 14.14??[/quote]wow one min out by mistake shot me[/quote]i mean what are eves races? i thought it was pony races or something lol thats why i asked about the time, what are eves races?[/quote]Eves races, was eve race selection ti... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Just the one winner today for the champ scobie but he is in top form at the moment and it's always worth considering his rides.My favorite jockey by far I have to confess.... more

    Tournament chip leader, blind on blind, full house over full house. Help please

    Last Post By: grumpy (got me vajazzle back)

    ok now the OP has been edited i'll go againi would bet 3/4 pot on the flop, if he calls and he checks the turn i would check behind then probably fold to his bet on the river. yes you have a full house but you are still losing to a bigger pocket pair... more

    I've just started an 888 blog.

    Last Post By: Reraise999

    Crazy bump :)Can't believe it's been over a year since my last one I'll have to work on that, for now, enjoy! ... more

    A light suggestion

    Last Post By: Sean -888 Mgr

    Thanks for the ideas guys -I have passed them on to the Product team. Fingers crossed we'll see them soon.... more

    VARIANCE a short video QUITE FUNNY

    Last Post By: rod

    Hows this for variance!?I played both the Monday twins touraments, I won a satty into one for $6 and paid $22 buyin for the other so $28 all up.I was doing ok in both but dropped out of one pre ITM and cashed only 68th in the other for a prize of wai... more

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