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    • poker, personalities and perfection ....Well I want to tell you a little, the style you've related to poker, my father raised us witth values that continue every day, and thanks to that I can play poker, poker is not just deposit and play, poker things son's many more, perhaps those ... more
      188 Views 2 Comments
    • Hi All I like to blog but I have found this topic quite tricky …. and being the lazy guy I am ime leaving it to the last minute. Trust me this is not a tactic so my blog is late to be posted and is on the front page as long as possible …. I'm not part of a my888 Mafia. I have read most ... more
      216 Views 13 Comments
    • What do the games i play say about me? I am a very competitive player, thats why i prefer tournaments. Sit-and-Go´s, MTT´s, satellites and MTT-SNG´s - these are my games. But i like more the regular (and some turbo) tourneys than all the crazy formats. Obviously the ... more
      186 Views 2 Comments
    • Poker, Personalities and Perfection! Cash is king, and cash games are ace, so they're my prefered poker format by a long way. You sit down, 100 b/b deep, no antes, no pressure from the blinds and you try to take each others money.To me, it's the purest form of poker and a good measure ... more
      289 Views 10 Comments
    • Poker, Personalities and Perfection I don't really remember what kind of poker I've playing first. I've play it when I was younger, with friend and at this time I didn't knew that other kind of poker existed…. I think that it was 5 cards draw poker, but i'm pretty sure sure that we ... more
      143 Views 1 Comments

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