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    • It has been a dream of mine that one day i will get to this great place and play in the World Series.Its good to have targets in poker and in life and its good to dream about the things that could one day maybe happen if we are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right ... more
      139 Views 3 Comments
    • Just want to start by saying this is an incredibly prize on offer this month. It would be amazing for one of our fellow bloggers to do well in this tournament. As this would be my 1st venture onto the live tournament scene I’m sure I would be doing a lot of things different. I ... more
      81 Views 1 Comments
    • 888POKER WSOP 2016 - LIVING THE GAME IN LAS VEGAS What must a poker player avoid doing at all costs? Going on tilt. This is important enough when the game is just a game – but if someone was to be living the game, then it would be all the more essential. That’s why my ... more
      74 Views 1 Comments
    • Live the dream Wow what an opportunity that my888 is offering us this month! A satellite ticket to literally "live the game". I have always dreamed of visiting vegas and playing cards in sin city, but unfortunately have never had the funds to do so. I appreciate the opportunity given ... more
      35 Views 0 Comments
    • Trembling with anticipation, I can not believe that I have just landed in Vegas, the most crazy wildest place on the earth where dreams can really come true!  Stepping off the plane, the first thing that hits you is the intense heat, wrapping its warmth arouind you, reminding me, ... more
      176 Views 5 Comments

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