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    • Tony Cascarino is a proper Irish hero. A lot of people know him as a poker player, TV pundit and ambassador but we know him as a warrior who wore the Irish soccer jersey with courage, passion and pride. This is particularly commendable as Tony is about as xxxxing Irish as Bin Laden. To ... more
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    • Hi all 888 Poker Community Quite new to joining this site .... I would like people's suggestions feedback on the Private Games on 888 Poker. I would like to set up a regular private game, maybe weekly / fortnightly/ monthly1.Would you be interested in playing ???2. Buy In How Much ... more
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    • Massive thankyou to cryptic3(888mod) for posting the Thread on Tournament Play Stage by Stage 2 years ago. I only joined the 888 Poker Community 2 days ago and whilst browsing around i came across this thread which got my attention so i had read of it a couple of times..... I thought ... more
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    • Last year I wrote a blog about turning pro. Well that never quite happen.Nothing at all live, except a 1st for £450 in Bristol. Several top 5% results on Pokerstars including a couple of FT's, nothing as big as 4 figures but decent enough scores, better than I realised, but not ... more
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    • Hi All does anyone know where i can get one of those official 888 poker leather jacket from really want one.Many thanks Ian (Ianslayer) 
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