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    • I found myself on a forum game table last night with the lovely Ken, otherwise known as Lambone, a really friendly nice guy, and aslo a MOD.  One of the players behaviour was appaling, and as the game progressed became really nasty.  The final straw came when he called Ken ... more
      3011 Views 31 Comments
    • Its that time of year again where i get to look like an extra in a porn film or village people.I am hoping to raise a few quid, i will be donating 25% of any tournament or sngs from this month, so hopefully i make a few deep runs.If anyone would like to make any donations they can by ... more
      1410 Views 1 Comments
    • For the past couple of years I have read the Birthday Bash forum posts, never daring to think I could possibly go.  This year I followed the posts and did not think I would be up to playing live.  I mean who wants to go out first?  Or to be caught making stupid calls, or ... more
      1656 Views 33 Comments
    • for anyone that doesn't know, my888 poker forum hold an anual event (for the last 3 years) in birmingham, england. if you read the forum and see posts about this event you probably think, not for me, i don't know anyone and my poker skills are not good enough. well for the first part i ... more
      1496 Views 2 Comments
    • Hi all       as some of you know ..... i have been known to write the odd blogg in a vain attempt to keep you guys and gals entertained. Well i have been missing from the forum for the last few months as i have had more important things to do like moveing house.Well ... more
      1367 Views 1 Comments

Forum Topics

    on mac install: the application 888poker cant be opened

    Last Post By: frankie

    The above explanation would work perfectly except there is no "Anywhere" option in where it says; Allow applications downloaded from. The only options are; "Mac App Store" and "Mac App Store and Identified Developers".Is there another way of allowing... more

    888 taking the piss now

    Last Post By: Rhonda

    Lol John I cashed. Same here at the moment, playing a few snap tables and of course the free rolls. Went out early in the level 100 tonight. Had a player that was pushing with any two and bloody well hitting! His q4 took out aces when he hit two pa... more

    Changing my user name.

    Last Post By: gerry

    Thanks for replying so quickly. I'll take the advice below and contact support.cheers... more

    Todays Racing

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Todays Racing is atFLATFfos LasMusselburghNottinghamChelmsford CityJUMPSBallinrobe... more

    my.888poker weekly news

    Last Post By: Supatra

    I am subscribed new.... more

    888 Poker Table Etiquette

    Last Post By: John

    I just laugh it off when someone loses their cool. They only do it when they lose so you can use this to your advantage. I am not condoning bad behaviour and there is a line that should not be crossed. Ill give 2 examples both in $1 Don games.1 A... more

    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: lambone-(888Mod)

    AxelRath$10 sent to your account for taking the guest bounty of blink_182Well done to you... more

    Virus found and 888 poker quarantined.

    Last Post By: John

    Thanks Cryptic this has restored my confidence in the software. I wish 888s support were this forthcoming with a detailed explanation. They should offer you a job within their support system . They only said that it was safe but would not say why... more

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