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    • ok im in like 70 10 away from the cash and agan i get 888 the best hand befor the fn river the other player has AA and get the a on the riner i bet 20000 he caled and gets the bingo yet agan  there is no way this shood happen every time the site must be rigged i will never give ... more
      4 Views 0 Comments
    • this site is the werst i ever seen for bad beats  in the past 3 days iv bin beat in every ternament  cash game iv played in its time to go some where other then hear  all thay do is steal your cash you cant win iv lost with AAAA  AA AK AQ to crap thay allways hit ... more
      128 Views 2 Comments
    • I got it bad, you don't know how bad I got itYou got it easy, you don't know when you've got it goodIt's getting harder, just keeping life and soul togetherI'm sick of fighting, even though I know I shouldThe cold is bitingThrough each and every nerve and fiberMy broken spirit is ... more
      57 Views 3 Comments
    • After a reply regards forum tournaments to an august post. How about just dump all of these forum games? Sod all people play them, or its the same few, its not like they bring any newbies to the page, site or otherwise, what purpose do they actually serve? If theres a budget ... more
      60 Views 4 Comments
    • After reading another players attitude to disconnects, I felt I should shove my feelings on it, for all to read. Disconnection tilt is not the fault of the player, its the fault of the people running and failing to invest in the site, tech staff, and equipment, and then putting a ... more
      145 Views 3 Comments

Forum Topics

    Super XL feedback

    Last Post By: winthePOT

    oh ok, but the lobby says for step 6 $160 game, you may only play this if you do not have a ticket to the main event.i was just wondering if it was worth playing again, but if there is confusion i will stay away.if i got there could i use that to try... more

    Temporary Disconnection

    Last Post By: Arjay

    fyi ... they did refund my buyin to the monsoon and chip chopped the money in the prize pool among the ppl left inStill retarded tho .... could have won a lot more than they credited me ... but w/e .... not gonna complain ..... everyone got screwed t... more

    $100 Moderators Melee

    Last Post By: Elton23666

    game cancelled, got buyin back and part of prizepool.....hope wkd has a good news tomorrow, maybe they have good technicians ;-)... more

    is this some sort of joke?

    Last Post By: Dory

    Very suspect when log back in you are able to register for any game yet unable to seat back in the game you had running as table unavailable the lobby is so out of sync.Even bigger p i s s take to take more money from us yet we are unable to access c... more

    logged out

    Last Post By: Zockgott

    sorry, ... was trying to make the best out of it, tried a joke. but u realy think they havent ever seen it? maybe your right lol... more

    Are you sick of 888Poker?

    Last Post By: YouAlwaysWin

    Ok Wkd, there is no need for me to do anything now - I have been lucky enough to be one of two players that have won the $160 ticket. I do however feel sorry for the 3rd player that won $65. It's a matter for this player to email support.All systems... more

    Barclays Premier League Fixtures

    Last Post By: dub115-(888mod)

    Sunday 23rd November 2014 Barclays Premier LeagueResults Crystal Palace 3-1 Liverpool Hull 1-2 Tottenham... more

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