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    • Where can one find password for 5000$ pokerclub all in tournament,is it a secret? i looked all over the place and it aint to be found nowhere! 
      120 Views 1 Comments
    • just finished as 16th in 3000$ lucky BLAST tournament, and on my disapointment first 600 players all won 5$ free blast ticket! 888 this is BS!!!! make it 3000$ clasic tournament!!!!!!! cmon people react!!
      259 Views 9 Comments
    • I figured out gambling a long time ago after i did something STPUID when i was young, i paid for it, i felt like a chump, i learned from it & i never, ever did it again. SO even though i believe myself to be a good poker player (playing any pro would not bother me in the slightest ... more
      819 Views 4 Comments
    • Another Win:Following up from my advice in the $5.50 Big Fish Freebuy, I've used the same steady patience and relying on only great hands and good position to get by. playing probably 10-15 hands a tournament.Using 2 rebuys at 20 cents a piece. The tournament overall only cost 40 ... more
      707 Views 1 Comments
    • Patience and Pennys:With a penny rebuy, 3 5 cent add ons, and nothing but a bunch of loose cannons in the mix, It seems winning these Freebuys comes down to nothing but (in my opinion) 3-20 cents to gauruntee a win.As I've learned, the method of approach for each tournament is vital to ... more
      371 Views 0 Comments

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