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    • for forgetting the 888 poker program is set up for Bingo. Back to playing freerolls to pass the time. My AJ raised pot more than three times against AT who called and of course for some odd reason a guy with 28 off called. This is in the 20K tourney. Spades come out with ace so of ... more
      122 Views 9 Comments
    • R.I.P. "Gentleman" Liam Flood How long do you have to know a person or how many times do you need to see that person, before you can truly call them a friend? Is it your actions or is it their actions? I 1st met Mr. Flood at Poker Open V, I had admired him from afar for a few years. ... more
      104 Views 4 Comments
    • New tournament ideas, after chatting to cryptic............ The Accumulator Is it possible for the forum to run a daily rebuy tournament, or better, a twice daily rebuy tournament, where only the winner qualifies for an end of month bonanza no payouts here! maybe sadly lose the forum ... more
      97 Views 4 Comments
    • Tough week. Wow.Ok, so. In part of the comments of my last post, I said these 9-handed SnG were nonsense. And they are. But for the purpose for this bankroll challenge, I found a soft spot in my heart to play them. Mainly for the cheaper buy-ins, and to win one of the $0.60 SnG, it ... more
      201 Views 0 Comments
    • Hi guys,Please join me in wishing our longstanding 888poker community moderator Lambone a Happy Birthday!To celebrate we are hosting the following tournament in his honor and you are invited to join in the fun: What: My.888poker Ken’s Birthday Challenge ... more
      173 Views 10 Comments

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