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    • hi. my name is ferid zamanov, username  - ferid2151i am old player in 888poker.8-9 years i play in 888poker.3 weeks ago i get warning about suspecios activity after this my account disable. and says contact operation team which is email - weeks ago ... more
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    • Hi, I'm inviting you to play at my private 'Grand national' tournament, which I just created on 888poker. The 'Grand national' tournament starts on Apr 04, 20:00 (Apr 04, 19:00 GMT). Registration to the tournament is open now! If you are not an 888poker member yet, download for free ... more
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    • For about the last two weeks I have not been able to open the 888 site properly on my PC. this was causing me a lot of grief as I had to use the browser and play from there without downloading the 888 program, because of that I could not use my Hud and that gave the Villains a huge ... more
      228 Views 3 Comments
    • I would like to take a few minutes to apolagize. I had been trying to get many of you to start making posts here once again in an effort to try and create the hussle and bussle that used to be this coummity site, a few years back it may have been difficult at times to read all the ... more
      185 Views 5 Comments
    • i am not a fan of the new softwear udpdate
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    Hi paul, Thanks for the kind words. And yes, I am also enjoying the fight for the 3rd spot. And I was talking about GW 34 actually, in which I wildcarded. If I hadnt done that I would be better off I guess.... more

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    The passwords are in the password group, all you need to do is join the group to see more

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