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    •   My.888poker Holiday Special "Open Blog" Competition.                                         MY TOP TENS At last I get the chance to put forward some of the songs, ... more
      48 Views 2 Comments
    • About two and a half years ago I decided to give up poker. Despite starting that Saturday pretty tired and hungover from the previous night's revelling, I forced myself to the casino to play a rare omaha tournament starting at lunchtime. I enjoyed the tournament for the most ... more
      75 Views 0 Comments
    • From smoker to "vaper" : ForewordSmoking is shit. For over 40 years I was  depending on the fags and never got away from it. This blog is to actually documenting the path of smoker to the "vaper" to   pure enjoyment vaper with less nicotine or without nicotine in ... more
      175 Views 3 Comments
    • Now ive been about a few years and met all sorts from people down to there last penny to millionares. But you know what i find about the true poker players out there the ones that seem to be around for ever. Theres a trust. Years ago i was playing and having a bad run of things and ... more
      285 Views 3 Comments
    • My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition. Hello 888community and welcome to my Holiday Blog. It took me some time to think of a good enough topic for this months competition and I think you will not be disappointed. Seeing as how it is the time of giving and ... more
      113 Views 4 Comments

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